ClassDojo A Beneficial Application

In our modern day world children, parents, and educators are using laptops and/or smartphones as a means of communication on a daily basis. ClassDojo increasingly is becoming a major essential. ClassDojo is a communication application that is being used by educators, pupils, and parents. It is a very beneficial resource that helps deepen the communication about a pupil’s activities, social skills, education, and overall behavior at school. It provides the possibility of consistent communication.

ClassDojo enables students to customize his or her monster avatar. When a child demonstrates notable characteristics and/or behavior a child is able to earn points. ClassDojo has become a very beneficial schoolroom managing tool. ClassDojo has several benefits. The benefits associated with ClassDojo include being a time saver, information sharing, refining the organization and conduct of the pupil, increasing parent participation, prompt messaging, and developing dialog between parents and kids.

ClassDojo is a great time saving application in the classroom. It enables educators in the classroom to record students accomplishments and behavior in just seconds. ClassDojo is also a beneficial data sharing resource. This application routinely keeps track of what is recorded in the classroom. It enables information that is automatically recorded to be emailed to the parents/and or parent of a student. Through this application data is able to be shared on a day-to-day, weekly, and/or periodic routine. This application also helps educators to look at data and to see what is working in the classroom and/or what needs to be improved. ClassDojo also helps to consolidate and set up courses. It enables parents to have a consistent communication and involvement throughout a child and/or children’s school day. ClassDojo enables parents to view what activities are happening in the classroom.

In conclusion, ClassDojo is a beneficial application.