Brian Bonar Looks To Aid Small Business Owners Meet Their Financial Responsibilities

Small and medium sized business owners usually have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders as they look to get a business off the ground and grow it into the future. One area that often takes up a large amount of time for these entrepreneurs is the completion of financial responsibilities, such as payroll and tax paperwork. Imaging Technologies Corporation CEO Brian Bonar is now hoping to help more entrepreneurs in the future by assisting with the areas of a business that can often be time consuming and difficult to complete for those with their minds on building a business.

Brian Bonar has been a major part of the financial and electrical engineering industries for a number of years, during which time he has seen the difficulties entrepreneurs have had with completing the necessary paperwork for their businesses. Using technology to aid people in their everyday lives is an idea Brian Bonar has been working on for many years in various business positions. The Stafford University graduate divided his education between the technical details of engineering and the need to develop greater financial experience for his future business role with ITEC. In his early career, Brian Bonar worked for major corporations like IBM where he developed both his technical engineering skills and business knowledge, which are skills his current customers are now looking to take advantage of.

Brian Bonar is now hoping his plans to take control of the administrative side of business life for many entrepreneurs will see less problems for those who may not have the skills to handle these areas for their business. The ITEC brand has recently been looking for new areas to move into by acquiring existing specialists in small business administration. Bonar identified the payroll aspects of most small businesses as being the area that causes much confusion for entrepreneurs, which led to the decision to acquire the Virginia based SourceOne company. This payroll and taxes specialist looks set to play a key role in the future of ITEC and the many small and medium sized businesses the company works with.

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