Nostalgic Moments When Casio Audi Was a Drummer at Viper

Casio Audi’s earlier life was amazing because he was consumed with unstoppable passion for music. He became a renowned drummer for the Brazilian metal band viper in the 1980s until he retired from music in 1989. Casio’s dedication to the success of the band eventually made the producers to feature him in two famous band’s albums which motivated him to write songs for the band. One of the songs he wrote that became a heat was featured in the soldiers of sunrise album of which Casio played the drum sets.

This album was received with excitement as fans wondered how amazing the crew worked in harmony to release this masterpiece. This album also received a four-star rating by the all music extravaganza. The album was redone several times before Audi made a decision to leave the music industry. When Cassio felt his time was over with the band, he went to university to pursue BA and later MBA in finance.

Casio Audi was famous among heavy metal fans for his outstanding drumming viper as well as his dedication towards spreading heavy metal to the Latin American. From the time he joined the band as a teenager, Casio Audi worked tirelessly to take this beloved band to higher heights. He participated in most vipers’ recordings which include all their demos and live recordings. Like most of his band mates, Casio Audi was obsessed with the British heavy metal and the Iron Maiden of the 1980s. This band was praised due to its exceptional skills and talent. They became popular among friends and foes, fans and critic and still continue to be popular up to date.

Tony Petrello: Beyond Oil

Tony Petrello is a well-known name in the oil and drilling industries and has been so since 1991 when he made a bold move to transition from a highly succesful law careers and work with Nabors Industries, LLC. Nabors Industries is one of the largest leading provides of drilling equipment and contract work. They work with every major company in all drilling markets, oil and gas includes. They are currently working in more than 20 countries across the globe. Nabors specializes in Offshore Drilling, vertical Drilling, Land Drilling, Specialty Drilling Rigs and more.

Nabors Inudstires has been a titan of the drilling industry for years. However, under the guidance and leadership of Tony Petrello the company has soared to new heights. Many of those heights include a focus on Petrello’s initiative to ensure Nabors Industries stays at the head of all the latest technology – putting them light years ahead of their competitors, who often want to “stick with what works” rather than innovate.

Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991. Prior to that he was a managing partner at an extremely elite law firm’s New York COffice where he gained that title after just a few short years. At the firm he dealt a lot in international cases, including taxation and arbitration. Prior to his law career his obtained two degrees in Mathematics from Yale and a Law Degree from Harvard.

He and his wife Cynthia work closely with the Texas Children’s Hospital. Cynthia was his college sweetheart and the two gave birth to a daughter with neurological issues that will affect her for life. Since then, the Petrellos have worked incredibly hard to advance neurological research for children. Petrello sits on the board of the hospital and the couple have donated a combinated $7+ million dollars to fund this type of neurological advancement.

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Jose Henrique Borghi Reveals The Many Ways He Builds A Successful Advertising Campaign

The creativity of a successful advertising executive cannot be underestimated and the work of Mullen Lowe Brasil mogul Jose Henrique Borghi shows how difficult it can be to develop a single successful campaign in the 21st-century. The career of Jose Henrique Borghi began in 1989 when he was given the opportunity to work as an Editor with the Standard & Ogilvy ad agency; Jose Henrique Borghi has joined a long list of advertising creatives and figures who began their career with Standard & Ogilvy and were set on a path to career success that is difficult to match.

Identifying the correct celebrity or individual who can influence the correct demographic of people to become involved in a particular product or service being offered through an ad agency. Jose Henrique Borghi discussed this issue in 2015 when he explained how important research is to the development of a successful campaign and pointed to a survey completed by individuals from the 14 to 17 year-olds demographic revealing which figures from popular culture had the biggest say in the direction the Brazilian advertising industry should take in the future. The rise of Internet based celebrities was a trend already identified by the founder of the Mullen Lowe Brasil ad agency as being important to the future of the advertising industry as a whole in the coming years.

Jose Henrique Borghi believes every advertising campaign should include a great deal of collaboration over the direction each aspect of the campaign should take as the creatives work together and bounce ideas off each other.

Working towards a single goal allowed the development of the Mullen Lowe produced CAIXA campaign to be a great success based upon the use of the Renato Russo song “Once Again” he believes brought together a campaign about long term investing.

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A Look Back At Eric Pulier’s Interview On Ideamensch

Eric Pulier conducted an interview with Ideamensch back in April of 2017. Mr. Pulier is a software designer, published writer, businessman and philanthropist. He is well known for creating software and technology companies. Below are some of the highlights from Mr. Pulier’s interview on Ideamensch, which is a website that interviews leading businessman and entrepreneurs from around the world.

One of the first questions asked of Eric Pulier was where he got the idea to start vAtomic Systems. This is a software company that Eric Pulier created. Mr. Pulier said that he came up with the idea of vAtomic Systems by simply noticing that video games were growing in popularity rapidly and that there existed a way to monetize them.

His company, vAtomic systems helps create monetization opportunities for video game creators by allowing them to create digital goods. These digital goods can be purchased with real money and even traded. The rise of the digital and gaming world has created these opportunities for profit making and vAtomic systems seizes on this opportunity.

Another question asked of Eric Pulier was how he brings his ideas to life. Eric Pulier says that putting his thoughts and ideas down on paper help him to not only remember his ideas but to later think through them. He says that a good idea or inspiration can literally come at any and often unexpected moments. Writing ideas down so you don’t forget them and can later think of them can help you retain a great idea that otherwise would never see the daylight.

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Besides writing down his ideas so he does not forget them, Eric Pulier says he likes to think deeply about ideas before setting upon any real action. Pulier says he likes his ideas to ruminate deeply in his mind before he tries to implement them. It can take hours, days, weeks or months, but giving thought to ideas is important to him. An idea is only good if it is developed and executable. Otherwise, it is just an idea.

A word of advice that Pulier gave during his interview was to not be afraid to share and bounce ideas off of people. Remember he says, if you have a good idea, but you cannot executive it, it is worthless. Ask people around and listen to what they have to say. They may just refine it and help you execute it with their insight.


NuoDB Delivers Cloud Expertise

NuoDB presents elastic SQL engineering for cloud databases. NuoDB is a technology company founded by NuoDb Inc in 2008. Former lead architect Jim Starkey is a well-seasoned veteran in the software industry. NuoDB presents the well-known elasticity of a cloud database service with advanced memory caches to create an enhanced and safer database for users.

A Step Ahead of the Rest
The technology that NuoDB presents is beyond that of its competitors, and the “atom” technology they have implemented goes a long way. These little pieces of data keep the system moving smoothly and the data stored securely.

Memory Matters
By having a cache that stores the data in-memory, NuoDB offers a service that keeps its clients both protected and informed. The memory is continuously backed up and the elasticity that is familiar to the cloud makes this technology familiar, though superior.

Much Deserved Recognition
NuoDB has gotten recognition from Gartner in 2013, as a key component in the Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. In 2015, the company was recognized again by Gartner for being a Visionary in the Magic Quadrant for Database Management. The tech company has been funded with over $14 million dollars. Investors include Hummer Winblad Venture and Morgenthaler Ventures.

A Story of Eric Pulier and Technology

Technology, business and entrepreneurship go hand-in-hand more often than not in the modern era. Eric Pulier is a fine example of how this rings true more and more as time goes on.

Eric Pulier is a native of New Jersey, being raised in Teaneck. As early as the fourth grade he took a heavy interest in computers, starting by programming computers and even going so far as to found his own database company by the time he got to high school. He graduated high school in 1984 and attended Harvard University, majoring in English and American literature while also taking classes in computer science and visual and environmental studies. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1988.

Upon finished his undergraduate career, Pulier moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and began starting a career in founding companies, starting with the creation of People Doing Things (PDT) in that year. The company was made to address problems such as health care and education through the use of the latest technology at the time. Three years later in 1994, Pulier went on to found another company called Digital Evolution, which was an interactive technology agency that eventually became part of the US Interactive LLC in 1998. He found himself later creating many other companies including Akana in 2001, Media Platform, Inc. in 2007, ServiceMesh, Inc. in 2008 and FLF in 2015.

Despite making a career as a leading founder for companies that utilize technology, Eric Pulier has also proven to be quite a philanthropist. For example, one of his first ventures was working with the Multiple Sclerosis Society and designing one of the first multimedia programs that was meant to educate those people who suffer from multiple sclerosis and interact with that system. Additionally, Pulier was also a donor and collaborator for the Campaign for Free College Tuition. The group was one that was created by a former member of Vice President Al Gore’ domestic policy and was tasked with finding a way to make free college accessible to all Americans. Pulier is even a member of the X-Prize Foundation board.

Inmates Under Control Thanks to Securus Technologies

Inmates that are in prisons in the United States are given access to phones in order to keep them in touch with loved ones on the outside while they are serving their sentences. For those inmates who are looking for better ways to stay connected with family, Securus Technologies is one option to help them stay in touch.


Securus Technologies was originally founded in 1986. There are regional offices throughout the Texas area as well as offices in Atlanta, Georgia. The company hires upwards of a thousand people and currently there are more than 2,000 inmates who are locked up in the United States receiving calls made by using Securus. The business operates within the walls of over 2,200 different correctional facilities in Canada and the United States.


In July of 2016, Securus Technologies made an announcement that it would invest over $600 million dollars within the technology department as well as with various patents and acquisitions that would be made within a 3 year time frame.


Going back to 2004, the business of T-Netix and Evercom who were 2 leading industry market companies in corrections had merged and then in 2007, Securus Technologies had made an acquisition with the leader of the offender management system in order to make Securus the number one system for making calls inside of prison systems.


For those people who were locked up at the time, they were introduced to a system which would help to control and eliminate the use of contraband cell phones while in jail. In order to help make the system better, over 5 different department of corrections facilities were granted approval to use cell defender. In a ploy to help to eliminate contraband cell phones, the wireless containment solution was enacted to help to keep contraband cell phones from being able to connect to a wireless or mobile network within the prison walls.


Equities First Holdings (EFH) Strategic Acquisition

Equities First Holdings was founded in 2002 and its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. It is a global private equity leader and specializes in alternative financing solutions to its clients more so focusing on stock loans. Majorly it targets high net worth persons, global financial firms, leading asset management companies and directors of publicly traded companies. The company’s equity loans use client assets as the collateral for a fixed period.

The loans are non-purpose meaning that customers are free to invest in anything they are interested in and if the value of the equities appreciates the client retains a 100% of the value upon maturity of the investment. To date, the firm has expanded its operations to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, United States of America and the United Kingdom and it has executed over 700 transactions globally.

The success of the company has been attributed to offering innovative borrowing facilities to individuals and businesses seeking working capital. Stock loans exhibit a higher loan- to-value (LVR) ratio as compared to margin loans and offer fixed interest rate hence providing certainty to clients. In 2014, Equities First Holdings acquired Meridian Equity Partners Pty offices and continued its operations as Equities First Holdings (Australia) Pty Ltd.Following the acquisition; the firm relocated its offices to centralMelbourne, Level 2, 287 Collins Street, Victoria 3000 hence making it more accessible to its clients.

Mr. Mitchell Hopwood, Managing Director for Equities First Holdings (Australia), noted that the relocation would enable the firm to meet the growing clientele base and also offer it employee’s room for expansion. Equities First Holdings has three branches in Australia namely in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne. Over the years it has been in operation, the firm has transacted deals worth over $ 1.4 billion, and it continues to attract clients with publicly traded stocks to enable them to meet their business, professional, personal and financial goals.

José AuriemoNeto’s Inspirational Work and Accomplishments With JHSP

JHSF is one of Brazil’s leaders in high income real estate. They operate in commercial and residential markets, the management and development of shopping malls, international executive airports and high end hotels.

JHSF was founded in 1972 and has a reputation for identifying new opportunities in business in their area. They have been referred to as innovative, pioneering, daring and a company of quality pertaining to the way they complete their projects. They have operated in Manaus, Salvador and São Paulo and are comprised of four units. This includes Incorporations, Malls, Restaurants and Hotels and Executive Airports.

JHSP has anticipated the real estate markets and redirected their focus in recurring income areas. Projects have been prioritized according to their administration, development and characteristics such as high standard hotels, shopping malls and Integrated Urban Development Catarina’s. JHSF began operations in 20074 and their shares are traded on the Novo Mercado of BM &FBovespa. Learn more about JHSF.

José AuriemoNeto is a Brazilian executive who serves JHSF as their CEO. The real estate company places their focus on developing residential and commercial properties in Brazil. He oversees the interests of their brand in public developments, hotels and office buildings. The company currently has two projects in development due to the growth of Brazils economic market. José AuriemoNeto was in charge of the companies first retail venture. They signed exclusive partnerships with Jimmy Choo, Pucci and Hermes. They also opened the first retail location for the luxury brands in the CidadeJardim shopping complex which was owned by JHSF. The group formed another partnership in 2012 with Valentino and the very first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino stores located in Brazil were launched.

José AuriemoNeto is an alumnus of the Fundação Armando ÁlvaresPenteado also referred to as FAAP. The university is located in Sao Paulo. He started working for JHSF in 1993. By 1997 he was a budding executive and founded a service department for the company by creating a successful parking lot management firm called Parkbem. José AuriemoNeto secured permission to develop the first shopping destination for the group in 1998.