Fabletics is Going to Catch Up Amazon in the Future

For years, Amazon is dominating the e-commerce fashion market, and no one could beat it. However, a new company named Fabletics is the one that could do that. Fabletics was founded by Oscar-nominated Hollywood Actress Kate Hudson in 2013. Since then the company is continuously growing and its popularity is increasing day by day. The secret behind the success of Fabletics is activewear and reverse showroom technique which is a combination of customer’s membership and his favorite brand.

There was a time when high-value brands were all about product quality and price. The time has changed, so it does not work any longer. There are new elements that define the high-value brands, and they are product popularity, excellent service, flashy effects, top-class customer service, and innovative designs. Fabletics is as popular as Warby Parker and Apple because of these elements. Soon the company’s seventeenth showroom in the US would open.

The General Manger of Fabletics told media that from day one, his company is focusing on the development of high-value and reimagined brands. He explained that how Fabletics is using the membership system to offer newest fashion trends and tailored service at their stores. Companies must know what their customer like; otherwise, the business won’t succeed.

Several companies were opened during the last decade; however, most of them were a failure. After visiting the stores, the customers would not buy products and look for places with lower prices. Fabletics experimented with the opposite strategy and transformed browsing into a useful factor. The company wanted to build relationships with the customers; therefore, it avoided going into the pop-up store, so customers get a good impression. To understand the local market, Fabletics participated in several events and activities. The results were amazing because half of the customers entering the stores were members, and a quarter more became the members during their first visit. When a customer at the Fabletics’s store tries a product, it is sent into her shopping cart whether she chooses to buy it or not. Fabletics wants to keep retail a separate service so customers can enjoy their freedom.

Unlike other companies, Fabletics takes great care in providing the correct information in every form. Customers always like a company that provides them with the correct details in both physical and digital forms. With the help of digital information, Fabletics decides what to keep at its stores because tastes and trends keep changing. For collecting this information, Fabletics use various sources including real-time sales.

All customers of Fabletics are happy with the company. One of them is a blogger-mom Teri Hutchen who is a big fan of the company. In 2016, she decided to a member and was given to fill a thorough survey questionnaire. It asked about her workout plans and her outfit preference. During the first week of every month, Fabletics chooses an outfit for Teri based on the details she provided. She says that the website is easy to use, customer service is nice, and product quality is awesome for an amount like fifty dollars.