Securus Technologies Takes Note of Global Tel Link’s Actions

Securus Technologies is a widely known company that concentrates on criminal and civil justice services and products. The company’s offerings aim to encourage advancements in monitoring, public safety, corrections and investigations. Securus Technologies has just informed the public that it will be revealing information that will showcase problematic actions by Global Tel Link. Global Tel Link (GTL for short) is a company that specializes in inmate communications. Securus Technologies believes that GTL has participated in honesty infractions and other forms of misconduct.

Richard A. Smith is Securus Technologies’ CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He said that he cares about his industry and that he feels saddened when other companies neglect the value of honesty. Smith said that the aim of his company is significantly deeper and more complex than turning a profit. He said that its aim is to cater to customers and to consider what’s optimal and beneficial for them.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission looked into Global Tel Link and discovered a variety of problems with the company’s actions. The organization discovered that Global Tel Link charged customers for sole phone calls multiple times. It also discovered that the company does not have permission for double billing. The Louisiana Public Service Commission noted that Global Tel Link set its phones up to give calls higher rates. The organization even came to the conclusion that taxpayers in the state of Louisiana had to cover excessive fees (a total of $1,243,000) due to Global Tel Link’s actions. The Louisiana Public Service Commission believes that Global Tel Link’s behaviors were brought on by the desire to charge customers immoderate amounts.

Securus Technologies is located in Dallas, Texas. The company accommodates 3,450 plus corrections agencies, law enforcement agencies and public safety agencies throughout the North American continent. It accommodates well over a million incarcerated individuals as well.

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U.S. Money Reserve’s President Packs The Passion of George Soros

U.S. Money Reserves is one of America’s largest distributors of coins issued by the U.S. government. The company is headed by former U.S. Mint Director Philip Diehl and has been in operation since 2001. Mr. Diehl recently spoke with Eric Dye from Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio about his accomplishments as a Mint Director, the rising price of gold and the highlights of his company. A summary of this podcast can be found on PRNewswire along with a full copy of the original interview recording.

The president of US Money Reserves shared information about his past and discussed his role in initiating the 50 States Quarter Program as well as the minting of the first platinum coin issued by the U.S. government. He also noted his strong commitment to customer satisfaction and how he helped to change the face of the agency with an initiative to improve customer experiences. Philip has since taken his passion for being the best in class to drive U.S. Money Reserves to the top of their industry. The company has serviced over 300,000 individuals as stated on their website and nurtured an outstanding level of trust with their customers.

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Along with sophisticated customer relations, U.S. Money Reserves also offers clients unique services such as their IRA Program. The Self-Directed Precious Metals IRA allows investors to diversify their assets with physical metals. With this self-directed program, holders can choose the metals in their portfolio which in turn provides them with a great deal of control over their assets. Physical metals are also more secure than traditional stocks and bonds as they are less affected by volatility. The IRA Program at U.S. Money Reserves also provides clients with the option to transfer or rollover an existing IRA. An IRA transfer is made directly from one custodian to the next while a rollover is done when funds are withdrawn and then deposited with U.S. Money Reserves shortly after.

In addition to the IRA Program U.S. Money Reserves also offers other incentives for prospective customers. They provide a buyback guarantee which entitles you to a full refund within 30 days of purchase and a refund of market value after 30 days. The company also provides fast 5-day shipping and is AAA rated by the Business Consumer Alliance. These factors along with Philip’s clear commitment to customer satisfaction make U.S. Money Reserves stand out from the competition.

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The Search Fixers Repair Damaging Search Results


A good reputation is essential for staying in business, nevertheless, there are firms that sit back and watch their standing tank, without putting up a fight. Every business receives a bad review at some point; however, smart businesses respond and learn from unfavorable reviews. When customers post on Yelp and other review websites, they often offer constructive criticism, which let businesses know where they need to make improvements. Acknowledging negative comments and reviews goes a long way in minimizing their impact. Apologizing for poor service or a defective product is better than ignoring the review. Responding to poor reviews in anger never works; it always backfires.

Consumers are influenced by detrimental reviews they read online. If a company cannot take control of what is being said about them online, they hire a online reputation management firm such as The Search Fixers to repair their good name. Maintaining a stellar reputation is better than having to fix bad reviews, but it is possible for a business to bounce back from scathing reviews, with help from a reputation management company. Reputation management consultants don’t remove bad reviews, their reputation management service creates neutral, factual content that pushes the harmful content off the fist page of search results. The Search Fixers use U.S.-based SEO specialists, so the new articles and blog posts are considered high quality content by search engines and fix bad search results.

People can post their opinions online, however, few do unless they are upset. Happy customers infrequently post glowing reviews, but consumers who feel that they got ripped off take their complaints online. Encouraging good reviews isn’t easy, but it’s necessary when a company finds that the Internet is flooded with bad reviews about their products. Companies need to reach out to existing customers on social media, asking them to post an honest review. If a business finds that the majority of honest customer reviews are negative, it’s time to step back and fix the problem before hiring a reputation management firm. Once the problems that the damaging reviews mention are addressed, The Search Fixers can work on rebuilding the company’s good name.

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Get Free Adwords Evaluation From White Shark Media

Are you searching for a way to advertise successfully in order to reach your prospects? Looking for a reputable advertising agency to guide you to success? Perhaps you are wondering how to sign up for Adwords account or set up an Adwords campaign.

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No matter the type of business you’re in, if your website is not getting traffic you are not going to be successful. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website but not all of these traffic generating methods are created equal. It is important to consider the quality of traffic and how quick it comes.

Adwords PPC has been a popular advertising method to generate quick traffic to any website. It is a cost-effective method of getting targeted traffic to check out your offers and respond favorably. The setup doesn’t take a lot of time once you master the steps. But without knowing how it works and how properly to set up your account and campaign, you can waste valuable time and your money.

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White Shark Media has a great reputation in the advertising field and has helped businesses around the world, achieve impressive results with their ad campaigns. If you are serious about becoming a successful advertiser, get in touch with White Shark Media right away and take advantage of their free Adwords evaluation offer.

NutriMost Sues Rival Weight Loss Company For Alleged Pirated Video

NutriMost, a weight loss company that has recently grown in popularity, is suing a rival diet company, Healthy Living, for allegedly copying their promotional video. The alleged copied video was posted on Healthy Living’s website and included the same testimonials from NutriMost founder Dr. Wisniewski, and successful NutriMost followers. Despite receiving a cease-and-desist in September, Healthy Living kept the video on their website and instead shortened the alleged copied video. While the video presently does appear to be off Healthy Living’s website, Nurtimost is seeking a legal order to permanently prevent the company from posting the video in the future. NutriMost is also seeking $300,000 for theft and loss of the company’s good reputation.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

A weight loss company that has recently seen tremendous growth in popularity, NutriMost promises its followers will lose as much as 40 pounds in only 40 days. This is not the only aspect that makes NutriMost different than other weight loss programs. What sets NutriMost apart from other programs is its commitment to caring for the follower’s health. Unlike most weight loss programs that only care about its follower’s weight loss that results from restricted calories and exercise, NutriMost is centered on making sure the follower is living a healthy life by giving them life-saving knowledge that is based on chiropractic medicine and practices. NutriMost does not believe in covering up disease and pain with drugs. Instead, they believe in giving follower’s the knowledge of life-saving chiropractic medicine to improve their lives, health and weight.

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Sanjay Shah Has The Best Advice For New Business Owners

Sanjay Shah has the best information for people who are starting new businesses, and he offers it up as compared to how he started Solo Capital and Autism Rocks. He wants people to have information about how he put the businesses together, and he wants to make sure that he is going to help people stay afloat so they can be a success. The best thing that anyone can do is to make sure that they are following this advice as closely as possible.

Sanjay Shah says that a lot of people do not realize how much cash they need to start their businesses, and they also do not realize what they can do when they have some extra cash. A lot of people are going to get a jump start on years of work if they have a lot more extra cash to work with. They might not even need that much, but they need to make sure that they have something on hand that will help them.

The same thing can be said about people who are starting charities. They want to make sure that they have their money as available as possible so that they can work on events and fundraising. Someone who is planning to get the most out of every event and every phone call needs to have some extra money that they can fall back on to make their lives easier. Sanjay knows that he can help people make a difference, but he wants to be sure that everyone is going to hold onto extra cash.

He also encourages people to be as hands on as they can be. It is better for people to get in the mix and learn what they can do instead of just assuming that they can stand back and everything will work. He has never allowed his businesses to run without him, and he gets to know everyone so that there is no question about how these things are going to work. He takes the lead, and he has all the business worked out ahead of time.


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