Chef Jamie Oliver Gets New Magazine

Famous chef and television personality Jamie Oliver is going to be getting his very own magazine now, thanks to the help of Time Out magazine company based in London. According to an article found on, Oliver has a very popular channel on youtube cleverly named “Food Tube” and the magazine that is going to come out will basically be a printed version of that. It is likely going to be a huge hit too, because Oliver has been getting more and more popular over the last few months and years.

In the magazine which will only come out first in London, there will be 24 pages of information and recipes for readers from other chefs and cooks. According to AnastasiaDate, the Time Out company hopes to help Oliver expand his magazine internationally, but it has to test the market first in the United Kingdom, which is also Oliver’s home country. The first issue will be printed and released on April 24 of this year.

It is interesting how popular food trends have grown in the last decade. It seems that with social media around now, people (and even teenagers) are getting lost in the world of exotic and fancy cooking and it is not likely to go downhill anytime soon. Jamie Oliver is going to do great with this new magazine and it will be fun to see how many countries it can reach by the end of the year.

Florida Looking to regulate the use of liquid nitrogen in food and drink

After a series of incidents related to the unregulated use of liquid nitrogen, Commissioner Rebeca Sosa has taken steps officially endorsing state legislation that would impose regulations on the use of the substance in the preparation and presentation of food and alcoholic beverages.

A growing number of restaurants and bars are using liquid nitrogen to create a visual effect of fog on food and drinks served to consumers. Currently, Florida Statutes do not regulate the use of liquid nitrogen in the preparation or presentation of food and beverages.

“The use of liquid nitrogen as a novelty in food and beverages has already resulted in several preventable injuries,” said Commissioner Sosa. “The safety of our residents and consumers should always be our top priority as legislators and that’s why I support the regulation of the use of liquid nitrogen.”

In 2012, doctors had to remove the stomach of a British 18 year old after consuming a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen. People at Imaging Advantage have learned that, more recently, in 2014, a woman in Miami Beach suffered breaks in her esophagus, stomach, and intestines after drinking a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen.

Proposed legislation in the House of Representatives from Florida (HB 1029) and Senate (SB 1124) proposes to require public schools to warn customers about the dangers of using liquid nitrogen, establish minimum training standards for employees, and require that employees must be trained in the use of liquid nitrogen.

The House proposal also would require the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and its Division of Hotels and Restaurants Florida adopt rules on the use of liquid nitrogen.

A Simple Guide For Wikipedia Business Pages

When designing a Wikipedia page for a business, all content must have a neutral point of view. Also, the information should be backed up by references. Whenever there is a conflict of interest, it should be declared on the user page.

General Information

Wikipedia has over 25 million pages that have useful content. However, most of the pages are for businesses and corporate projects. This is why many small business owners try to list pages on Wikipedia. Although the process of developing content is easy, dozens of small businesses have problems posting pages on the site because Wikipedia has strict guidelines. If a moderator discovers that a page does not belong, it will be deleted.

How to Qualify

The first step is to review all of the current guidelines on the Wikipedia site. Typically, a business qualifies if it has a great reputation. When a company has been featured in the news, Wikipedia will more likely post the content. You can also get a consultation with Get Your Wiki to see if they’d be willing to make a Wikipedia article for you.

Benefits of Making a Wikipedia Business Page

Businesses that have Wikipedia pages receive a lot of daily traffic. When people search for products or services on Google, Wikipedia pages usually have one of the first three spots.

The moderators on Wikipedia do not allow content that contains opinions or marketing ploys. Users must only post facts about companies and projects.

Other Considerations

The process of managing a Wikipedia page is somewhat challenging because business owners and employees cannot make any updates to the content. Updates can only be made by people who are not affiliated with the company.

Many businesses hire people to monitor their pages to ensure that all updates are accurate. Although a Wikipedia page can boost a company’s reputation, one negative post could make a huge impact.

Overall, a Wikipedia page can help a business grow since many people visit Wikipedia each day. Although Wikipedia has dozens of rules and guidelines, they are efficient because they keep the spammers away.

BRL Trust in Brazil

When you think of centers for investments, you think of New York, London and Tokyo. There is another alternative and that is Brazil. Brazil has the image of a sleepy Latin American giant. That image has changed significantly. There are world class investment services in Brazil, specifically BRL Trust. BRL Trust has a full range of fund administration services. Their services include fiduciary services, fund administration, controlling and custody of funds, asset management, and asset underwriting. BRL Trust services are similar to the major world financial institutions and they are a leading world class trust investment services.

If you are an institutional investor, BRL has a range of services and well trained experienced executives to meet your needs. They provide full service and can relieve you of the need for daily scrutiny and trading your funds. They are a young firm but they have high confidence in their ability to manage large funds on an institutional level.

One of BRL’s strengths is fund administration. They administer 99 funds and are authorized by the SEC. A particular strength is the breadth and depth of their investment in Brazilian companies. With Brazils rapidly expanding economy, the BRL knowledge and expertise lowers the risk in Brazilian investments and increases the return on investment.

BRL is also a world class company in controlling and custodial services. This has gone all the way to their LinkedIn page. If you have a business that needs substantial controlling and custodial services to arrange financing and long term management strategies, BRL has specialized departments to meet your company’s needs and keep your company on a solid financial basis. Instead of your investing in your own financial controlling and custodial services, you can hire BLR. For a hypothetical entrepreneurial example, suppose you have a great project to identify and market new pharmaceuticals in the Amazonian rainforests. Unfortunately, you lack the expertise in Brazilian finance and laws. BLR can organize the controlling and custody services for you while you address your passion for saving humanity using indigenous medicinal plants.

When you are considering institutional investments, why not think outside the box and the usual high cost investment firms in your neighborhood. It is a global world and BRL Trust provides the best financial services. You get the security of an SEC regulated company and the access to an innovative and profitable Brazilian financial company. As the investor or manager in control of the assets, you can obtain the best of Western fiduciary controls, methods and protections while participating in the rapid growth of a new economy. BRL takes the risk out of your investment and maximizes the gain for you, your company or your institution.