Community Banking At It’s Finest

The Banking Industry is one of the most competitive industries of today. Evolution plays a huge role on how successful these financial centers can be and if you don’t evolve, you’ll surely get left behind. Luckily community banking is on top of it’s business and is now providing many high end services that rivals those of the much larger National Banks. Every year over the past 5 years industry insiders come together for a special event. Hosted by the Texas Bankers Association, the Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference is a formal “get-together” to discus the present and future of community banking.


As expected the event went off without a hitch as consultants, advisers, bank leaders, and industry insiders discussed what’s trending in the industry, what isn’t necessarily working, and plain old opinions on how to improve the banking experience. President and CEO of NexBank represented this year as John Holt attended this conference back in November of 2016. Holt was chosen to be a panelist on this night and the topic was the reinvention of community banking. With so many new technological features implemented into the frame, community banking has become a strong competitor to it’s larger counterpart. Here are some of the topics of discussion below:


  • Organic Growth
  • Exploring Strategic Opportunities
  • Branching
  • Innovation
  • And more


NexBank Capital, whom happens to be one of the nation’s top community banking center’s, is the very definition of innovation as it offers many modern products and services that are needed to stay competitive in this dynamic field. NexBank is the 13th largest bank in Texas and is the 4th largest in the City of Dallas. Community Banking is at it’s height and with so many new services, it could take the throne for itself.