Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines: Sexy, Long Lasting And Smooth

I originally stumbled on to Lime Crime cosmetics, when I met a woman in the lady’s room at an L.A. club. She was wearing the most incredible lipstick shade I had ever seen. It wasn’t exactly grey or lavender but blended together for a sultry effect.


I asked her what shade lipstick she had on, and she told me Lime Crime Moonstone from the brand’s famous Velvetines line. She took out the lipstick to show me the contents. It was right then and there, that I had to buy my own Moonstone. In fact, I presently have nine Velvetines lipsticks in my makeup stash. These are the cream of the crop for a few reasons.


The formulas are what make them special, especially if you’re always searching for the perfect liquid matte type. These lipsticks are kiss-proof, touch-proof and stay put, until you remove them at night. You can even make out wearing Velvetines, because your secret is safe with us.


The pigments are rich and made with a subtle French vanilla infusion. I swear that these lipsticks will not dry out your lips. In fact, they glide across the lips and then dry to a velvety, matte finish.


My absolute favorites also include: Scandal (deep rich plum), Riot (red brown), Teacup (black light reactive periwinkle), Cement (cool grey), Red Velvet (True Red), Cupid (Petal Pink), Shroom (90s brown) and Prairie (dusky nude).


To check out these fab Velvetines lippies, visit the shopping site here.


I am sure you will also fall in love with the brand’s eye shadows that also provide deep pigment and an elegant, edgy look. My girlfriends and I are lovin’ the versatility and beauty of the Superfoils. When you want that sexy sparkle, wear the shadow dry. If you want to turn it up, then simply add a little water for a liquid foil allure.


When I’m in a playful mood, I reach for the Superfoils Malibu duo compact, so cute with Pink Cadillac and Blue Surfer shades.


Thank you, Doe Deere, for creating Lime Crime makeup.