A Look Back At Eric Pulier’s Interview On Ideamensch

Eric Pulier conducted an interview with Ideamensch back in April of 2017. Mr. Pulier is a software designer, published writer, businessman and philanthropist. He is well known for creating software and technology companies. Below are some of the highlights from Mr. Pulier’s interview on Ideamensch, which is a website that interviews leading businessman and entrepreneurs from around the world.

One of the first questions asked of Eric Pulier was where he got the idea to start vAtomic Systems. This is a software company that Eric Pulier created. Mr. Pulier said that he came up with the idea of vAtomic Systems by simply noticing that video games were growing in popularity rapidly and that there existed a way to monetize them.

His company, vAtomic systems helps create monetization opportunities for video game creators by allowing them to create digital goods. These digital goods can be purchased with real money and even traded. The rise of the digital and gaming world has created these opportunities for profit making and vAtomic systems seizes on this opportunity.

Another question asked of Eric Pulier was how he brings his ideas to life. Eric Pulier says that putting his thoughts and ideas down on paper help him to not only remember his ideas but to later think through them. He says that a good idea or inspiration can literally come at any and often unexpected moments. Writing ideas down so you don’t forget them and can later think of them can help you retain a great idea that otherwise would never see the daylight.

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Besides writing down his ideas so he does not forget them, Eric Pulier says he likes to think deeply about ideas before setting upon any real action. Pulier says he likes his ideas to ruminate deeply in his mind before he tries to implement them. It can take hours, days, weeks or months, but giving thought to ideas is important to him. An idea is only good if it is developed and executable. Otherwise, it is just an idea.

A word of advice that Pulier gave during his interview was to not be afraid to share and bounce ideas off of people. Remember he says, if you have a good idea, but you cannot executive it, it is worthless. Ask people around and listen to what they have to say. They may just refine it and help you execute it with their insight.


Reputable CEO and Leader- Troy MCQuagge

Recently the Prestigious One Planet awards announced Troy MCQuagge as the Golden Winner as the Chief Executive Officer of the year. Planet One Awards is an international premier awards that is organized to honor successful business and professionals’ word over. Private and public organizations, printable, and non-profitable organizations, as well as small, large trade and new startups, are supposed to submit their nominations to Prestigious One Planet.

Mr. MCQuagge joined USHEALTH Group in 2010, and was responsible for redirecting the organization by re-building the company’s captive agency USHEALTH Advisors. Mr. Troy is very hardworking and his devotion, dedication, and his expertise in re-tooling led to his election as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH in 2014. During his term USHEALTH has expanded its portfolio, and has become one of the leading health insurance companies.

In a statement Troy mentioned that it is an honor to be named by the prestigious one Planet as the top Chief Executive Officer, he further said that the award belonged to everyone at USHEALTH Group. Mr Troy also said the award was a real symbol of USHEALTH’S Group commitment to resolve healthcare issue. Planet one was established with a primary purpose of recognizing business for their brilliance and professionalism in the world of business. Individuals as well as organizations honored are grouped in categories including corporate management, Public Relation, marketing, and companies all over the world.

Troy MCQuagge is the President and the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group. Before taking the position of the Chief Executive Officer in 2014, Mr. Troy was the Vice President USHEALTH GROUP. Troy is a devoted man, and he has been holding similar positions in different organizations including Freedom Life Insurance Company of America which is a subsidiary company of USHEALTH Group.

Mr. MCQuagge began his career in 1983, serving at Allstate Insurance Company. Since the beginning of his career, Troy has been very passionate about insurance industry, and in 1995 he joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance Companies Inc (UICI). In 1997 Troy was elected as the President of United Insurance Company inc. Under his leadership, the insurance company experienced high level of sales records. Troy is a graduate of University of Central Florida where he earned his degree in B.A.


Talk Fusion Becomes The Most Favored Video Chat System

Talk Fusion has been featured on TV and in print because of how good they are at helping people with video email and video chat. There are a lot of things that people need to do to make sure that they can get in touch with people from around the world. Talk Fusion is very helpful for people who are trying to work with a global team, and that global team can stay connected because of the way that Talk Fusion works.

Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina to help connect people, and it was created with both the video email and the video chat functions. Video chat is a very easy way to get people together for meetings, and video email is just another way to help people when they are trying to write up their ideas. Someone can talk on video email for as long as they want, and they can get all their ideas out to the group so that everyone can then give feedback.

The feedback that is offered can come back in the form of a video, and that is an extremely helpful item for the business. They can make sure that all of the ideas are cataloged by the Talk Fusion system, and that is why it has been featured on morning shows around the country. Bob Reina has started a movement using Talk Fusion, and the movement is making it easy for businesses to stay productive, and it is simpler for someone to share what they have created.

It is also very important for every business to save their video emails, and they need a video chat service that can be used by anyone. Companies will save money, and they will remain in contact. Video chatting and video email from Talk Fusion has proved to be the most helpful business service of the digital age.

The Superstar Of Highland Capital Continues To Push The Company To New Success

Jim Dondero takes his charitable causes seriously. He is the Co-Founder of Highland Capital and is serving as the company’s president. He ensures that he donates to his local areas and it is a cause that is quite important to him. He is currently searching for someone to partner with that can help manage his philanthropic efforts which have grown to over 3 million dollars.

Most of his charity work has been accomplished in the Dallas, Texas area. Some of the causes that he has donated to include healthcare, education, and veterans affairs. He also contributes to The Dallas Zoo in a move to expand his philanthropy to civic organizations. Benefiting from this move is also The Perot Museum and The Bush Presidential Library.

In addition to managing Highland Capital, James Dondero will also be managing NexPoint Capital along with Michael Gregory, the Managing Director. Among the other responsibilities that Jim Dondero has in his professional life is serving as CIO of GIC’s Protective Life. He has helped the company grow its assets to over 2 billion from the year 1989 to 1993.

Jim has decades of investment experience equity markets and helped to create Collateralized Loan Obligations or CLO. Jim Dondero is a graduate of the University Of Virginia where he majored in finance and accounting.His most recent career accomplishment was his appointment as the president of Highland Capital Managment’s Institutional Products division. His long and notable career continues to propel the companies that he is in association with, to great success in the financial industry.

Diversant’s Success Is John Goullet’s Success

Today, Diversant is one of the leading company’s for IT staffing and hiring, operating as a registered and certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise. They are one one of the largest companies for IT solutions within the United States, is is responsible for providing many Fortune 500 companies with staffing solutions across the nation.

Diversant LLC was originally formed when John Goullet’s company, Info Technologies, came together with Gene Waddy’s company, thus spawning a new company. Gene was also working in the It staffing field as well as working at Spherion Technology as a Director of Infrastructure.

John Goullet on the other hand started off as a consultant for IT, it was later on that John decided to move over to IT staffing. This was not only because he saw the demand in the field, but he knew he could fill the position and succeed at it. This is what spawned the idea for Info Technologies, a company dedicated to providing the best solutions for staffing and hiring. Over the years, John has built up an extensive amount of experience, making him one of the leading spotters of talent in the business. He has successfully started out and worked his way up to owning a multi-billion dollar company.

His former company, before merging into Diversant LLC, had a net worth of $30 million dollars, and ended up being named one of the fastest growing businesses in the US.

After the merging of John and Gene’s companies to form Diversant LLC, the company was named one of the largest It staffing businesses in the entire nation. Not only this but the company is a certified Minority Owned Business. It is through the company’s impeccable leadership and reliable services that they have made a name for themselves and managed to expand as much as they have in the IT industry. John Goullet is one of the best when it comes to spotting talent and finding the right people for his clients, and as long as he sits as chairman and Principal of the company, it will continue to grow into the future.

Don Ressler’s Determination Bears Fruit

Behind every successful startup, there is an active entrepreneur who decided to hold on and never let go. An example of such a persistent entrepreneur is Don Ressler. His journey in entrepreneurship has been marked by a series of proper decision-making, which has led to success. His first startup was FitnessHeaven.com, which was purchased by Intermix Media in 2001. Upon its purchase, Don Ressler joined Adam Goldenberg, and together they established Alena Media. The e-commerce and performance advertising division was generating hundreds of millions in revenue. Therefore, it was Intermix’s main profit center. Later, Intermix was purchased by News Corp in 2005. Don and Adam were however disappointed when the e-commerce division that they had built being ignored. The frustration led them to leave the company to explore new opportunities.

A fresh start
When they left Intermix, Don Ressler and Adam knew they were good at online performance advertising; they set to create an enterprise they could manage autonomously. They called the former employees at Alena and held a meeting in Adam’s living room. The team brainstormed on some ideas. Two weeks; later the plans were realized, Brand ideas which later became Intelligent beauty was born.

The first creation of Don Ressler the new brand was DERMASTORE; which was an online skincare and cosmetic shop. SENSA, a weight loss system, was born two years later, which saw the bringing in of Dr. Alan Hirsh. Dr. Alan was in charge of product development. Even though the financial results of exceptional beauty are not revealed, it is said that both DERMASTORE and SENSA are highly profitable. After about two years, Ressler and Goldenberg accepted funding of $43 million, which saw the company grow to great heights.

More success
Intelligent Beauty launched its third company in JustFab. In 2011, JustFab received funding of $33 million. Kimora Lee Simmons joined the firm as the creative director and president in September the same year. By December of that year, they had realized a total of four million members. Once they announced that they had reached over six million members, they were able to secure more funding of about $76 million.

After experiencing two successful years, JustFab started expanding into new markets. They launched FabKids and Fabletics on http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.V4Ah_46RKGg. FabKids is a cloth-line for kids while Fabletics serves athletes. They continue to seek more markets for their clients. Besides the addition of the children’ wear and athletic wear, they decided to go offline. Their first offline store was opened in September 2013.

Mike Baur’s Impact on Beginning Entrepreneurs

Starting out a business can be tough. Luckily, there is support out there for Swiss entrepreneurs. Many Swiss individuals decide to start their own business because it gives them the opportunity to utilize their strengths and follow their passions.

With freedom comes responsibility, and many beginning entrepreneurs, unfortunately, make poor business decisions due to their inexperience. The Swiss Startup Factory is there to help beginning entrepreneurs get their business started on the right foot.

Swiss Start-Up Factory’s, Mike Baur, Max Meister and Oliver Walzer created this organization in 2014. They are very passionate about business and training new entrepreneurs to make good decisions.

The Start Up Factory features a three-month accelerated program for accepted applicants. The application process is rigorous, but it prepares entrepreneurs for what it is like to run a business.

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CTI Invest: New people, new partner, new offering

The Start Up Factory accepts applications throughout the year. They do not look for businesses that are driven by money. Instead, they look for businesses that are driven by challenges. They are always on the lookout for potential entrepreneurs. The type of people that are sought upon are ones that are willing to take ownership of their business.

There is a lot of knowledge and know-how that is passed onto beginning business owners and business owners in residence. Entrepreneurs in residence sometimes are lost in terms of what type of direction they would like their business to go in. Beginning and somewhat experienced entrepreneurs have a lot to gain when enrolled in the accelerated program. They gain ideas and learn new things about different business models and have the opportunity to make decisions on which ones they will utilize for their startup.

This organization is always interested in gaining new business ideas and projects. They love to discover projects that have high potential. Throughout the year, several events are held. In these events, entrepreneurs share their ideas and experiences with experienced entrepreneurs. In turn, the experienced individuals provide the novices with feedback and suggestions.

Mike Baur is one of the main founders of this organization. Prior to founding it, he spent 20 years in the private banking industry. He is also responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds within the Factory.

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Ricardo Guimarães: InBev Rolls Out New Growth Startegy

The new growth strategy of Ansheuser-Busch InBev has been released by the company. InBev seeks to increase sales on the American market while competitor producers of craft beers in the United States worry that it may become more difficult to compete in the retail space, say Ricardo Guimarães, President of BMG Bank.

InBev plans to offer large financial incentives to distributors who concentrate their sales of beer to Budweiser and Budlight, say Ricardo Guimarães, President of BMG Bank. The incentives would come in the form of annual disbursements, in the range of 1.5 million dollars, for those vendors in which the sale of InBev products corresponds to 98% of total sales. Incentives would also be available for vendors in which the sale of InBev products corresponds to 95% of total sales of beers produced only by InBev. In such a scenario, the establishment would receive a cash disbursement to cover up to half of its annual marketing cost

Ricardo Guimarães, who is President of BMG Bank, cites that AB InBev estimates that the cost of all vendors who enroll in the incentive program would amount to 200 million dollars annually for the company. This estimate was disclosed in the companies plan that was launched at its operational headquarters located in the United States, in St. Louis, during a conference with Americans distributors. AB InBev reports a decline in its production of beer which correlates with a 4% loss of market share among American beers. The loss of market share started in 2008 when Anheuser-Busch Companies was sold.

In addition to the newly announced incentive program, AB InBev is finalizing plans to buy British brewery SABMiller PLC, a business that has annual revenues of 108 million dollars, cites Ricardo Guimarães, President of BMG Bank. Both the new incentive plan for vendors, which InBev describes as voluntary, and the targeted acquisition of SABMiller signal the potential loss of market-share by InBev’s competitors. According to other craft producers, AB InBev’s incentive program could strongly improve the companies market share and hinder the sale of competitive craft beers by some of the largest distributors in the United States. Also, it was reported by the Wall Street Journal, the moves made by InBev could make it increasingly difficult for the distribution of competing beers in in the American retail market. Ricardo Guimarães, of BMG Bank, notes that the Justice Department of the United States has opened an investigation into InBev’s plans in order to decide what impact the companies new incentive plan and brewery acquisition would have on competing American craft breweries in the United States.

Ricardo Guimarães is a successful entrepreneur, heir and executive of BMG Bank. He is the son of Flávio Pentagna and has been involved in the family business since 1998. Under the leadership of Ricardo, BMG Bank has gained recognition as a leader in personal loans and payroll loans in Brazil.

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Dick DeVos Owned Windquest Approved For Liquor License


The craft alcohol industry has been one of the successes of the food and beverage industry in the 21st century. The growth of craft brewers and distillers has now attracted billionaire investor Dick DeVos to the industry with his Windquest Group purchasing the Michigan based Coppercraft Distillery. An initial application has already been approved for the Coppercraft liquor license to be transferred to Windquest as the distillery founder, Walter Catton III plots the next steps in the progress of the gin and rum producer, MLive reports. 

Prior to the major investment from the Dick and Betsy DeVos owned Windquest Group the Coppercraft Distillery had already been growing at a fast rate since it was established in 2013. The gin and rum producer located in the Holland Township, Michigan has already been producing alcoholic beverages for more than 100 customers in the area surrounding the distillery, but Catton III has big plans for the future. The chance to expand to provide a wider range of drinks excites the founder who has already discussed the opportunity to develop a range of craft beers and wines.

Dick has a long history of success in his private and business lives, which includes the gathering of a fortune of more than $5 billion through his work with the AmWay Group. During his time with AmWay DeVos worked in a range of different positions, including head of international business and President. Before retiring as President in 2002 the work of the globally recognized company had shifted to include the latest technology DeVos identified as providing a successful future for the family business.

Dick DeVos has since looked to work philanthropically alongside his wife, Betsy in their own charitable foundation providing assistance to a range of groups in the U.S. and across the globe. The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation has played an important role in expanding the work of the Kennedy Center for the Arts to include new buildings and programs.

Further steps have to be taken to complete the approval of the liquor license for Windquest Holdings, but a final decision should be made within six months to allow liquor to be produced under the Windquest brand. Expanding the distribution network beyond the local area will be one of the major areas of improvement being explored by Windquest Holdings in the coming months.

Learn more about Dick by visiting his Wikipedia page or read more about him by clicking on the following link >> http://www.newnetherlandinstitute.org/history-and-heritage/dutch_americans/richard-dick-devos-jr/

The Great Achievements of Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães was the former president of Banco BMG and the company was successful under his command. Guimarães came from one of the most powerful families in Minas Gerais. The Guimarães began getting involved in the financial sector when his grandfather founded the bank in 1930. Guimarães, who was prominent in sports even before BMG existed, and decided to expand the bank’s investment into the sport sector for future growth. Today, we will talk about the achievements of Ricardo Guimaraes and his impact at BMG.
The Honors
According to the Camara Municipal, on the 18th of April in 2011, Ricado Guimaraes received the City Council the diploma of Merit, and the ceremony was held at the request of Daniel Nepomuceno, the Councilman of PSB. In the beginning of the ceremony, Nepomuceno stated that Guimarães’ support and assistance, as well as investments, are great honors for the country.
Guimarães and Sports
BMG also mentioned how he created the Ricardo Soccer BR1 in 2010, which was an investment fund for football athletes which was the first in their CVM regulated country. In the same year, more than $20 million was invested to support the economic rights of the active athletes in eight different clubs. Because of this, BMG was also known as ‘the national sports patron’ and brought great pride for the country. Alberto Pinto Coelho, Deputy of the Governor, stated that the work of Guimarães is an example for their society.
Guimaraes Past
Ricardo Guimarães began working in 1980 as an office assistant in the family business started by his grandfather, Antonio Mourao Guimarães. He graduated from UNA in 1988, majoring in Business Administration. His family has always invested in several areas such as canning factory, cattle and coffee plantation. Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor stated that Guimarães’ family has always been committed to the development of sports, which is one of the reasons why Guimarães received the honors back in April 2011.
The BMG bank has a simple structure as much of its growth relies on consulting and personal loans, which have low interest rates. Today, BMG is acknowledged as the largest sponsor of football in the country and continues to make an impact in banking and its investments.
Up to this day, Guimarães continues to work hard and keep BMG strong in personal and payroll loans. However, according to R7 Noticias, BMG intends to reduce the share of this type of credit for up to 70% of the bank’s revenue in order to expand the range of services offered to.