Status Labs Press Releases Can Increase Your Brand Visibility

Digital press releases inform, publicize and communicate the latest developments in an individual’s life or corporation’s business cycle. This helps to keep the brand uppermost in the minds of the public. Status Labs press releases can dramatically increase your brand visibility & reputation online.

“Social Media Press Releases For Individual & Corporate Branding”

Celebrities, athletes, politicians and entrepreneurs, along with Fortune 500 corporations need to manage their image online. Endorsements, jobs and sales are all based on popularity. Press releases are one of the key ways to promote brands.

Social media has gained prominence and will also be a key venue for electronic press releases. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be included in press releases promoting your brand, award or achievement. For an individual, something as simple as the birth of a child could be the reason for a press release. Fans want to stay in the loop.

“Press Releases Increase Visibility”

Celebrities need to keep their name in the limelight to remain relevant. The most active celebrities are hired for important television commercials and movie roles. Press releases increase your credibility, legitimacy and visibility.

Build a trusting relationship with the public by sharing the latest news and goings-on. Online press releases can also establish you as a subject matter expert. Investors, promoters and fans will talk about you after reading your news.

“Grab the Bull by the Horns”

Regular press releases keep your fans apprised of all the latest developments. By hiring Status Labs, you can make sure that all of the relevant social media outlets receive press release distribution. Timing might also be a factor, Status Labs PR experts can schedule your press release to make the biggest splash.

Status Labs has thousands of clients who count on them to develop press releases for their brands. From 2012 to 2015, Status Labs increased its revenue by an impressive 939%. Status Labs has branches in New York and Texas.

The wisest celebrities and entrepreneurs understand the value of hiring experts to write, distribute and schedule their press releases. You can stay relevant by hiring Status Labs for public relations.