Lime Crime’s Matte Velvetines: Sexy, Long Lasting And Smooth

I originally stumbled on to Lime Crime cosmetics, when I met a woman in the lady’s room at an L.A. club. She was wearing the most incredible lipstick shade I had ever seen. It wasn’t exactly grey or lavender but blended together for a sultry effect.


I asked her what shade lipstick she had on, and she told me Lime Crime Moonstone from the brand’s famous Velvetines line. She took out the lipstick to show me the contents. It was right then and there, that I had to buy my own Moonstone. In fact, I presently have nine Velvetines lipsticks in my makeup stash. These are the cream of the crop for a few reasons.


The formulas are what make them special, especially if you’re always searching for the perfect liquid matte type. These lipsticks are kiss-proof, touch-proof and stay put, until you remove them at night. You can even make out wearing Velvetines, because your secret is safe with us.


The pigments are rich and made with a subtle French vanilla infusion. I swear that these lipsticks will not dry out your lips. In fact, they glide across the lips and then dry to a velvety, matte finish.


My absolute favorites also include: Scandal (deep rich plum), Riot (red brown), Teacup (black light reactive periwinkle), Cement (cool grey), Red Velvet (True Red), Cupid (Petal Pink), Shroom (90s brown) and Prairie (dusky nude).


To check out these fab Velvetines lippies, visit the shopping site here.


I am sure you will also fall in love with the brand’s eye shadows that also provide deep pigment and an elegant, edgy look. My girlfriends and I are lovin’ the versatility and beauty of the Superfoils. When you want that sexy sparkle, wear the shadow dry. If you want to turn it up, then simply add a little water for a liquid foil allure.


When I’m in a playful mood, I reach for the Superfoils Malibu duo compact, so cute with Pink Cadillac and Blue Surfer shades.


Thank you, Doe Deere, for creating Lime Crime makeup.







Demi Lovato Joins Hands with Kate Hudson, New Activewear Collection in Fabletics

More star power is getting added to Fabletics as Demi Lovato has announced to come up with a limited-edition capsule collection called Demi Lovato for Fabletics. Interestingly, the Grammy-nominated singer announced her new venture earlier this week, and the introduction of products will be from the mid of May 2017. The first-ever partnership of the Kate Hudson’s workout brand will have all types of activewear including leggings, tops, jackets, bras, and more under the collection. Considering the high energy level of Lovato, the new line of products would come with empowering mantras like “Confident” and “Unbroken” and inspiring neon hues.


Demi announced her new move in Instagram and said she is very excited to join hands with Hudson and Fabletics. The brand “always gave top priority to the inclusiveness and offered a great feel of comfort both outside and inside.” Demi stressed her routine of long workouts in the gym during the announcement. “Being active is crucial for me, and I am delighted to bring a brand for you that can take care of your body and mind,” she said. Interestingly, a portion of the profit would be contributed to SchoolCycle, a philanthropic initiative working under United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) that offers bicycles to girls, spare parts, and the required maintenance and training in a mission to ensure a safe journey for school going girls.


Demi symbolizes the Fabletics brand in many ways in a unique way, and she cascades the message of women empowerment and the state of body positivity with a greater appeal to the younger generation. This makes us linking to her with the strong thoughts of Fabletics,” Hudson expressed her opinion about the collaboration. Both of the stars assured that the line of products would have snazzy paints and vibrant colors, and the designs would be translating the messages of female empowerment, other aspects that embody Demi’s life and her songs. The capsule collections will be made available in its stores and


Fabletics is a fashion workout brand started in the year 2013 by Hudson to offer customized, high-quality, and stylish activewear products mostly targeting young women. The brand was very particular in syncing with the latest technology and brought a new experience of fashion combined with technology to ensure best customer services and great fashion choices. It used data and an innovative subscription plan which made sure regular supply of awesome products to the customers. The aggressive strategies of the management also helped the new brand to acquire a business of more than $250 million per annum within three years of founding the brand.


The significant achievement of Fabletics was a carefully crafted success story which followed few strategies. Initially, it gave a new experience of reverse showrooming, which means, many physical stores opened across the major cities in U.S., and that gave the option for customers to experience the products before buying it. Secondly, it used online data to understand customer preferences and listed popular products in local stores which ensured greater engagements in the physical stores. Lastly, it focused the growth using the parameters people, culture, and accessibility.

Fabletics is Going to Catch Up Amazon in the Future

For years, Amazon is dominating the e-commerce fashion market, and no one could beat it. However, a new company named Fabletics is the one that could do that. Fabletics was founded by Oscar-nominated Hollywood Actress Kate Hudson in 2013. Since then the company is continuously growing and its popularity is increasing day by day. The secret behind the success of Fabletics is activewear and reverse showroom technique which is a combination of customer’s membership and his favorite brand.

There was a time when high-value brands were all about product quality and price. The time has changed, so it does not work any longer. There are new elements that define the high-value brands, and they are product popularity, excellent service, flashy effects, top-class customer service, and innovative designs. Fabletics is as popular as Warby Parker and Apple because of these elements. Soon the company’s seventeenth showroom in the US would open.

The General Manger of Fabletics told media that from day one, his company is focusing on the development of high-value and reimagined brands. He explained that how Fabletics is using the membership system to offer newest fashion trends and tailored service at their stores. Companies must know what their customer like; otherwise, the business won’t succeed.

Several companies were opened during the last decade; however, most of them were a failure. After visiting the stores, the customers would not buy products and look for places with lower prices. Fabletics experimented with the opposite strategy and transformed browsing into a useful factor. The company wanted to build relationships with the customers; therefore, it avoided going into the pop-up store, so customers get a good impression. To understand the local market, Fabletics participated in several events and activities. The results were amazing because half of the customers entering the stores were members, and a quarter more became the members during their first visit. When a customer at the Fabletics’s store tries a product, it is sent into her shopping cart whether she chooses to buy it or not. Fabletics wants to keep retail a separate service so customers can enjoy their freedom.

Unlike other companies, Fabletics takes great care in providing the correct information in every form. Customers always like a company that provides them with the correct details in both physical and digital forms. With the help of digital information, Fabletics decides what to keep at its stores because tastes and trends keep changing. For collecting this information, Fabletics use various sources including real-time sales.

All customers of Fabletics are happy with the company. One of them is a blogger-mom Teri Hutchen who is a big fan of the company. In 2016, she decided to a member and was given to fill a thorough survey questionnaire. It asked about her workout plans and her outfit preference. During the first week of every month, Fabletics chooses an outfit for Teri based on the details she provided. She says that the website is easy to use, customer service is nice, and product quality is awesome for an amount like fifty dollars.

How To Get Both Style And Comfort

In the fashion industry today, we are beginning to see more and more trends embrace comfort. Women all over the country are ditching their work trousers and skinny jeans for yoga pants, and I have to say I am definitely a fan of this new trend popping up from Los Angeles to New York City. I recently found an amazing article on Buzzfeed, that discussed the new athleisure wear for any occasion trend and even detailed how to style yoga pants for every occasion. In the article, every day women discovered new and chic ways to make this new comfy look work for chill work and brunch. For the chill or more relaxed style the models paired black yoga pants with flowy shirt dresses and tanks, and the trend managed to be super chic with a Sporty Spice type of vibe. The outfits created for work were even more impressive! Every woman has black yoga pants, and with this staple the stylist created amazing on trend looks for the office. I am the happiest person in the world currently, due to the fact that I now know I can pair yoga pants, a button-down tunic, blazer, and stylish flats for work and still manage to look professional and fabulous. After a long week, there is nothing better than a low key weekend brunch with your friends to wind down. I usually tend to show up in what I will call less than fashionable, but thank you this article I am prepared to rock yoga pants, a flowy spring top, and a trench or sweater. This new athleisure from JustFab for anytime trend has me walking around feeling like Gigi Hadid!

I know what you are thinking, and let me just say I was fully aware that quality yoga pants and athleisure wear do not come cheap! So I started researching fashion and bloggers favorite athleisure lines. I was not surprised to find that JustFab’s Fabletics line was one of the top choices on every site! Kate Hudson joined the CEOs of JustFab to create a truly amazing line of athleisure wear, and they have managed to offer it at an unbeatable price! Once I saw all of the styles and fun trendy colors I was hooked! Head over to JustFab and check out all of the amazing “Kate Approved” styles!

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