Adam Sender is long on Art in a short lifetime

When money flows like a gusher, there must be a need to start all types of collections. Ask Adam Sender, the maverick of hedge fund moguls. His success lead him to begin an art collection of recent artists, since the mid 1990s. Not only does he have the Midas Touch but Adam has an exquisite sense of what is the most collectable art from living legends in the minimalist art world.

Keeping the paintings of many of them in his office complex in New York City, he has had them cataloged so that his art dealer assistant, Sarah Aibel can work with the many applicants that wish to borrow pieces for their own art exhibitions. Sender has works by names such as Ruscha, David Flavin, Elizabeth Peyton, Cindy Sherman, Kara Walker and many others of great recent fame.

The command center for Adam’s hedge fund, Exis Capital in New York’s SoHo district has a space odessey, Star Trek feel to it as it is illuminated only by the many monitors in his office where he watches his numbers, trends, fund markets and stocks. When he is not managing funds and deals, he is choosing and hunting for more art work. It is first love aside from his stellar capacity for funds management. There are some 1000 works in his ever growing collection. How and where are the all kept?

There are many in New York at his central offices and home there. He has other homes with one such home in Miami that is up for sale. He has set up an exhibition at the 2015 Art Basel Miami Beach. He has several Miami homes and the one that is for sale in the rather stubbornly upside down real estate market of Florida, will house a part of his massive private collection for the event. What Sender said, “It sucks that so much of the work I’ve collected is hidden away.” is a reality. He is a full time resident of Miami now and wishes to show his new friends his collection as well as share it with many others. The collection in its entirety is valued at over $100,000,000.

Though his financial situation is not completely roses, with troubles involving a lawsuit brought against his company by Toronto’s Fairfax Financial Holdings, Ltd., he continues to make new purchases. He shared his basic strategy with selecting new artists to purchase. Sender said that “I know that I have a good eye, and I use it to buy what I know.” Typically he chooses from artists who are post graduate level and at least 2 years out.” His discerning eye for the best equities and stocks does much to rival his world acclaim as an art treasurer.

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