Inspiration Behind The Setting Up Of The Open Society Foundation By George Soros

As of this morning, Forbes states the net worth of George Soros to stand at a staggering figure of $25.2 billion. The self-made hedge fund investor is no stranger to controversy. He’s often been featured on the news for commenting on everything from social concerns to political issues in the US.

Riches to Rags Story
Mr. George Soros is amongst the top donors to lobbyists in the nation. So far, he has given away a couple of billions to all manner of needy courses, not just in America but across the world as well. His life is a perfect epitome of a story of rags to riches, according to the text shared here.

Budapest Days
Soros was born some 86 years back in a village somewhere on the outskirts of Budapest, Hungary. That time, the world was going through all sorts of upheavals, and the world wars personally affected and influenced the type of person Soros would eventually grow up to become. His family faced terror from the invading German forces on They were compelled to flee to save their lives. The Soros first moved to England. Here young George was able to get some quality education at the prestigious London School of Economics.

London School of Economics
The time at the university was a crucial inflection point towards the shaping of the life of the owner and president of the Soros Fund Management LLC. It was here that he got introduced to the notion of free and open society. This philosophy would remain in the mind of the father of five for the rest of his days. In a nutshell, Soros came across the book by a Viennese philosopher who talked about the way a model society ought to exist.

Open Society Foundation
In the text, the citizens are empowered and emboldened when facing their leaders. Speaking out is perfectly permissible in that utopic society. Maybe this is why George Soros has come to detest and loathe the incumbent president of the US so much. He and many others across the board feel that Mr. Trump is not open and receptive to the idea of a free society. How else would he be prejudiced against minorities and immigrants? Especially after all the immigrants, for instance, Soros, Steve Job have done towards the growth and prosperity of this great nation?

About Soros
The first philanthropic endeavor Soros set up in 1979 was named the Open Society Foundation (OSF). Of course, he named it after his favorite Viennese philosopher, Karl Pooper. The billionaire uses the organization as a conduit for delivering his unique version of social justice and responsibility to the downtrodden citizens of the world.

Rumor has it that the group has even played a critical role in dethroning fascist dictators on in far-flung corners of the globe. Today, the organization has assets amounting to over $2 billion dollars. Some of their biggest beneficiaries include the ACLU Foundation and the HRW commission.