Beneful Means a Great Deal More to Dog Owners Than Originally Defined

In 2001, Beneful became known to dog owners all across the world as the finest choice, for nutrition and value. Almost two decades later, the same characteristics of the brand are relied upon, for many dog owners.Beneful defines itself as a product that is “full of goodness”. Based upon many views, Beneful has been successfully marketed by Nestle Purina Petcare Inc. to dog owners as a core basis, for valuing nutrition. The company invested $34 million into a campaign to allow consumers to understand the importance of nutritional value in a dog’s health. To date, it is the largest campaign the company has launched, and many dog owning consumers see themselves as the direct beneficiaries of their efforts.

Since 2012, Beneful has been in the top 10 most-popular dog foods chosen and has generated the company progressive revenue earnings because of the consumers trust and commitment to the products. Beneful is the company’s most-significant brand and the most-reliable dog food chosen by consumers.

Beneful has earned its glowing reputation and defining name as full of goodness because the company has gone at great lengths, for assuring consumers the ingredients chosen; deliver on taste, nutrition, and wholesomeness. The recipes of all Beneful products are naturally designed to give dogs satisfying and enjoyable meals, while adding to their overall well-being and health, inside and out.Combining healthy choices, for dog owners, with a wide-variety of blends to fit each dog’s lifestyle, Beneful has gone way beyond being defined as full of goodness and reached a new level of greatness.