Equities First Holdings non-stop growth: the reason for recent Melbourne’s Office Relocation

A company that is meeting the needs of clients and customers is bound to command non-stop growth. This is the case of Equities First Holdings not only in its headquarters but in most of its offices across the globe. The company, at the moment, is expanding the size of its offices to create more room for business transactions. Offices that have no capacity for expansion are relocated to more spacious structures. A good example of this scenario is the relocation of the company’s Melbourne office.

The Melbourne office is one of the three locations of Equities First Holdings in Australia. The other two are in Sydney and Perth, and are also commanding increasing patronage from both old and new clients. The Managing Director of EFH (Australia) could not hide his job for finding a better replacement of the former office because the new one is right in the heart of the city making accessibility by clients and staff easier and more convenient. The issue of space has been perfectly taken care of because the new location is far more spacious and it has capacity for further expansion in the future since the clients’ base of the company is on a daily increase.

Equities First Holdings has successfully stolen the hearts of business organizations and individuals through its stock-based loans. The unrestrictive and non-clause features of this type of loan remains an attraction to people looking for quick capital. Borrowers are free to decide what to do with the loans and could walk away without further obligation in the event of a default in paying back. All the borrower forfeit is the stock used as collateral. Click here to know more about EFH.

Competitors are still amaze at how Equities First Holdings manage to get to its present height. Here is a company that started operation from Indianapolis, USA, in 2002, only to have spread to a good number of countries today including Switzerland, Hong Kong, the United State, Thailand and Singapore.

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