Securus Technologies Staff Generously Contribute Toward United Way Campaign In 2015

Securus Technologies is a security technology solutions company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It offers state of the art technological security solutions that are mainly used by law enforcement authorities and correctional facilities. Currently, Securus Technologies is used in more than 3,450 law enforcement and secured agencies.It also serves more than 1,200,000 inmates in different correctional facilities across North America. Securus Technologies provided technological solutions for emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and inmate communication monitoring. Their main objective is to make the world a better and safer place to live. 

As it seems, everyone in Securus Technologies strives to meet this goal in every way possible and in more than one way. Apart from offering their patented technological solutions, Securus Technologies works with Associates, mainly made up of most of its staff members in raising donations for charity. They mainly contribute for donations to United Way Campaign. The year 2015 was an exceptionally great year Securus Technologies and its staff. They made a big step in making the world a better and safer place to live.

In 2015 a total of 620 Associates, mainly employees participated in the charity donations. Out of this number, 211 Securus Associates mainly its staff contributed at the Leadership Giving Level. A participant at the Leadership Giving Level is required to contribute not less than $1000 per year. For a number of 211 to participate at a level it shows that this company is fully dedicated to what towards meeting its objectives.
It is rare to find a company where employees are dedicated to what they do like the staff of Securus Technologies. Through this team working spirit and dedication, Securus Technologies and Associates were able to contribute $345,763 for 2015 towards charity. They did not begin in 2015; they have used the same tactics to contribute over $1,148,000 for the last 5 years.

Lets wonder away for the philanthropy of Securus Technologies staff and take a look at their professionalism. You probably have heard how easy and amazing it is to communicate with your family or friend who is being detained in a correctional facility in North America. That’s the work of the amazing Securus Technologies staff. By enabling video visitation and improved inmate phone calling systems, they have brought a new dawn in communication in this field. You can voice call or video visit your incarcerated friend or family from the comfort of your home. Download their free app on for Android of Apple and get started today. Learn more about this service by visiting the following link:

These new Securus Technologies innovations have also put a smile on investigators face. Their job is now easier than ever. They know can watch or listen to video call, and voice calls respectively in real time. This is a big boost to their investigations. Securus Technologies improved video visitation and inmate phone calls systems, is what the world has been waiting for all this time.

Internet Entrepreneur

Darius Fisher is a renown entrepreneur and crisis manager on damaged personal reputation. He graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BS in economics. Has worked as a copywriter at Agora Publishing and has started profitable companies worth about $20 million.
Darius Fisher runs a reputation management firm called Status Labs; this is for people who have suffered from negative digital reputation especially high profile persons. The company is famed for giving its clients second chances to tell their side of the story and build a digital positive image. The company started small, and it has considerably grown to accommodate a capacity of 1500 clients from different countries in about four years. Sanitizing the bruised individual’s reputation, Status Labs feeds the search engines with fresh, positive content about the person like their personal achievements.
Fisher says there was a client who came to him after the press released information about his bad divorce. According to the client, it would have ruined him professionally, and so he had to mitigate the spread of the situation with a good one. Status Labs worked on his case by showing to the world the professional side of him and the achievements he had made in his life. Fisher has therefore made himself a professional and a reliable person in managing public relations crisis and giving his clients positive public image. He advocates on taking precautionary measures against disclosing one’s personal life on the internet to anyone even the close friends especially when one is not entirely sure about what they are posting. Having a lot of information about you online could give room for negative publicity, and people get different interpretations.
Status Labs changes the search engine results through hard work by writing fresh content and promoting it. More relevant content is supplied to search engines about the individual. Different content is distributed among personal websites, social media profiles, press releases, guest articles, dynamic video content, and media hits through public relations.
Mr. Fisher says that they have moral standards and have turned down clients that had done something way too wrong. However, he advises his clients that it needs patience and a lot of professionalism, and there is the need to write eye-catching content to the readers and the search engines. Darius Fisher believes that with the right approach, anyone with a bad reputation can sanitize it to a good online reputation with a cleansed image.

How To Start Your YouTube Career

Starting a YouTube career is not that easy. It can require immense hard work, consistency, and years of video creation before you ever succeed and grow your brand. Your YouTube account is only going to grow unless you work hard towards providing top of the line ideas. YouTube is an ever growing platform that can build your fan base, but you do need to be very aware of the constant growth involved. You cannot stay where you are. You need to be very capable of coming up with new content constantly, and that’s the only way to succeed and grow as a musician.

How To Start Your YouTube Career

– Start Posting Often

It’s important that you post videos as often as you can and that you are creative with what you do with your content. It pays off to have a professional camera like a DSLR to help you create your content and be as unique as you can. There are YouTubers who will tell you that it’s all about posting more videos with good quality. Wengie is the perfect example of a beauty vlogger who knows exactly about how to succeed with makeup.

– Don’t Worry About Branding Yourself On YouTube

Don’t ever worry about creating a successful brand. Try building a fan base and then start worrying about your brand down the road. It’s all about creating a successful set of videos that creates value and showcases creativity.

– Collaborate

Collaborating both other YouTubers is the first big step to building your brand and creating a successful website. You want to build a fan base that will follow you along the way, and a great way to be seen is to work with other YouTubers.

Wengie is a huge YouTuber in these up world who definitely knows what she is capable of. Wengie is somebody who has shown proof that there is success on YouTube even if you do come out late. Her makeup videos always garner huge amounts of views because of her creativity and genuine approach to what she puts in her content every single time.

Marcio Alaor Proves Why He Is Still The Best

Marcio Alaor sits at the helm of Brazil’s biggest consigned credit provider. Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe that this man once shined shoes and is now a seasoned and successful banker, being the Vice President of Banco BMG.

Marcio has very highly regarded Administration skills and management talent. It seems inborn given how well he interacts with employees and investors of the bank. Thanks to his exceptional skills, Marcio has led the bank to a growth path that has seen it expand 17 times in the last decade.

Under his hawk eye, the bank has built an efficient and well-oiled team that has excellent qualifications and has established a reputation for hard work. The group has developed an extensive distribution network with 3000 branches and 50 000 workers across every municipality in Brazil.

In his tenure, Marcio Alaor has led the bank to partner with Banco Itau to create a new Payroll outfit called BMG ITAU PAYROLL. It is a bank expected to fill the demand for private credit in Brazil. The new partnership will not affect consigned credit provisions, and the series will grow. It will provide payroll loans and consigned credit will remain.

The new outfit has leveraged the best of BMG and Itau to create a $ 1 billion bank. The bank is leveraged 11 times and already has 8 million customers. The country has been graced with an unfortunate economic crisis that has seen it slide into recession.

Marcio regularly posts on a column in a leading newspaper in Brazil. He recently published an article on Australia where he said it is a country Brazil should look up to. It is a state that depends on commodities and has leveraged that to grow very fast. It has does this by working closely with changes in the international market and enacting relevant measures to stay relevant.

Australia regularly reviews its interest rates and controls inflation to cushion its local market. During the international crisis, it doesn’t tax small businesses. It has allowed it to post average annual growths of 2% since 2008 despite the worldwide crisis. The Brazilian economy is expected to shrink by 4.5% this year thanks to a corruption fuelled recession.

Marcio also describes General Motors as an example of a good IPO company. It had been on the stock exchange since 1915 when it got into the NYSE.Ford Motors launched its 1st IPO in 1956 and was oversubscribed. Marcio reveals nearly half of Americans have shares in the stock market.

Marcio is a fan of Tag Hueler watches. He loves the passion its CEO has for his brand. It is a brand that he has grown for many years, and Marcio says it’s how a business should grow.

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White shark media listens to your complaints and is ready to start again. It is a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising agency located in Miami Florida but with offices in Atlanta, Denmark and Nicaragua.

White Shark Media seeks to advertise small to medium sized businesses using highly efficient and honest services that leverage Google AdWords and Bing Ads. It has changed the life of many small businesses based on the traffic they have received.

White Shark Media has low set up fees, no cancellation fees and doesn’t bide you with a contract. They believe in value addition and the client’s needs driving their own. It is the best form of business practice since you ultimately enrich a good number of people before you derive any benefits at all.

White Shark Media has increased its efforts to handle the customer complaints it has received in the last few years. The concerns raised were valid, and the company has a new approach to management. Their services have undergone a turnover and now will offer more comprehensive and versatile marketing solutions. Some of the changes the company has made to improve its services include:

  1. It is now possible for you the customer to follow the campaign as it happens. It is made possible by making you central to the campaigns and knowing what is going on at any given time. Hence, you can know the performance of the campaign and complaints like have lost touch with my campaign will be things of the past.
  2. White Shark Media understands that communication is the most important thing. It has now scheduled an online conference with Go meeting conference call and will assign each client a direct line to its customer care representative together with a contact for the supervisor. That way you will have uninterrupted 24/7 communication.
  3. There have been cases where their new ads campaign has proven less effective for some clients. It is due to the nature of the demographic, and they perfectly understand that. White shark media will continue using the old campaigns on particular customers. The ultimate goal being to produce better-performing campaigns on particular clients. They will also assign each SEM specialist with an experienced supervisor who will have not more than 5 SEM’s.It is expected to be the best way to grow the campaigns.
  4. They will also provide SEO optimisation and have installed software applications to help you track your ad performance. Quantifying your ad performance is vital.

White Shark Media has learned its mistakes and seeks to continue being your partner.

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Status Labs Press Releases Can Increase Your Brand Visibility

Digital press releases inform, publicize and communicate the latest developments in an individual’s life or corporation’s business cycle. This helps to keep the brand uppermost in the minds of the public. Status Labs press releases can dramatically increase your brand visibility & reputation online.

“Social Media Press Releases For Individual & Corporate Branding”

Celebrities, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs, along with Fortune 500 corporations need to manage their image online. Endorsements, jobs and sales are all based on popularity. Press releases are one of the key ways to promote brands.

Social media has gained prominence and will also be a key venue for electronic press releases. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be included in press releases promoting your brand, award or achievement. For an individual, something as simple as the birth of a child could be the reason for a press release. Fans want to stay in the loop.

“Press Releases Increase Visibility”

Celebrities need to keep their name in the limelight to remain relevant. The most active celebrities are hired for important television commercials and movie roles. Press releases increase your credibility, legitimacy and visibility.

Build a trusting relationship with the public by sharing the latest news and goings-on. Online press releases can also establish you as a subject matter expert. Investors, promoters and fans will talk about you after reading your news.

“Grab the Bull by the Horns”

Regular press releases keep your fans apprised of all the latest developments. By hiring Status Labs, you can make sure that all of the relevant social media outlets receive press release distribution. Timing might also be a factor, Status Labs PR experts can schedule your press release to make the biggest splash.

Status Labs has thousands of clients who count on them to develop press releases for their brands. From 2012 to 2015, Status Labs increased its revenue by an impressive 939%. Status Labs has branches in New York and Texas.

The wisest celebrities and entrepreneurs understand the value of hiring experts to write, distribute and schedule their press releases. You can stay relevant by hiring Status Labs for public relations.