Advanced Technology & Eric Pulier Go Hand To Hand

Advanced technology is something most people can’t live without. We’re living in the “digital age,” but can you imagine living life over a century ago? Smartphones, laptops, software, cameras and others have advanced technology built in. Some of the most popular companies in the world like Apple, Microsoft and Samsung have stake in the information technology sector. Eric Pulier is one of the top technologists in the world, but he doesn’t chase the fame, nor has he ever. This guy has worked in government, technology and politics. Thanks to his ability to create advanced technology solutions, the world has become a much better place.

Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey. Thanks to his high intelligence, the prestigious Harvard University would be his college of choice. Pulier did a lot while attending Harvard. This includes writing a column for the school’s newspaper, being an editor for the same newspaper and taking classes at the neighboring college of MIT. That right there cold make a grown man cry, but his strong work ethic is what set him apart from his peers. Pulier graduated magna cum laud in 1988, and the city of Los Angeles was his next stop. Los Angeles, California, is where Pulier made a name for himself as he went on a founding frenzy. People Doing Things, Starbright World and others were just a few of his successful founded companies. Of course these companies used advanced technology to find solutions across a broad spectrum. He has always interested in new ideas to explore, and if the idea sparks his interest, he’ll surely research it. After research or due diligence, investing is the last step of the process and this is where Pulier earns a lot of his wealth.

His ability to take these ideas, and turn them into a reality is what sets him apart from his counterparts. This proud father of four resides in Los Angeles, California, and he owns a very popular nightclub in Santa Monica. The future is looking bright for this Jersey kid as well as the industry he influences.

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