Top Business Lawyer Ricardo Tosto

The legal system in Brazil is quite complex and therefore requires lawyers to help clients understand the law as well as use it to their advantage. One of the lawyers in Brazil who is quite experienced and skilled in helping clients in legal matters is Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Ricardo Tosto specializes in business law in which he assists companies in a number of legal matters that pertain to conducting business. Tosto specializes in a number of legal tasks which can help a business prosper and use the law to benefit them. Among that aspects of business law that Tosto practices are corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, civil litigation, corporate litigation and also credit recovery and international law. As a result, Tosto has the ability and experience to help businesses resolve any legal issue that they may have to deal with.

Ricardo Tosto is currently the founder of the law firm known as Leite Tosto Barros Advogados. He has practiced law for over 22 years in business and has therefore participated in a number of legal cases pertaining to corporate matters. During his career Tosto has helped a number of business do a number of things such as restructure debt, file lawsuits, dispute lawsuits, make international business deals such as company mergers and acquisitions and also help businesses restructure their debt. As a result he has extensive experience in allowing businesses to get the most out of what the legal system offers to them.

Like a number of other countries throughout the world, Brazil has a legal system that is very complex and difficult for the average person or company to understand. Therefore lawyers in Brazil are in great demand. Lawyers in Brazil have a lot of expertise in many different aspects of the legal system. They are able to help individuals and businesses deal with complex legal issues with ease.

In Brazil, lawyers need to undergo extensive education and training like many other countries. An individuals looking to become a lawyer in Brazil will need to first attend college and graduate. Then they will need to attend law school and complete that program. Once they complete law school they will need to pass the Bar Exam which is a test that measures a law applicant’s knowledge of the legal system. Once they pass the Bar Exam they are then admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association and are then authorized to practice law in Brazil in any specialty they choose.

Omar Boraie contributions to Cancer Cure

Mr. Omar Boraie is among the founders of the Omar Boraie Chair in the Genomic Science a program started at Rutgers Cancer Institute, NJ. The movement started as a platform to propel innovative research in precision medicine. The endowed chairs are considered the gold standard when it comes to higher education as they express their commitment to supporting education in the university. The program was named after Omar Boraie due to his financial support. Genomic science field and precision medicine have introduced new approaches to diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The methods allow the medical experts to analyze and treat tumors while at the earliest stage.

Oncologists can easily prescribe therapies for their patients. President Obama talked about the launch of the Precision Medicine Initiative after he attested its importance in the cancer curing. Many cancer centers in the United States of America use the next-generation gene sequencing on the tumors for their studies, Rutgers Cancer Institute applies the genomic sequencing to treat its patient. Genomic sequencing help patients find novel therapies especially if they have poorer prognoses, rare cancers, or those whose treatment method have been ineffective or are limited. Advancements in precision medicine increase the capability of classifying cancers into subgroups that have similar characteristics and different genetics for easier treatment.

Precision medicine has helped patients with cancers that no longer respond to treatment. The physicians-experts at Rutgers Cancer Institute have made a significant improvement in the cure of this dangerous disease. Boraie has knowledge in chemistry and an interest in studying cancer. He helped develop this approach with an aim of helping the cancer patient to cure the condition using science. He encourages other well-wishers to support this project. He stands out as an integral part in the development of the New Brunswick as a Healthcare City. His support for the project is felt across the world and not only in Brunswick.

A patient with cancer suffers from several diseases as cancer is a collection of various diseases and each condition has unique features. The genomic analysis helps to classify easily the condition as the experts will identify the type of cancer and treat the exact problem without having to assume anything. Omar Boraie is the father of Genomic Science a great contribution to the cancer treatment project. Staffs at Rutgers Cancer Institute are familiar with this approach and they use it to handle any cancer condition. More information is available at Newswise.

Investors Are Still Wondering About The Near Wipeout Of China’s Alibaba Group

Investors and financial advisors like Brian Bonar, one of the men behind Dalrada Financial Corporation, knows that what looks like a great investment one day could turn into a nightmare the next. Bonar and Dalrada invest money in foreign stocks as long as the research shows they are going to be long-term investment winners for their clients. China stocks have been a good place to invest money over the last couple of years, but those investment were hard to come by based on the regulations the Chinese government put in place. When the China stock market lost about 40 percent of its value recently, Bonar and his investors weren’t hurt because the Chinese market was almost closed to foreign investors at that time.

Most of the people that lost money were Chinese citizens, according to Bonar. But there is one Chinese company that was the goose that lays golden eggs to some foreign investors, and that company took a hard hit during the crash. Alibaba Group Holding LTD looked like a sure thing when it went public. The company had a virtual lock on China’s e-commerce business and the shares of the company increased 76 percent in just 60 days because of that lock. Then the company was called out by a Chinese government agency and the company started to crumble.

When China’s economy started to wobble, it hurt Alibaba’s customer base, and the stock started a slide. Almost a $128 billion in market value was wiped out, and according to Bonar that money is gone for good. Economists say e-commerce growth in China will recover, but that won’t happen anytime soon. Bonar thinks e-commerce growth will be slow right through 2016.

Investors like Brain Bonar wonder if Alibaba’s investors will ever recover because Chairman Jack Ma is not the kind of guy that tries to please investors. Investors rank third after customers and employees as far as Ma is concerned. Ma still says he and his partners are in it for the long term, and some investors believe him. Some investors believe Ma because he is still making deals. His recent deals amount to $15 billion. Bonar thinks it’s hard not to stand behind a guy like Ma and his company Alibaba, but he still thinks it’s a very risky investment and one his clients like to avoid.

Alibaba’s new deal may start to make sense since Ma is focusing on sports and entertainment along with e-commerce. But the company still has to deal with the government and the allegations made against them about counterfeiting. Alibaba says all those allegations are false.

Investors know e-commerce is still growing in China and they also know Alibaba has enough money behind them to survive. The only thing investors aren’t sure of is the Chinese government. But some people like Bonar say the government needs Alibaba and will keep will help the company once it is finished spanking them in public.

Flipora: The Fastest Growing Social Media App

Thanks to social media apps, keeping in contact with people from different parts of the world has never been easier. Many people use social media apps on iPhones and other devices for fun, but there are those who use it in search of something really big. Whatever be the reason, there is always something new with this technology, and as smartphones get better, so do social media apps. One app that people have recently started to use is Flipora.
What Is Flipora?
Flipora represents a content recommendation service that recommends those contents to users that are based on their interests and online activities. It has been labeled as the fastest growing social media app that one can ever find. It helps people discover and share their content. It automatically categorizes the web into various different categories and recommends content to users according to their interests. From the surface it looks like StumbleUpon, but with this service users can select from numerous different topics, and to surf it again.
In addition to this, Flipora has this recommendation on iPhone apps. These apps make it possible for users to connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and then it uses a machine to put users’ interests in special categories, and after that it makes recommendations to them based on the topics that are of their interest.
Why Is This Service Growing So Fast?
Flipora used to be a service used in helping users find sites that they had previously visited. This is also very helpful since people have always had that problem : they visit a site they like, and then they cannot find it. However, Flipora has also announced a new important direction : discovery of various web contents. It now allows users to select even from 58 different topics , with the possibility of finding it again.
Flipora differs from other services, such as Twitter, Facebook etc. It lives inside users’ browser , which means that it can see all the users’ habits and websites they regularly visit. Then, the data is uploaded and stored with data of other users. This is why it has become so popular, and now Flipora has 8 million users that enjoy the benefits of connecting with other people who have similar interests. And as well as privacy is concerned, Flipora offers ways for its users to opt out of those data that they think shouldn’t be shared.
So, it is no wonder Flipora has grown so quickly. It allows users to remember the sites they have visited, and to communicate with other people of similar interests. With such services, it is expected to become even more popular in the following period.

South American Sensation , Sergio Cortes, Brings His Michael Jackson Impersonation To The States

It’s no wonder, after watching his YouTube videos that United States fans are demanding that this pop impersonation sensation bring his act overseas. Born and raised

in Barcelona, Sergio Cortes may very well be Michael Jackson’s lost long twin. Cortes, who was a soccer celebrity, says that people will stop dead in their tracks when

they see him and stare for hours. This Michael Jackson clone has been blowing up South American stages for over ten years. His agent has confirmed the rumors that he

is not necessarily leaving South America, however, he wants to tour the world. “We have always anticipated this would happen. Sergio sounds and looks just like Michael

and this country cannot hide him from the world any longer.”
Sergio is not only hitting Michael’s high notes, he has all of his moves down solid. His videos have over 1 billion views and that number is sure to keep rising. “You

watch his videos over and over because you think you are actually watching Michael Jackson.” On stage he performs Thriller with many of the moves seen in the original

video, however he has taken the routine to a whole other level. Cortes has been rumored to train for 3-4 hours a day and he rarely takes a day off. His level of

dedication can be easily detected, especially if you watch a Michael Jackson video and then watch one of Cortes’, the resemblance is uncanny.
Cortes is quick to point out that his remarkable resemblance is 100% genetics. “I have looked like Michael since I was a kid. Once I began dressing like him and

styling my hair like him, I realized that I could get away with saying that I was him.” Cortes’ family has said that he would spend hours in his room dancing and

singing. It was his cousin, who made a video of Cortes doing his Smooth Criminal routine that helped jumped start his illustrious career. “I thought we were just

goofing around and when I got a call from a man who said that he wanted to represent me, we just started jumping around and were very excited.”
Check out Sergio Cortes’ many amazing YouTube videos and see if you can tell the difference. He and his manager are betting that you can’t and fortunately for Sergio

and his team, that bet is paying off.