Cancer Treatment Centers of America and the Clinical Pathway

Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) works hand in hand with NantHealth and Allscripts to apply a conventional technical solution. The organization is known as Clinical Pathway. Clinical Pathway’s main objective is to assess support solution of the clinical decision, therefore informing on cancer treatment process.

The clinical pathway employs the most recent research available on cancer and compares their findings to that of Allscripts Sunrise HER therapies. Due to the transparency created by clinical pathway, the clinical team and the patients can easily compare ways of treatment, creating trust and approval to the treatment approaches. The clinical pathway is available in all the CTCA branches.

The NantHealth is a private healthcare firm which majorly deals with providing the resolutions on critical illness. The firm diagnoses a patient, tracking the result and prescribes medication to the patient. NantHealth has developed learning system and CLINICS. Allscripts as well is a healthcare operation. The firm leads on providing the healthcare information technologically. Allscripts aims at making a better decision and care across the community.

CTCA, on the other hand, is a system of five hospitals, which majors in fighting cancer. CTCA has its headquarters at Fla, in Boca Raton. The five CTCA’s branches are found in Philadelphia, Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Tulsa. CTCA provides the cancer patients and their family the information on cancer treatment and encourages them to contribute in making the decisions on cancer treatment decisions.

It is the CTA’S belief that individual care for the cancer patients is a good approach to treating cancer since cancer affect individuals in different ways. The Chief Medical Officer of CTCA, George Daneker, stated that the Clinical Pathway standard was modified as that of CTCA care, thereby helping the cancer patients to choose on the efficient and safe treatment options.

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