The Miracle Food Broccoli

Plenty of us don’t like broccoli. Former President George H. W. Bush famously spoke out saying that he didn’t like broccoli and wasn’t going to eat it anymore. Whether you like it or not, there are some powerful reasons for eating it. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables we know of. It is high in fiber and has vitamin C as well as folate and antioxidants. Even broccoli bought frozen can provide the benefits you want from it when it is prepared properly.

The biggest claim to fame of this vegetable is its cancer fighting properties. It is believed to do this by blocking a defective gene involved with tumor growth. It seems to share this trait with cauliflower and watercress as well. It is believed by some researchers that its cancer-fighting attributes may lead to new therapies for treating cancer. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to eat this vegetable even if it’s not one of your favorites. Increasing your chances of not getting cancer years down the road is no small benefit. Healthy people at The Aspire New Brunswick know that it is also healthy in other ways as well. It is reputed to help digestion as well as the immune and cardiovascular systems. Broccoli and its cruciferous vegetable companions offer a lot of health benefits, and there should be a few that you will find a tasty addition to your diet, and spices and various recipes can improve the taste of those you are not fond of when they are plain.

Man Dressed As Spider-Man, Knocks Himself Out

It’d be unbelievable if anyone in the world didn’t know who Spider-Man was. Spider-Man is popular all over the world, even in Argentina. Spider-Man has turned into a billion dollar franchise, and there are movies, comic books, outfits, clothing and more. Spider-Man. When Halloween time rolls around, there are many who choose to dress up like Spider-Man. Spider-Man may even make an appearance at a child’s birthday party too.

Recently, in Argentina, a man decided to dress up as Spider-Man for a child’s birthday party. Everything was going well, especially when the Spider-Man was dancing around, doing flips, and doing all kinds of tricks. It was while the Spider-Man was dancing around that he accidentally kicked himself, and he was knocked out cold. The fact that Spider-Man knocked his own self out while in the process of entertaining others, it’s just hilarious.

Fans like Brian Torchin are glad to know that Spider-Man wasn’t seriously hurt, but no doubt his pride will take a licking, just as his face did! The video can be seen on MTV News, and try not to laugh, as Spider-Man has suffered enough already The only good thing that can be said about the entire situation is the fact that the character is wearing a mask, so maybe no one will know who he actually is. It may be best if he remains unknown, especially since the video is all over the Internet and many have commented on it, and laughing just might hurt his feelings.

Master with the Ink

Tattoos and the art of tattooing has been around for thousands of years. It dates back to when tribes would tattoo their bodies as a symbol of solidarity or for religious reasons. In the last century or so, the tattoo phenomenon has become a custom where people have had to choose sides. Some feel like tattoos are unprofessional and tacky. Facebook users and tattoo lovers disagree, citing that tattoos are a form of expression.

Whatever the case, one can’t help but admire the woman who is using her artistry for tattooing to improve the lives of recovering victims and patients. Basma Hameed specializes in para-medical tattoo treatments. Hameed takes people who have been affected by facial deformations, burns, and skin discoloration and uses her skills to give them the appearance that they desperately want. After suffering from a horrific incident at the age of two, when Basma was doused with hot oil, her face was left permanently scarred. She spent numerous years and thousands of dollars to reconstruct her face. Doctors were only able to do so much for her skin.

After doctors told her that there was nothing that they could do, Basma had almost given up hope. With the small amount of will that she had left, Basma researched cosmetic reconstruction and mastered the skill. Today, she is the leading technician in the field. Her work has transformed the lives of thousands of people who have been affected by facial deformities. Basma continues to heal lives, and scars, one appointment at a time.

How Culture Has Changed Their Views About Memorial Day

What will you be doing this Memorial Day? Amen Clinic recalls that what once was a day for decorating graves has now turned into a day of picnics. Brats, hotdogs and hamburgers as far as the eye can see will be lined up on picnic tables, as families enjoy each other’s presence on this day. It’s supposed to be a day to remember the dead and to cherish memories. These days it seems like an all-out oink fest of sorts.

Growing up we never had picnics on Memorial Day. We always decorated the graves on this day. I would tag along, bored out of my mind, as we decorated the graves of people I didn’t know. As I have aged and have had several people that I love who have passed, I have realized how important this tradition was. As I walked through our local department store yesterday, I saw all the grave arrangements right out in front. I wonder why my husband and I have never done this with our children. Why haven’t we shown them to have respect for the dead and the lives they lived?

So many traditions in our country that were once a vital part are now just passing memories. I don’t want to lose the foundation that I was founded on, my family worked hard to instill valued and morals. This year, I am going to drag my children to the graveyard to my grandmother’s grave. They can watch me cry some tears and put some flowers on the resting place of a woman I loved dearly.

A Long Battle To Ban Junk Food

Conservatives have shown that they are willing to ban certain types of junk food under certain circumstances. They have stated that they would like to ban certain types of junk food from reaching the check out line for those who are recipients of food stamps.

According to, this has long been a battle for the conservatives. People have noted that this trend first began in 2003 when then Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota declared that he wanted to strike a balance with the food stamp program. He wanted to create the “next generation” of welfare reform in his own state.

Trying to ban certain foods has proven problematic. There are broad categories that one can put down as junk food, and it is not clear exactly which foods count as junk and which do not. It requires grocery stores and other places that sell food to change the way in which they do business. They either have to change scanning technology to deny those who have food stamps from buying certain types of food, or they have to train employees to deny those foods to food stamp recipients.

Other states have used Pawlenty’s ideas and made them their own. Despite the difficulty of such laws, there are still plenty of efforts made to put these laws into place. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital believes it will be interesting to see how this continues to develop in other states.

Networks Clean House in Annual TV Show Slashing

The past several weeks have been abuzz with speculation on which TV programs would be renewed for another season, and which would get the unfortunate network ax. Although the fate of some shows still hangs in the balance, the majority of major TV shows futures has been announced. The inevitable list of shows that have been cut as networks clean house includes many programs that came as no surprise.

Shows like NBC’s “Constantine,” and “State of Affairs,” have been silent for so long most people probably thought that had already received the official ax.

Among the four big players, NBC made the deepest cuts to its current program inventory. “Marry Me,” “One Big Happy,” “A to Z,” and “About a Boy,” were among the terminated shows. It wasn’t all comedy that was cut. Both Katherine Heigl’s, “State of Affairs,” and “Constantine,” were not renewed.

However, these days as audience targeting has become mainstream, a cancellation notice isn’t necessarily the end of the world. One major surprise was Fox drawing the curtains on witty comedy “The Mindy Project.” The show is expected to make a quick jump to Hulu. Although “The Mindy Project” didn’t have the sheer numbers to make it a smash hit, Mark Ahn (epodcastnetwork) knows that it does have a dedicated fan core that is very active on social media. Many advertisers value this type of show loyalty higher than numbers, as audiences are actively engaged with the show during and after airing, often utilizing a two-screen experience.

Blue Bell Knew About Listeria Contamination For Years Prior to the Recall

There is a growing concern among Americans about our food supply. There have been far too many recalls recently due to contamination, some of them involving big name brands such as Blue Bell Ice Cream. Now, an even more disturbing fact has come to light. Blue Bell Creameries knew about the listeria contaminating there food supply for two whole years before informing consumers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported collecting samples from Blue Bell which tested positive for listeria throughout their factories. In fact, there were multiple test conducted over a nearly two year time span where the company was informed about an unacceptable amount of listeria being present within their food supply.

It wasn’t until three people in Kansas lost their lives after eating Blue Bell products that were contaminated that the company announced findings of listeria found in their food supply. A month later, Blue Bell finally recalled all of their products.

The FDA has released official statements explaining the frozen dairy company had testes positive for listeria 16 different times, starting in 2013. Clearly, Americans are right to be worried about whats in the food they are bringing home from the store. The team at Skout feel that it is a tragedy people lost their lives over contamination that could and should have been prevented. Even more reason to start your own garden and eat nutritious foods that are harvested from the earth.

State Attorney’s Office Charging Six Officers In The Death Of Freddie Gray

Marilyn Mosby, chief prosecutor from the State’s Attorney office announced Feddie Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide. The medical examiner’s office is reporting his death was due to severe trauma. This report will allow the State Attorney’s office to file criminal charges in connection to this case.

Arrested and charged with Freddie Gray’s death are Officers Edward Nero, Caesar Goodson Jr., William Porter, Brian Rice, Garrett Miller and Alicia Miller. An attorney speaking on behalf of the six officers says they will be acquitted as they have not done anything wrong. Michael Davey, the attorney went on to say none of the officers injured Mr. Gray or harmed him and are extremely saddened by his death.

The charges filed on the six officers vary by individual but include second-degree assault, misconduct, false imprisonment and several counts of manslaughter. The most serious charge filed by Mosby was second-degree depraved heart murder which she only filed against Officer Goodson. All of the officers have been released after posting bond.

On April 12th Gray suffered a spinal injury after being placed in custody. While he was receiving medical attention, Gray fell into a coma and died a week after police arrested him. The only reason given by the officers for putting Gray into custody was he had run from them and have not explained the injury he received. This made quite a few people, including those at Forefront Capital, a bit curious.

Mosby’s announcement included her findings resulting from an investigation conducted on the arrest. She was able to determine the officers ignored Gray’s pleas for help, that they bound both his arms and legs and did not secure him in a seat belt when placed in the police wagon.

Protestors for Freddie Gray were acknowledged by Mosby with her statement that she has heard their call. She asked them for peace as she continues to seek justice on behalf of Freddie and for them to remain calm.

Bernie Sanders Takes in $1.5 Million in His First Day of Campaign

Thus far, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is off to a good start. Within 24 hours of announcing his campaign, 35,000 people stepped up to make hard money donations. In all, Sen. Sanders hauled in $1.5 million. While that figure may not appear to be a substantial sum of money in an era of large donations to Super PACs, it was actually very good compared to other presidential candidates.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul raised nearly $1 million on his first campaign day. Texas Senator Ted Cruz took in half-a-million dollars. Only Florida Senator Marco Rubio came close to Senator Sanders by taking in $1.25 million. It will be telling to see how much the Sen. Sanders takes in after his first week. Both Senators Rubio and Cruz took in tens of millions, but each of them relied on well-organized Super PACs which tactic Sen. Sanders has officially eschewed.

For his part, Sen. Sanders is very pleased with the first day tally, and Brian Torchin can see why. He views the number of donations coming forward as proof that voters are responding to his billionaire-free campaign. Still, the sagely senator is circumspect about the nature of modern day political campaigns. In fact, he acknowledged that the billionaires he has uninvited to his campaign are the ones fully capable of buying elections. Not coincidentally, the senator took umbrage with the Supreme Court for wiping away 100 years of free speech abridgments in the “Citizens United” decision. The political left believe the decision has led to a flood of money into politics.