Wengie Life Hacks

Wengie is a force to be reckoned with! She’s an Australian and she’s Chinese. Just “an ordinary girl” who loves to have fun, research beauty products and fads, she drives herself, and therefore those who like her blogs (“Wengie Draw My Life”, “Wengie Hair Hacks”, “Wengie DIY”, Wengie Lazy Hacks”, “Everyday Food’s You’re Eating Wrong”, and “Summer Life Hacks”, to name only a few) to change their lives up and learn new and exciting (and fun) improvements they can make to their understanding and enjoyment of life in 2016 and the future.


Her up-beat attitude about her life seems genuinely her focus in her videos. She’s a pretty 30-year-old girl who loves beauty, state-of-art products for personal appearance improvement, and little hopeful “hacks” about how to save time on boring chores for more time to play.


The story goes that she started her original blog as a fun outlet for her creative nature and to have fun at this time in her life. She’s witty and funny. She’s interesting and exciting. She’s Wengie!


Her Life Hacks video is all about enjoying this life and wanting to improve any and every thing you can in yours. She starts out with welcoming “us” to her family. She then uses a regular shaver to remove sweater “pills” or linty balls that collect after washes and wear. She shares her organization of necessary tools to take out on any trip away from home. Car keys, cell phone, wallet! Pile them all together so you are sure to not forget one important item.


Music from Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake plays during transitions in the video. She creates zip-lock pouches for important documents. Her handy hack for her waste bin keeps plastic bags down in the container. Her kitty follows her lead all the way through the video as a constant companion.


She uses her cell phone as an accurate shopping list of what NOT to buy. Her perky flippant and silly way of doing things can’t help but feel endearing. No wonder she has millions of followers!