A Look Back At Eric Pulier’s Interview On Ideamensch

Eric Pulier conducted an interview with Ideamensch back in April of 2017. Mr. Pulier is a software designer, published writer, businessman and philanthropist. He is well known for creating software and technology companies. Below are some of the highlights from Mr. Pulier’s interview on Ideamensch, which is a website that interviews leading businessman and entrepreneurs from around the world.

One of the first questions asked of Eric Pulier was where he got the idea to start vAtomic Systems. This is a software company that Eric Pulier created. Mr. Pulier said that he came up with the idea of vAtomic Systems by simply noticing that video games were growing in popularity rapidly and that there existed a way to monetize them.

His company, vAtomic systems helps create monetization opportunities for video game creators by allowing them to create digital goods. These digital goods can be purchased with real money and even traded. The rise of the digital and gaming world has created these opportunities for profit making and vAtomic systems seizes on this opportunity.

Another question asked of Eric Pulier was how he brings his ideas to life. Eric Pulier says that putting his thoughts and ideas down on paper help him to not only remember his ideas but to later think through them. He says that a good idea or inspiration can literally come at any and often unexpected moments. Writing ideas down so you don’t forget them and can later think of them can help you retain a great idea that otherwise would never see the daylight.

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Besides writing down his ideas so he does not forget them, Eric Pulier says he likes to think deeply about ideas before setting upon any real action. Pulier says he likes his ideas to ruminate deeply in his mind before he tries to implement them. It can take hours, days, weeks or months, but giving thought to ideas is important to him. An idea is only good if it is developed and executable. Otherwise, it is just an idea.

A word of advice that Pulier gave during his interview was to not be afraid to share and bounce ideas off of people. Remember he says, if you have a good idea, but you cannot executive it, it is worthless. Ask people around and listen to what they have to say. They may just refine it and help you execute it with their insight.


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