Reputation Management Service Is Essential

Status Labs, one of the leading providers of reputation management, has been named to the Today Inc. magazine’s 500 List. This exclusive ranking of the country’s fastest-growing private companies, is considered a great accomplishment. Status Labs was awarded the recognition because of its tremendous growth during the past several years, as well as achieving outstanding performance in the industry.

Under the leadership of Darius Fisher, President & CEO of Status Labs, the company accomplished a lot, including building a top notch client base of renowned companies around the world.

The Internet makes it easier for entrepreneurs and organizations to promote their products and services throughout the world, but even one negative or derogatory review has the potential to ruin their brand or company image and challenge their reputation online, ruining their entire efforts in an instant.

Your reputation is everything. Having a system in place to protect your online reputation is a great idea. That’s exactly what successful business people and professionals do. These days, you never know when someone is going to post a negative post or review about your company and by having experts monitor your reputation, they can detect any impending or potential harm and handle it appropriately.

Status Labs has been regarded as the industry’s top rated reputation management firm and has a great team of reputation management experts. The online reputation management services provided by Status Labs are designed to help businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals build a great profile and achieve a world-class reputation online. These professionals are well trained and experienced and they have a good understanding the public relations industry.

The experts at Status Labs don’t just push negative reviews down in the search engine results pages and try to shift negative social remarks and conversations to positive, they also help grow and defend your digital reputation. They have worked with small businesses, politicians, corporate executives, mid-sized businesses, and large companies to help them establish a more balanced reputation online. Take a look at the website of Status Labs and get in touch with them to schedule a consultation.

Livio Bisterzo, Hippie Entrepeneur

They may look like delicious bits of cheese curl snacks, but Hippeas are much healthier. They are made of chickpeas, and little bits of flavor are clearly visible. The Instagram advertising promotes simplicity and love of nature; such as peas, love, and sharing; and don’t worry, be hippie. The slogans either paraphrase the hippie generation or seek to borrow from the era’s love of simplicity and hunger for healthy food. The hippie era is still a golden one.

Chickpea plants release nitrogen back into the soil. They are gluten-free, vegan, and kosher, with a superfoods edge that is nutrition conscious. Loaded with fiber and protein, Hippeas are low in calories and heavily spiced to be flavorful. Hippeas may well be the new potato chip of the snack world.

CEO Livio Bisterzo anticipates that Hippeas will be a major sensation because they are a premium snack, affordable, healthy, and aimed at socially conscious millennials. Livio Bisterzo had been in the health and natural foods industry for seven years before hooking up with a food innovation company to develop Hippeas. Launched in June 2016, with a nod to modern hippie mentality, a word-of-mouth buzz was created long before the first appearance in outlets.

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Only a few outlets are being used for this first appearance, Starbucks in the United States; and Boots; and Holland & Barrett in the United Kingdom. In August 2016 on Twitter, the first four varieties of Hippeas to be sold were released as a healthy grab-and-go food.

Livio Bisterzo is Italian, and he lives with his family in Los Angeles. He is CEO of Green Park Holdings, Inc., which owns Hippeas. He previously was an entrepreneur at Little Miracle Drinks. Hippeas has partnered with Farm Africa in their Food For Good campaign. They will be supporting chickpea farmers in eastern Africa. The brand is identified with an updated smiley face, which was created to imply a sense of fun and nostalgia. With an ad campaign that is socially-conscious and jammed with irreverent humor, Hippeas seeks to join the mainstream snack food market. May they live long and prosper.

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How Entrepreneurs Can Manage Their Business Reputation

Entrepreneurs have a lot of challenges in all the phases of their businesses. The one thing that entrepreneurs embark on is building a reputation of integrity and trust. Without trust, it is hard to maintain customers and also partners.

A successful business and business person have their fair share of haters, attacks on the business and owner’s reputation are inevitable. Entrepreneurs should always be aware that the attacks by haters can damage the business and thus hiring an online reputation management company will prevent damage to the firm. Reputation Management Fixers will advise on what to be done and bury negative search results to enhance your company’s image.

As an entrepreneur, it is wise to continue serving your clients as usual and forget any emotions harboured against attackers. Firing back at attackers is never a solution as this can make the situation even worse, and reputation may further be destroyed.
Loyal customers will need assurance that the business will continue as usual. They need to be reaffirmed that the entity will continue to be more productive.

After assuring customers, one needs to counteract what has been said or written by offering extra value. The more value customers get, the more their focus will be on what they are getting rather than the rumors. Another strategy is putting out content and developing products and services that solve people’s problem. Good and satisfactory content will surpass any form of gossip.

An attack on a business and reputation can depress an entrepreneur, leading to minimal productivity. Reaching out for support from trustworthy people can help cooling any anger. It is vital to share what the entrepreneur is thinking of doing for guidance and encouragement. Hiring an online reputation management company is highly beneficial, and Reputation Management Fixers will come in handy.

Staying focused cannot be over emphasized and entrepreneurs should always stick to their vision. The reason for starting the business should be motivating the business owners setbacks notwithstanding. Under all circumstances, it is important to continue doing what one has always done not caring about attacks as truth always has a way of shining.
Entrepreneurs need to remember that the best way you can get back at your enemies is being successful and soaring higher and higher.

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Andy Wirth Is Working Hard To Bring In Business

One of the most beautiful drives is along the mountains in California. You begin your drive on Nevada-California sides of the mountains. The mountain is covered with beautiful tall Redwood trees and green grass. The farther you climb the closer you get to the quaint village of Tahoe.

This little resort village town has the most unique and cool wood sided stores. Inside the stores, you can find treasures for the ski enthusiast. There is also clothing for people that love to ski. During the summer time the resort hosts the Ironman Triathlon contestants. This event is very intense and brings in a lot of customers to the stores. The People fly into the Reno-Tahoe airport when they are partaking of the Ironman event.

Some people enjoy just riding their bikes along the roads up the mountain. The wildlife is breathtaking. In the winter the roads can be a bit scary. The snow and ice on the roads are one reason most residents use snow tires and chains if they are going to drive up the mountain. Lake Tahoe is the home of the Squaw Valley Holdings and also the place of businesses for Andy Wirth. He is the CEO of the Squaw Valley Holdings and also the Chairman of the REno-Tahoe Airport. This busy man is very busy but very popular. He was seen recently on the Undercover Boss show. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

This man did great things for his employees on this show. Andy is a fair man that also loves his family very much. His recent accident while skydiving gave him a big scare. Andy fell on a post in the vineyard. He almost lost his whole arm. Because of the accident, Andy has learned to take things more serious but also to live life to the fullest.

Andy and his wife live in Truckee California. She works in the legal parts of the real estate. Andy Wirth covers the ski events and other things to bring in money for the whole Tahoe adventure area. After advertising, marketing, awards, and hard work he is becoming a household name. Andy Wirth is earning his reputation as a good man and hard worker in the Nevada-California area.