Marcio Alaor Proves Why He Is Still The Best

Marcio Alaor sits at the helm of Brazil’s biggest consigned credit provider. Looking at him now, it’s hard to believe that this man once shined shoes and is now a seasoned and successful banker, being the Vice President of Banco BMG.

Marcio has very highly regarded Administration skills and management talent. It seems inborn given how well he interacts with employees and investors of the bank. Thanks to his exceptional skills, Marcio has led the bank to a growth path that has seen it expand 17 times in the last decade.

Under his hawk eye, the bank has built an efficient and well-oiled team that has excellent qualifications and has established a reputation for hard work. The group has developed an extensive distribution network with 3000 branches and 50 000 workers across every municipality in Brazil.

In his tenure, Marcio Alaor has led the bank to partner with Banco Itau to create a new Payroll outfit called BMG ITAU PAYROLL. It is a bank expected to fill the demand for private credit in Brazil. The new partnership will not affect consigned credit provisions, and the series will grow. It will provide payroll loans and consigned credit will remain.

The new outfit has leveraged the best of BMG and Itau to create a $ 1 billion bank. The bank is leveraged 11 times and already has 8 million customers. The country has been graced with an unfortunate economic crisis that has seen it slide into recession.

Marcio regularly posts on a column in a leading newspaper in Brazil. He recently published an article on Australia where he said it is a country Brazil should look up to. It is a state that depends on commodities and has leveraged that to grow very fast. It has does this by working closely with changes in the international market and enacting relevant measures to stay relevant.

Australia regularly reviews its interest rates and controls inflation to cushion its local market. During the international crisis, it doesn’t tax small businesses. It has allowed it to post average annual growths of 2% since 2008 despite the worldwide crisis. The Brazilian economy is expected to shrink by 4.5% this year thanks to a corruption fuelled recession.

Marcio also describes General Motors as an example of a good IPO company. It had been on the stock exchange since 1915 when it got into the NYSE.Ford Motors launched its 1st IPO in 1956 and was oversubscribed. Marcio reveals nearly half of Americans have shares in the stock market.

Marcio is a fan of Tag Hueler watches. He loves the passion its CEO has for his brand. It is a brand that he has grown for many years, and Marcio says it’s how a business should grow.

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All About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a professional business man who wants to show the world you do not need to have some crazy education or be the child of a wealthy, prominent business associate in order to succeed in business. He current works as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and business man inside of Dallas, Texas, and during this time, Marc Sparks has become an extremely successful individual. He has done this not through the pulling of a parent or another powerful individual, but on his own accord. It is this reason he believes it is possible to become successful in the world of business and why he wishes to share this story with the rest of the world. 

Marc Sparks has owned several different businesses over his professional career. He started out in that telecommunication industry and has since owned several different companies of varying size. This started out with Splash Media based in the Dallas area. H moved on from there to own Blue Jay Wireless and also Cardinal Telecom. As an avid bird watcher and lover of nature, Marc Sparks would often name many of his companies after animals in order to reflect his love for the different animals. This is why many of his early telecommunication companies in Dallas took on names after these birds. 

While working in that telecommunication industry, Marc Sparks also worked in real estate. He owns several properties throughout the metro Dallas area, most of which are rented out to businesses. He has found that renting out business property is typically much more valuable as the tenants are, hopefully, longer lasting than the average home renter. Once a tenant is in place, as long as the business proves successful the tenant might remain there for decades. Plus, by purchasing real estate around the property, it is possible to build up a business sector all without any sort of assistance from outside forces. 

While working in the professional world, Marc Sparks also enjoys giving back to the local community throughout Dallas. He has been working with the Samaritan Inn, which is a homeless shelter for the last nearly three decades. He can often be seen inside of the building providing food or offering other services to those less fortunate. He has also worked with Habitat for Humanity in order to help build homes for those in need while providing assistance to American Can!, which is a magnet program high school in Dallas. 

To go along with all of the other options and services Marc Sparks provides, he also is writing a book about how anyone can become successful in the world of business. The book is called “They Can’t Eat You” and it covers his personal life.