DNA Reveals No Rat In A KFC Dinner

DNA testing has led to the solving of a great mystery. KFC performed the test on the notorious “deep fried rat” a man claimed to have been served. The DNA test revealed that was really chicken after all. Looks like a threatened lawsuit is now out the window. At least 15 minutes of fame was achieved. Hopefully, KFC won’t suffer too much damage to its reputation.

The whole “rat in the box of chicken” thing has played out before. Years ago, the fast food chain Gino’s Hamburgers, an original distributor of KFC, closed down and was renamed Roy Roger’s Restaurants when Marriot bought the company out. A weird rumor circulated in the early 1980’s that Gino’s shut down after a rat fell into the deep fryer and was served in a bucket of chicken. Reuters reported that urban legend is still believed by many people.

The recent “rat in the chicken box” spread after a man claimed his dinner was, well, fried rat. Truth be told, his dinner did look like a rat that had been deep fried KFC-style. The tail really was rat-like in many ways. Of course, looking like a rat and being an actual rat are two completely different things. In the end, the rat turned out to be old-fashioned chicken. Oh sure there will be conspiracy theorists who claim otherwise. Maybe the KFC rat urban legend will be around as for as many years as the Gino’s one.

Quick Pool Tips from the CDC

Everyone loves a nice long dip in the pool on those triple digit days. In fact, it’s probably the single best thing about summer. Who doesn’t love a pool party with floaties and alcohol? It’s a match in heaven. You may have gotten red eyes from time to time when you’re in the pool and assumed it’s just chlorine, but a recent report is saying different.

The CDC teamed up with Water Quality, the Health Council, and the National Swimming Pool Foundation for the annual Healthy Swimming Program to educate people about watery safety. Apparently, red eyes come from the eyes reaction to urine, not chlorine. In fact, if you’ve noticed a cough after swimming, that also comes from pee, not chemicals.

The real harm in peeing in the pool is that when urine combines with the chemicals in a pool, it can be classified as a chemical warfare agent and can damage your heart, lungs, and central nervous system. Now, while the possibility of that much urine being present in a pool is nearly impossible, smaller amounts of urine can still be a health risk reports Shaygan Kheradpir in this study.

So what does the CDC say? In a nutshell, they just want everyone to be safer before getting in the pool. Shower before you get in the water to reduce contamination, don’t urinate in or swallow any pool water, take bathroom breaks, and for god’s sake, don’t enter the pool if you have diarrhea. Your friends will thank you on that one.

High Fat and Particularly High Sugar Diet Linked to Loss of Cognitive Function

Most of us already know that we should not eat a diet that is both high in fat and sugar. It is bad for us in a number of ways. The biggest problem is that such a diet packs the pounds on us, and obesity is related to a higher risk for a number of illnesses and conditions. High sugar intake also leaves us open to blood sugar problems and eventually diabetes. As bad as we already know such a diet is, researchers may have come up with yet another reason to ditch that donut in favor of some oatmeal or another healthier alternative stated Venture Beat.

Researchers out of Oregon State University have discovered that a diet high in both fat and sugar impairs what they call “cognitive flexibility.” This is the ability to mentally adapt to changing situations. A high sugar diet in particular shows this result, and it also brings about a reduction in early learning.

For many of us, such experiments showing these types of behavioral changes in mice are not huge news. We know how we feel after eating a donut versus after eating something healthy. We love the taste while we’re shoveling that pastry in our mouth, but we are typically sluggish and lethargic for a time afterward. So, add yet another reason, this time a mental health reason, to ditch a high fat and particularly a high sugar diet in favor of a better option.

Kylie Shares Sexy Photo Of Kris Jenner’s Low Neckline Dress

Kris Jenner has been stronger than strong over the past year, and it seems like she’s been taking care of her hot body even longer. While lately everything have been about Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner, Kris is proving that she hasn’t lost it either says Madison Street Capital on SlideShare. At the moment Kim Kardashian is showing off her pregnancy style in skin tight dresses, high heels and just about anything that leaves nothing to the imagination, while her youngest sister Kylie pulls out the big guns with her white feathered corsets and sexy boxer brief selfies.

When you are the mom of a team of hot daughters and a newly hot ex husband in the early stages of a flawless M2F transition, you can’t imagine what Kris has to do to feel relevant these days. Obviously dating Chris Gamble wasn’t enough, Kris wanted to show everyone that not only does she still have it at 59 years old, but she is giving her daughters something to look forward to in the future.

Kylie posted a sexy photo of her momto her Instagram page, shouting her mom out for looking super sexy in a bodycon dress. Not only was the dress hugging Kris in all the right places but she dared to go braless and she looks amazing. Kris has legs for days and a body to kill for, no wonder all of her daughters are gorgeous.

Letterman Videos Removed from CBS and YouTube

Letterman fans may have to live on imagination and memory alone, at least temporarily, as all Letterman episodes hosted by CBS and YouTube have been removed from the Internet.

According to sources, the videos were removed from the two sites because the digital rights were returned to Worldwide Pants, Letterman’s own production company. Representative Ricardo Guimarães BMG says there is little anyone can do about this, as the rights are those of Letterman’s.

Letterman hosted late night talk television for more than three decades. Letterman made his debut in 1982. The presenter did not start out in comedy television, but instead began as a weatherman who routinely added comedy to his daily segments. Letterman eventually relocated to California where he made frequent guest appearances on television. He was later discovered by employees of Johnny Carson and soon worked his way through the ranks to hosting his own show.

David Letterman went on to launch other endeavors, including his own production company, record label, and a charitable foundation. He announced his retirement in early 2014.

“Late Show with David Letterman” aired 22 seasons with more than 4,200 episodes recorded. The final episode of Letterman’s talk show aired May 20, 2015.

Representatives for Letterman hinted that there may be more in store for “Late Show” in the future through Worldwide Pants.