Securus Technologies Corrects Inaccuracies on the Part of GTL

Securus Technologies provided corrections with regard to the GTL press release, delivered to the general public, on June 7, 2016. Persons familiar with Securus Tehcnoloiges know that the enterprise is a leading provider in way of civil and criminal justice high-technology solutions, with the emphasis placed on the public’s safety. (The press release, provided by Securus Technologies, in response to GTL’s press release, was issued on 9th of June 2016, from the Dallas, Texas area.)

Securus Technologies believes there are several statements made, within the press release, supplied by GTL which are not accurate and, therefore, are misleading. The purpose, then, of the press release, issued by Securus Technologies, is to clear up any inaccuracies made on the part of GTL, within their June 7, 2016 press release. The following summary, provided by Securus Technologies, is formatted, wherein the GTL allegation is stated, relative, again, to the press release, issued by GTL, on June 7, 2016. Following each of the said allegations, Securus offers the correct and proper information. Additionally, as it concerns the content within the following text, GTL will be, accordingly, referred to from time-to-time as the company.

Allegation 1—With respect to GTL’s United States patent 7,256,816, the recent decision arrived by the U.S. Patent Trial and Appeals Boards, allows the company to move in a forward direction, with regard to a 4th PTAB validated patent. The company is permitted to seek injuctions and damages from Securus, relative to infringement suits, within the Texas federal court system.

Securus’s Correction with Regard to Allegation Number One:

GTL is not able to seek relief, as previously stated, due to the fact that the case is, summarily, stayed within the federal court of Texas. This is to say: GTL, quite frankly, is not able to move forward, as they claim, within the district court. Securus, further, is moving for a re-hearing, as it applies to the ‘816 patent being “PTAB validated.” Applicably, then, the consequence is that the ‘816 patent, has not been validated nor will the Company be placed in a position, wherein, it is able to seek an injunction or damages.

Allegation 2—The Patent and Appeals Board was successful in the protection of all of GTL’s fifty-five claims. The preservation of such claims, summarily, protects the company’s technology as it applies to that of Video visitation monitoring, which is a general security feature, enabling the correctional institution personnel to observe the comings and goings of visitors. The visitors are acquaintances, and familial members of the correctional institution’s populace. The capability is a standardized requisite within every correctional facility inside the United States, where visitation is offered and, wherein, visitation systems are set up.

Securus’s Correction with Regard to Allegation Number Two:

In reality, the company is asserting one claim, considered independent, and a more extensive group of dependent claims, with regard to the ‘816 patent, as to the its suit with Securus. Further, the PTAB did not agree to review the claims challenged. It is, then, the belief of Securus that the company does not put into practice the fundamental security feature mentioned by the singular independent claim.

Allegation 3—The officials, at GTL, stated that they were happy that the PTAB made the determination that all of the technology was patentable. This determination will allow the company to move back to the court setting, in way of protection and preserving its technology and as to enabling law enforcement staff to properly monitor video visitation.

Securus’s Correction with Regard to Allegation Number Three:

The PTAB did not make a determination that the technology was patentable. The PTAB’s conclusion was that it would not consider reviewing the claims. GTL’s summation, that it is in a position to move back to court, and the fact there is a request for rehearing, on the table, makes it clear, that settlement with regard to the patent issue is nowhere near its conclusion or completion.

Allegation 4—The company, pointedly, stated, that it is only a few months away from being back within the courtroom setting, in front of a jury. Once in court, it is the belief of GTL that it may show how Securus has infringed on its patent, as well as three other patents of the Company, which have been targeted by GTL, in the way of IPR challenges; however, in the end were validated by the PTAB–according to Oliver.

Securus’s Correction with Regard to Allegation Number Four:

Securus responds to GTL with regard to its statement that they are a mere few months away, from being back within the courtroom setting—in front of a jury, by stating that it is highly unlikely that a Jury is bound to hear any evidence, from Securus or the company, at any time too soon: certainly not during the current year; and definitely, not in a matter of months. When the two parties are able to go to court, a jury will be in a position, to, rightfully, make the determination, whether or not Securus uses the approach and methodology, specified on the company’s ‘816 patent—a method that Securus is of the belief it does not put into practice.

Allegation 5—The company is seeking damages and an injunction. If the company, is successful as to the preceding action, meaning if the injunction and damages are granted, Securus would be required to stop using GTL’s patented technology, relative to its Video Visitation platform, within all correctional facilities where the infringement is happening.

Securus’s Correction with Regard to Allegation Number Five:

The key word, within the 5th Allegation is “granted.” The company’s patented technology, with regard to its Video Visitation Platform, is not being put into use. As a result, there will be no correctional institutions, wherein any type of infringement is occurring: so an injunction will not be issued.

Allegation 6—Securus has continually sued and settled with its competition, since 2001. Securus is now placing, within the media, new legal claims and accusations that are not clear. The preceding strategy is put into place, in order that the company may feel obligated to settle its patent disagreement, and with respect to terms, favorable for Securus. The pressure placed, on the company, by Securus, will not cause the company to settle, in a way that is favorable to Securus. The company plans on continuing to use the court system in way of defending its technological innovations. It will not respond, in the least, to any pressure to settle, favorably, on behalf of Securus, according to Oliver.

Securus’s Correction with Regard to Allegation Number Six:

Securus, has always taken the stance, to reach amiable financial arrangements and settlements with its competitors, making use of Securus’s patented innovations, and without a license, that prove amenable to both parties. Within nearly every circumstance, Securus has been able to enter into agreements that are logical and reasonable, with regard to licensing arrangements. The statement is true of GTL too: since, on several different occasions, Securus was able to come to a mutually-agreeable settlement as to licensing. GTL, during the current time, wishes to spend a great amount of money, in order to legally fight with Securus, as to the subject-matter of patents. This fight is about the patents of the company and Securus. The legal fight is preferred over that of entering into another licensing agreement or arrangement. In any event, the bottom-line is Securus, factually, has more than double the number of patents, which are, summarily, held by GTL. Additionally, as shown on several occasions, the patent metrics, of Securus, are much more impressive than the patent metrics of the company.

It is correct to state, too, that the company is aware that litigation, with regard to patents, takes a number of years, and costs a great deal of money. It is the preceding thought-process which is questioned by Securus. Regardless, Securus plans on protecting its interests; and responding, accordingly, to any attacks, made by GTL, in a viable and legally professional manner. (The preceding statement—not verbatim—was provided by Richard A. (Rick) Smith—CEO of Securus Technologies.)

Applicable to the latest GTL press release, the Securus CEO mentioned that he would be pleased to re-institute the technology bake-off challenge, with GTL, at any point and time. He further added that he had offered the bake-off to GTL, on many an occasion. He believes the bake-off is a great deal more logical than mass litigation. However, in the end, GTL has remained totally non-responsive to Mr. Smith’s bake-off challenges.

Notes Regarding Securus Technologies:

Securus is headquartered in Dallas Texas. It serves more than three-thousand, four-hundred fifty public safety venues, correction institutions and law enforcement agencies. It serves, too, a correctional institution populace of one million two-hundred thousand persons, across the continent of North America. Securus Technologies is dedicated as to its service. It connects to its client-base by way of providing proper emergency response, incident management, investigation, Biometric analysis, communications, information management, and self-service for inmates of correctional facilities. It, further, provides public information and monitoring services and products to the institutions it serves. The preceding services and products are used in order that the world is made safer. Securus Technologies focuses on connecting what matters®. The interested reader is encouraged to visit the Securus Technologies’ site in order to learn more about its solutions, relative to the Civil and Criminal Justice systems. The site follows:

George Soros the philanthropic billionaire

The self-made billionaire George Soros is the founder and the chairperson of the open society. The Open Society is a basically a chain of partners, foundations and projects presented in over a 100 countries globally. The primary objective of open society foundation is to breed a ground where rights are respected, no monopoly of truth and the government is accountable. As a result, Open Society Foundation is the most exceptional philanthropic efforts ever in history.

George was born on 12th August 1930, in Budapest, Hungry. He later moved to New York City where he started his career in financial fields. In 1979, George began his philanthropic efforts on, and by 2012 his giving’s had surpassed $ 7 billion through Open Society Foundation.

1947 in London, George read Karl Poppers the Open Society and its enemies during his studies at London School of Economics. The book explores the philosophy of science and acts as poppers critique of totalitarianism on Biography. The book had a great impact towards Soros that no ideology owns the truth. The book elaborates that the society can thrive only when they express themselves freely and openly and observe the rights of the individual.

After his graduation in 1952, George moved to New York City and started his first job at Wall Street Brokerage firm F.M Mayer. In 1973 George established his first hedge fund firm with $12 million from investors. The Soros hedge fund was later renamed to Quantum Fund and finally to Quantum Fund Endowment. The company under the leadership of George flourished and acquired massive success through its various operations. At the age of 85 Soros was named as the 21st richest person across the globe with a net worth of around $26 billion.

George is an author of over a dozen books on Twitter. His articles and essays based on politics and economics regularly appear in major magazines and a newspaper globally. Some of his books include The Tragedy of the European Union, Financial Turmoil, and The Age of Fallibility among others.

George has achieved and influenced various projects around the world. When the wall of Berlin fell, George established a Central European University that advocates for critical thinking. Later he broadened his philanthropy to Africa, Asia and United States. Through the Open Society Foundation, he supported lawyers and paralegals to represent individuals without legal representation. He also supported independent organizations such as International Crisis Group, Global Witness and the new for New Economic Thinking.

George is also a proactive figure in the fields of politics, and recently George has reemerged in political fields. He is the leading funder of Democratic Movement; he has donated over $ 25 billion in his support to boost Hillary Clinton campaigns and other candidates running under Democratic Movement.

Politics Are Not An Important Factor For Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

The Oslo Freedom Forum has become known around the world for the amazing list of human rights activists, dissidents, and politicians who make their way to an annual event that has become a must visit for activists from around the world. Established by Human rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen the videos of speeches and discussions uploaded to the Internet form only a small portion of the work that goes on at the event; following Halvorssen as he moves through the backstage areas of the event and hotels used by speakers in Norway provides a glimpse into how the human rights community operates in the 21st century.

 During a discussion with Chinese political dissident Chen Guangcheng Halvorssen is reported to have encouraged him to continue a close relationship with the actor Christian Bale, who had publicized the problems facing Chen and his wife.

Thor Halvorssen undertsands his methods are not in line with the traditional options undertaken by human rights activists, but he feels the need to move with the times and do whatever it takes to achieve human rights for all is a must.

 Thor Halvorssen has had a long and successful career as a human rights activist dating back to his teenage years when he became a prominent campaigner in London against the South African Apartheid system. Following his early success, Halvorssen went on to work for many of the world’s top human rights groups before being inspired by his mother’s politically motivated shooting in 2004 to form the Human Rights Foundation.

 Halvorssen does not limit his work to human rights, instead looking to explore his love of the cinema through his work as a film producer; the Venezuelan born Halvorssen has worked extensively on non-fiction movies that are based on some of the most important human rights stories of the mid to late 20th century.

Thor Halvorssen has spent much of his career working on movies based on the Hungarian uprising of the 1950s, and a film based on the use of humor in propaganda used by anti-communism groups in the Soviet Union.

Clay Siegall Announces Expansion Plans For Seattle Genetics

According to the Chairman of Board and co-founder of Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall, his company is busting at the seam, which points towards rapid expansion in the near-term. Seattle Genetics is one of the longest running bio-tech companies in the Puget Sound area of Seattle. Recently, it announced an increase in the public stock offering from $480 Million to $552 Million. The decision was necessary because there was a great demand from investors who value company’s cancer-related products.

In an interview, Clay Siegall insisted that funds generated from the latest proceedings will help the company train its manpower and build additional facilities. In the wake of recent success, Seattle Genetics will hire 100 individuals per year, until 2020. It means that the total number of employee will grow from 800 to 1300, in the next five years. To sustain the development, Seattle Genetic has already signed contracts to lease space at the nearby Canyon Park area of Bothell, where the company is currently located at 21823 30th Dr. S.E.

It is interesting to note that the company’s stock jumped 4 percent on weekend to $46.79, after the announcement. The rapid jump is also notable because Seattle Genetics is still to come out of the loss as it posted negative profits in the latest quarterly release. However, Siegall explained that profitability is not the focus in near-term as long as the company continues to generate profits. In fact, it is common for bio-tech companies to focus on long-term growth, instead.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is perhaps the best choice to take Seattle Genetics to new Heights. Already, he is instrumental in making its flagship cancer drug Adcetris, the popular choice for Cancer therapies. Clay is also determined to enter other markets, not related to Cancer. His experience working for Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute is proving beneficial to the success.

Besides overseeing Seattle Genetics, Clay also sits on the Board of Alder BioPharmaceuticals and Mirna Therapeutics, two other bio-tech firms. In addition, he advises the management of such prominent research associations as Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance.

Learn more:

Sam Tabar Is Expected To Do Great Things At Full Cycle Energy


At the very end of last year, it was announced that Sam Tabar would be taking up the position of Chief Operating Officer at Full Cycle Energy. This company is dedication to help find new forms of natural and sustainable fuels sources other than the fossil fuels we consume today. This will also contribute to lower environmental pollution caused by emissions.


Joining the team at Full Cycle Energy, Sam is lending his extensive knowledge of finances to the business. Sam is not only highly experienced from his career, but he has a strong background in academics. He earned his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree from Columbia and Oxford Universities, where he was able to graduate with high honors.

Sam has long been in the industry as a financial strategist, amassing a great deal of expertise and techniques in his field. He went on to work at Skadden LLP after earning his Master’s degree, where he was very successful and earned a lot of recognition for his capabilities. He also advised clients on investment agreements, employment issues, regulatory compliance, side letters, and more.


Following his position at Skadden, Sam worked at the SPARX group, where he was a head of business development and Managing Director for the company. While at SPARX, Sam was able to advance very quickly due to his ambition and ability to outperform the rest at whatever task he was doing.


Sam followed up his position as SPARX by joining the Bank of Merrill Lynch as Director, and served as head of capital strategy for the Asia-Pacific region. He later wanted to return to his legal profession by accepting a position at Schulte Roth & Zabel in 2013 as a senior associate.


All of the success of Sam Tabar are hard to mention in the length of a single article, but it’s not hard to see that he has been devoted to his work and steadily increasing his expertise and reputation through his innovation and talents. He has a strong background in academics as well as many successful executive positions as different companies. Like the previous companies he has worked with, Sam will be able to help Full Cycle Energy manage their assets and find new growth in the future due to his efforts.  Check out what Sam has been doing with his own assets on

Your Experience Using Lime Crime


There has never been a better time for you to try a new makeup brand then now simply because Lime Crime is one of the top companies out there for you to try for yourself. Cosmetic brands come in all different shapes and sizes, making it difficult to choose the one that is right for you. It can also be very difficult to find the different products that you are trying to find in order to achieve the look that you would like to see for yourself. This is why so many people have chosen Lime Crime as the brand they know they can trust and feel that the products they are using are unlike anything else they have ever tried in the past.


Lime Crime is different because of the different types of products that they have available on Amazon, and high pigmented colors that are simply different than anything you have ever seen. Between the foil eyeshadow is that they have available and the different High pigmented lip sticks that are on the market, it is extremely easy to find these products to achieve an amazing and unique look for yourself. You will also find that the price is that this company offers are affordable on any type of budget so that you do not feel like you are spending a small fortune just to be able to purchase cosmetics.

Now that you know a little bit more about Lime Crime and the different types of products that they have available, it might help to learn more about the company by visiting its website and searching through the variety of different products that you can buy on the internet. Not only will this save you a lot of time as opposed to going to a local cosmetic store, but you will also have a larger selection available to you simply because you are using the internet to do your shopping. Now is the time for you to think about using this brand and knowing that they have some of the best products out there for you to try for yourself to achieve a unique look that you have never seen before in your life.  Follow them on Tumblr for more information, or check out their UrbanOutfitters page for recent deals