How To Get Both Style And Comfort

In the fashion industry today, we are beginning to see more and more trends embrace comfort. Women all over the country are ditching their work trousers and skinny jeans for yoga pants, and I have to say I am definitely a fan of this new trend popping up from Los Angeles to New York City. I recently found an amazing article on Buzzfeed, that discussed the new athleisure wear for any occasion trend and even detailed how to style yoga pants for every occasion. In the article, every day women discovered new and chic ways to make this new comfy look work for chill work and brunch. For the chill or more relaxed style the models paired black yoga pants with flowy shirt dresses and tanks, and the trend managed to be super chic with a Sporty Spice type of vibe. The outfits created for work were even more impressive! Every woman has black yoga pants, and with this staple the stylist created amazing on trend looks for the office. I am the happiest person in the world currently, due to the fact that I now know I can pair yoga pants, a button-down tunic, blazer, and stylish flats for work and still manage to look professional and fabulous. After a long week, there is nothing better than a low key weekend brunch with your friends to wind down. I usually tend to show up in what I will call less than fashionable, but thank you this article I am prepared to rock yoga pants, a flowy spring top, and a trench or sweater. This new athleisure from JustFab for anytime trend has me walking around feeling like Gigi Hadid!

I know what you are thinking, and let me just say I was fully aware that quality yoga pants and athleisure wear do not come cheap! So I started researching fashion and bloggers favorite athleisure lines. I was not surprised to find that JustFab’s Fabletics line was one of the top choices on every site! Kate Hudson joined the CEOs of JustFab to create a truly amazing line of athleisure wear, and they have managed to offer it at an unbeatable price! Once I saw all of the styles and fun trendy colors I was hooked! Head over to JustFab and check out all of the amazing “Kate Approved” styles!

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Lime Crime Products For A Steal

We all want to feel beautiful but not have to spend a fortune in doing so. Have you ever wanted to wear the next big thing but just couldn’t afford it at the time? You are not alone! This is a problem that many of us face every day. Luckily for you, I have the solution! The answer to your problems is Lime Crime, an affordable and addicting make up company. Such good deals, you are practically stealing. Doesn’t the name of the company make sense now?!

If you are a makeup lover then I am sure you have heard of the hot new lip kit by Kylie Jenner. You know what is not very hot about the Mary Jo K Lip Kit ? That would be the price. On the bright side, the Lime Crime Instagram is looking out for you! Lime Crime has a sexy red matte lipstick for a more affordable price. It is a best seller proving that you don’t have to be wealthy to have sexy red lips.

I didn’t think this could get any better but I was wrong! Remember Kylie Jenner’s lip kit shade, Kourt K? Well, Lime Crime has a similar matte liquid lipstick. Yes, it is affordable. It is even a best seller on Amazon. Everyone else is joining in the fun, so why not you?

Lime Crime will always have your back. They believe that everyone should have the opportunity to wear what makes them feel happy. Lime Crime’s Twitter wants everyone to feel confident and is here to help you accentuate your features at an affordable cost.  Check out what some other users have done on Pinterest and even through the Lime Crime Tumblr, both of which remain popular places to post makeup ideas and fashions.

Darius Fisher Leading the Way

Status Labs is exactly what it says on the label: a company all about the science of reputation. But how do you bring such an abstract concept into reality?

It all starts with Status Labs’ President, Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is the ultimate social media crisis guru: whether you are in the public eye with a high stakes business or campaign, and can’t afford the negative attention a social media scandal would bring, or some personal information leaked to the public has you cringing from the consequences, Fisher can clean up the mess–and teach you how to keep it from happening again.

Fisher and Status Labs prioritize Google search results when cleaning up a client’s reputation (or first impression) online. By creating positive content and a marketing strategy that boosts the “good side of the story” to top results, Status Labs can clear away the detritus that’s mucking up your public image in no time. Curious how to take steps like this within your own company? As President of Status Labs, Mr. Fisher speaks at conferences regularly to share some of his best words to the wise.

With their President at the helm, Status Labs has made several major steps in solidifying their business over the past year. The physical growth of the company is obvious, as their original team of 25 has ballooned into 35 online reputation experts, including public relations specialists, online marketing specialists, creative writers, and many other necessary and top-notch talents. Adding wisdom to the companies forward motion, Status Labs has established a board of professionals in the industry as well.

More than physical growth, the past year has brought with it a strengthening of the company’s ethical center. Their ethical policies are now stronger and clearer than ever before, and their focus and involvement in volunteer and community initiatives has become a priority.

Like any quality reputation management firm, Status Labs has not spent the last year managing their own reputation crises, but ensuring that their reputation is solidly true to their values, not just caring about public image, but also caring for the public.