Eucatex Looks At Sustainable Momentum

Flavio Maluf, CEO of Eucatex doesn’t just talk the talk, but he walks the ecological sustainable path that’s become a key global challenge today. Maluf said to Bloomberg that “sustainability cannot be solved by a single organization,” and that “greater awareness and collaboration is needed to achieve a sustainable future.” Eucatex certainly has kept pace with scientific advances, developing a myriad of home building products by utilizing innovative technology, but as Flavio Maluf reminds us, “the greater challenge is getting more people involved.”

In 1957, the Maluf family founded the Eucatex Group. More than five decades ago, Paulo Maluf took notice of increasing demands on Brazil’s pool of natural resources, and with a growing population he recognized a need for a sustainable future. By harvesting pulp wood from local eucalyptus trees, Eucatex began manufacturing home building products. These trees grow faster than traditionally-harvested trees, therefore, crop production is reduced, and they also trap more carbon dioxide from the air, thereby reducing air pollution. With great forethought, vision, and a creative solution, the Maluf family made a big commitment to a sustainable future.

The Difficulty of Maintaining Sustainable Momentum

It appears more difficult to agree on what we need to do, and use in order to decrease our footprint. You have scientists on all sides telling us to do different things, which only confuses the consumer. This certainly doesn’t mean we don’t start on a more sustainable path.

The man known for stressing the importance of technology in education Flavio Maluf, grew up in Brazil with a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability. Flavio developed an early interest in biodiversity and went on to pursue his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. From there, he obtained his master’s in business administration from New York University. Flavio took a job at his family’s company, the Eucatex Group in 1987, working in various divisions like trade and industrial departments. In 1997, he was voted to the Eucatex board of directors, and succeeded his uncle as Chief Executive Officer.

For over a decade, Flavio Maluf has shown he is committed to a more sustainable future. Among his biggest achievements so far are the new Brazilian factories that manufacture Eucatex eco-friendly products, a global reach that stretches to 37 countries, and company profits that have been as much as $10 million dollars. Maluf isn’t always comfortable with labels, but if he will accede to any it will be earth-friendly advocate. “Labels only place people in boxes, and I like to think outside the box,” says Flavio Maluf.

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