Eric Pulier: Genius Ahead of His Time

As one of the leading innovators and philanthropists of our time, Eric Pulier is one of the brilliant and captivating innovators of our time. His philanthropy work is highly-regarded around the world and inspires tech startup founders in the Silicon Valley startup scene to follow in his footsteps.

His work in business and technology have been both illuminating and voluminous. With the invention of several technologies that he eventually incorporated into his vastly successful startup companies, he eventually gained a reputation as Silicon Valley’s “man with the Midas touch.” As he began to venture heavily into financing multiple seed stage startup companies, a list of highly prominent, highly competitive venture capital firms sought him out as their partner investor. He has accepted several of these offers throughout the span of his career and began investing, making some of the smaller, more boutique venture capital firms he worked for amongst the world’s largest and most successful.

While it is obvious that being a Renaissance man in Eric Pulier’s league takes an entire lifetime of hard work and dedication to achieve, he reached his legendary status only 10 years after beginning his career as a startup founder. He started his voluminous career at Harvard as a literature major and graduated magna cum laude. Having written for Harvard’s critically acclaimed newspaper, he eventually gained the chops and experience to write his best-selling book that would eventually propel him to be one of the world’s most expensive and sought after public speakers in the world.

Having founded over 16 startup companies and raised capital for each of them in and excess of $500 million, he has sold many of his companies for an excess of billions of dollars, most of which he was the principal investor.

His philanthropy work is definitely noteworthy. While he sits at the helm of the board of the Painted Turtle, a foundation that runs a summer camp designed to help children who are born with chronic illnesses have positive experiences in their life. He has also developed numerous technologies to help impoverished citizens born in third world countries gain access to clean drinking water with a water filtration system and monitor designed to test the purity of its and whether it is drinking quality.

Also as an esteemed board member of the highly acclaimed XPRIZE Foundation, he shares the board with an array of Silicon Valley’s most elite figureheads including Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk amongst other leading-edge innovators of the century.

It is very important to note that he did not start out wanting to become a technological genius and startup company founder. His startup career path seem to find him as he was inspired by the amount of good that his phenomenal technology could contribute to the world.

Lacrosse Players, What Makes A Great Camp?

When your kids join a local Lacrosse camp, it’s hard to know which one is going to benefit your child the most. With all the different types of camps available, you’ll find that it can be tough sometimes to know what it is that will be best for your kid and their specific level.

What to look for in a camp

– Quality In Coaching

The company should be immensely experienced and knowledgeable with a variety of aspects regarding the sport. The coaches should be top of the line and actually have been part of a team in the past. They should have sufficient amounts of experience in the past, and you will find that it can be tough at times to know what to look for. Just be sure the coaches have some good credentials from the past and have achieved some kind of growth before being a part of the coaching team.

– A Disciplined and Encouraging Approach

Sometimes, certain coaches and camps may be a bit too strict with kids and really discipline them in the sense that they aren’t exactly respected any longer. It’s vital the company you are sending your child to is properly prepared for the job and know what they are capable of doing. They should treat your children with dignity and respect while still being disciplined but in a more encouraging way.

Our pick, Next Level Lacrosse Camp takes some of the most professional and most experienced people and takes them into one place to help educate kids as much as possible. At their camp, they bring the best technology (including a Facebook page) and the most resourceful of information to help young kids achieve their growth as lacrosse players. Everything from information to amazingly powerful drills and skills that are going to help improve any child’s game in the sport. Jon Urbana is the co-founder of this program, and he has made it his goal not only to help create a great camp but a place for young kids to develop their skills the right way.


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With a good deal of press showcasing the camp’s strength, it’s easy to see the reasons that hundreds of campers travel from all over the Rocky Mountain region to attend this annual program.

Jon Urbana is a successful athlete who has achieved numerous lacrosse awards and accolades for his success. He earned an honorable mention back in 2004 for the Colonial athletic Association.

Urbana has taken up a career as part-time aviator, and teamed up with multiple teams back in the day for CAA and other organizations and associations throughout his lacrosse career. As a very successful athlete in his time, this little program is his way of giving back to the world in his own way.

Jon also supports a number of charities, using vehicles like a Gofundme drive to help Earth Force hit its annual fundraising goal. Make a contribution and all proceeds will go straight to Earth Force.

It’s wonderful to witness people like Jon helping the youth and the next generation with their skills. He knows what he can help everybody with, so he does what he can and provides people with the best coaching.

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Adam Sender is long on Art in a short lifetime

When money flows like a gusher, there must be a need to start all types of collections. Ask Adam Sender, the maverick of hedge fund moguls. His success lead him to begin an art collection of recent artists, since the mid 1990s. Not only does he have the Midas Touch but Adam has an exquisite sense of what is the most collectable art from living legends in the minimalist art world.

Keeping the paintings of many of them in his office complex in New York City, he has had them cataloged so that his art dealer assistant, Sarah Aibel can work with the many applicants that wish to borrow pieces for their own art exhibitions. Sender has works by names such as Ruscha, David Flavin, Elizabeth Peyton, Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker and many others of great recent fame.

The command center for Adam’s hedge fund, Exis Capital in New York’s SoHo district has a space odessey, Star Trek feel to it as it is illuminated only by the many monitors in his office where he watches his numbers, trends, fund markets and stocks. When he is not managing funds and deals, he is choosing and hunting for more art work. It is first love aside from his stellar capacity for funds management. There are some 1000 works in his ever growing collection. How and where are the all kept?

There are many in New York at his central offices and home there. He has other homes with one such home in Miami that is up for sale. He has set up an exhibition at the 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach. He has several Miami homes and the one that is for sale in the rather stubbornly upside down real estate market of Florida, will house a part of his massive private collection for the event. What Sender said, “It sucks that so much of the work I’ve collected is hidden away.” is a reality. He is a full time resident of Miami now and wishes to show his new friends his collection as well as share it with many others. The collection in its entirety is valued at over $100,000,000.

Though his financial situation is not completely roses, with troubles involving a lawsuit brought against his company by Toronto’s Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd., he continues to make new purchases. He shared his basic strategy with selecting new artists to purchase. Sender said that “I know that I have a good eye, and I use it to buy what I know.” Typically he chooses from artists who are post graduate level and at least 2 years out.” His discerning eye for the best equities and stocks does much to rival his world acclaim as an art treasurer.

How to Get Started in Business in Chicago

Every successful businessman has had his start somewhere. In many cases, it began with finding something that one is passionate about. It doesn’t have to be what someone merely knows a lot about. If someone knows a lot about a subject or an industry, and is not passionate about it, then he is likely to be limited in the work that he is going to do. For one thing, if one can take joy in the work that he does, then he is likely to experience higher levels of success than someone who is just trying to make money.

One person who is very joyful in his work is Majeed Ekbal. He takes a lot of joy in what he does and it carries over to other aspects of his life. It carries over into his relationships and interactions with others. As of right now, Majeed Ekbal works as a manager of brand and client relations in a company called Razorfish. He makes plenty of major contributions as a businessman in many different industries. Most of his contributions go towards the improvement of the lives of others. Among the work he does is developing campaigns in social media for people in healthcare.

One thing that gives Majeed Ekbal his joy about the work he does is the vision that he has. He has a vision that helps him understand why he does the work that he does. As a result, he is very eager to work with others on bringing the vision to life. He has a vision of a healthier and more vibrant community. He works passionately towards this vision. He also understands that every step that he takes towards fulfilling that vision is valuable. Majeed has also demonstrated a lot of skill in his leadership and entrepreneurial pursuit.

Being a business leader is about moving with purpose. Someone who is aimless is not going to be successful as a business leader. Also, any business that he starts is likely to fail.If he has an endgame and a goal that is very important to him, then he is likely to overcome the hurdles that come with starting up the business. For one thing, he has to think about other people like his clients and customers. For one thing, one is serving others when he is going into any business. A person that is service minded is the one who is going to be the most likely to succeed.