Flipora: The Fastest Growing Social Media App

Thanks to social media apps, keeping in contact with people from different parts of the world has never been easier. Many people use social media apps on iPhones and other devices for fun, but there are those who use it in search of something really big. Whatever be the reason, there is always something new with this technology, and as smartphones get better, so do social media apps. One app that people have recently started to use is Flipora.
What Is Flipora?
Flipora represents a content recommendation service that recommends those contents to users that are based on their interests and online activities. It has been labeled as the fastest growing social media app that one can ever find. It helps people discover and share their content. It automatically categorizes the web into various different categories and recommends content to users according to their interests. From the surface it looks like StumbleUpon, but with this service users can select from numerous different topics, and to surf it again.
In addition to this, Flipora has this recommendation on iPhone apps. These apps make it possible for users to connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts, and then it uses a machine to put users’ interests in special categories, and after that it makes recommendations to them based on the topics that are of their interest.
Why Is This Service Growing So Fast?
Flipora used to be a service used in helping users find sites that they had previously visited. This is also very helpful since people have always had that problem : they visit a site they like, and then they cannot find it. However, Flipora has also announced a new important direction : discovery of various web contents. It now allows users to select even from 58 different topics , with the possibility of finding it again.
Flipora differs from other services, such as Twitter, Facebook etc. It lives inside users’ browser , which means that it can see all the users’ habits and websites they regularly visit. Then, the data is uploaded and stored with data of other users. This is why it has become so popular, and now Flipora has 8 million users that enjoy the benefits of connecting with other people who have similar interests. And as well as privacy is concerned, Flipora offers ways for its users to opt out of those data that they think shouldn’t be shared.
So, it is no wonder Flipora has grown so quickly. It allows users to remember the sites they have visited, and to communicate with other people of similar interests. With such services, it is expected to become even more popular in the following period.