Adam Sender Selling His Collection

Adam Sender is an art collector who has over 800 pieces of art within his collection. The size of his collection can be attributed to his profession as hedge fund manager earlier in life. At 45 he is considered to be young compared to other collectors who have assembled collections near equal size. That isn’t the only factor about Sender that amazes art enthusiasts, they are also amazed at how quickly he obtained such a well-decorated and cohesive trove. On rare occasions Sender would have a open house so others could view the pieces of contemporary art. The announcement that he is keeping his doors open and auctioning off about half of his collection came as a huge surprise. Sotheby is helping Sender sell 400 pieces of various different mediums and artists. The global art business has been handling art auctions for over three centuries and is excited to play a crucial role in the process of selling Adam Sender’s collection.

Even though his collection is quite extensive Sender (Observer Profile) is very particular when it comes to buying art. He never went after anything that he thought was the flavor of the month. His personal favorites were from Matthew Barney, and he used them as a starting point to form his collections. The total bodies of work were a factor that needed to impress Sender the most. He also looked at artists who had long careers and a original style that they had crafted to make there own through blood, sweat, and tears. Most of these pieces were overlooked for one reason or another, but bought by Sender. With him backing them, the artists and their works grew in popularity and were about to be viewed by larger groups of people. A few of the artists that have there works featured in Sender’s collections are Dan Flavin, Richard Prince, Rashid Johnson, Martin Kippenberger, Adam McEwen, Keith Haring, and Cindy Sherman.

One of Adam Sender’s most prized possessions is his collection of Cindy Sherman photographs. He had always enjoy her work and was overjoyed when he was able to star buying some of her prints. It is one of his more expensive collections and all started with “Black Sheets” which was bought by him in the early 1990s for around $100 thousand. Like all of Cindy Sherman’s picture she is included within the work, pulling black sheets over herself. Though very popular, it was highly controversial at the time it was made, in the 1980s. It was the highest a buyer had ever paid for one of her pieces. Since then Adam Sender has compiled a sizable collection of her works. Only a few of them are going to be sold at the Sotheby auction.