Talk Fusion Becomes The Most Favored Video Chat System

Talk Fusion has been featured on TV and in print because of how good they are at helping people with video email and video chat. There are a lot of things that people need to do to make sure that they can get in touch with people from around the world. Talk Fusion is very helpful for people who are trying to work with a global team, and that global team can stay connected because of the way that Talk Fusion works.

Talk Fusion was created by Bob Reina to help connect people, and it was created with both the video email and the video chat functions. Video chat is a very easy way to get people together for meetings, and video email is just another way to help people when they are trying to write up their ideas. Someone can talk on video email for as long as they want, and they can get all their ideas out to the group so that everyone can then give feedback.

The feedback that is offered can come back in the form of a video, and that is an extremely helpful item for the business. They can make sure that all of the ideas are cataloged by the Talk Fusion system, and that is why it has been featured on morning shows around the country. Bob Reina has started a movement using Talk Fusion, and the movement is making it easy for businesses to stay productive, and it is simpler for someone to share what they have created.

It is also very important for every business to save their video emails, and they need a video chat service that can be used by anyone. Companies will save money, and they will remain in contact. Video chatting and video email from Talk Fusion has proved to be the most helpful business service of the digital age.

The Great Achievements of Ricardo Guimarães

Ricardo Guimarães was the former president of Banco BMG and the company was successful under his command. Guimarães came from one of the most powerful families in Minas Gerais. The Guimarães began getting involved in the financial sector when his grandfather founded the bank in 1930. Guimarães, who was prominent in sports even before BMG existed, and decided to expand the bank’s investment into the sport sector for future growth. Today, we will talk about the achievements of Ricardo Guimaraes and his impact at BMG.
The Honors
According to the Camara Municipal, on the 18th of April in 2011, Ricado Guimaraes received the City Council the diploma of Merit, and the ceremony was held at the request of Daniel Nepomuceno, the Councilman of PSB. In the beginning of the ceremony, Nepomuceno stated that Guimarães’ support and assistance, as well as investments, are great honors for the country.
Guimarães and Sports
BMG also mentioned how he created the Ricardo Soccer BR1 in 2010, which was an investment fund for football athletes which was the first in their CVM regulated country. In the same year, more than $20 million was invested to support the economic rights of the active athletes in eight different clubs. Because of this, BMG was also known as ‘the national sports patron’ and brought great pride for the country. Alberto Pinto Coelho, Deputy of the Governor, stated that the work of Guimarães is an example for their society.
Guimaraes Past
Ricardo Guimarães began working in 1980 as an office assistant in the family business started by his grandfather, Antonio Mourao Guimarães. He graduated from UNA in 1988, majoring in Business Administration. His family has always invested in several areas such as canning factory, cattle and coffee plantation. Alberto Pinto Coelho, the deputy governor stated that Guimarães’ family has always been committed to the development of sports, which is one of the reasons why Guimarães received the honors back in April 2011.
The BMG bank has a simple structure as much of its growth relies on consulting and personal loans, which have low interest rates. Today, BMG is acknowledged as the largest sponsor of football in the country and continues to make an impact in banking and its investments.
Up to this day, Guimarães continues to work hard and keep BMG strong in personal and payroll loans. However, according to R7 Noticias, BMG intends to reduce the share of this type of credit for up to 70% of the bank’s revenue in order to expand the range of services offered to.

Securus Technologies Staff Generously Contribute Toward United Way Campaign In 2015

Securus Technologies is a security technology solutions company that has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It offers state of the art technological security solutions that are mainly used by law enforcement authorities and correctional facilities. Currently, Securus Technologies is used in more than 3,450 law enforcement and secured agencies.It also serves more than 1,200,000 inmates in different correctional facilities across North America. Securus Technologies provided technological solutions for emergency response, incident management, public information, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, information management, inmate self-service, and inmate communication monitoring. Their main objective is to make the world a better and safer place to live. 

As it seems, everyone in Securus Technologies strives to meet this goal in every way possible and in more than one way. Apart from offering their patented technological solutions, Securus Technologies works with Associates, mainly made up of most of its staff members in raising donations for charity. They mainly contribute for donations to United Way Campaign. The year 2015 was an exceptionally great year Securus Technologies and its staff. They made a big step in making the world a better and safer place to live.

In 2015 a total of 620 Associates, mainly employees participated in the charity donations. Out of this number, 211 Securus Associates mainly its staff contributed at the Leadership Giving Level. A participant at the Leadership Giving Level is required to contribute not less than $1000 per year. For a number of 211 to participate at a level it shows that this company is fully dedicated to what towards meeting its objectives.
It is rare to find a company where employees are dedicated to what they do like the staff of Securus Technologies. Through this team working spirit and dedication, Securus Technologies and Associates were able to contribute $345,763 for 2015 towards charity. They did not begin in 2015; they have used the same tactics to contribute over $1,148,000 for the last 5 years.

Lets wonder away for the philanthropy of Securus Technologies staff and take a look at their professionalism. You probably have heard how easy and amazing it is to communicate with your family or friend who is being detained in a correctional facility in North America. That’s the work of the amazing Securus Technologies staff. By enabling video visitation and improved inmate phone calling systems, they have brought a new dawn in communication in this field. You can voice call or video visit your incarcerated friend or family from the comfort of your home. Download their free app on for Android of Apple and get started today. Learn more about this service by visiting the following link:

These new Securus Technologies innovations have also put a smile on investigators face. Their job is now easier than ever. They know can watch or listen to video call, and voice calls respectively in real time. This is a big boost to their investigations. Securus Technologies improved video visitation and inmate phone calls systems, is what the world has been waiting for all this time.