Organo Gold Enters the Middle Eastern Market

PR Newswire reported in April that Bernardo Chua recently opened a branch of Organo Gold in Turkey, the 39th country into which the gourmet coffee company has expanded. Mr. Chua states, “The opening of our branch in Turkey is a significant operational achievement for Organo Gold. “In line with our Global Footprint Initiative, Turkey unites the Company’s Asian, European and African operations and allows us to better serve our Distributors and Customers across this diverse and dynamic region.”

Since the world’s first coffee house opened in Turkey in the 15th century, coffee continues to be a favorite beverage in the culture. Although the people of Turkey love their coffee, they also know the importance of having healthy products. Organo Gold is the perfect union, by combining various coffees, teas and other Organo Gold products with ganoderma, an herb known for its health benefits.

Organo Gold is not just a cup of coffee, nor is it just a gourmet coffee company. Since 2008, the Vancouver, British Columbia based company has sold Certified Organic Ganoderma Lucidium in its coffees, teas, nutraceuticals and personal care products. As an international, privately owned company, Organo Gold offers its products through its independent Distributor network and its Coffee Connoisseur Club in United States and Canada.

Under the direction and guidance of CEO Berndardo Chua, Organo Gold has grown rapidly as a network-marketing corporation. Coming from the Philippines and of Chinese descent, Chua knew just how popular the ganoderma mushroom was in China and other Asian countries for its health benefits. He was the one of the first to market it by adding it to Organo Gold blends of coffee, teas and other products. As a successful businessman, he has received numerous awards and Organo Gold was named “Direct Sales Company of the Year” five times.

The Miracle Food Broccoli

Plenty of us don’t like broccoli. Former President George H. W. Bush famously spoke out saying that he didn’t like broccoli and wasn’t going to eat it anymore. Whether you like it or not, there are some powerful reasons for eating it. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables we know of. It is high in fiber and has vitamin C as well as folate and antioxidants. Even broccoli bought frozen can provide the benefits you want from it when it is prepared properly.

The biggest claim to fame of this vegetable is its cancer fighting properties. It is believed to do this by blocking a defective gene involved with tumor growth. It seems to share this trait with cauliflower and watercress as well. It is believed by some researchers that its cancer-fighting attributes may lead to new therapies for treating cancer. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to eat this vegetable even if it’s not one of your favorites. Increasing your chances of not getting cancer years down the road is no small benefit. Healthy people at The Aspire New Brunswick know that it is also healthy in other ways as well. It is reputed to help digestion as well as the immune and cardiovascular systems. Broccoli and its cruciferous vegetable companions offer a lot of health benefits, and there should be a few that you will find a tasty addition to your diet, and spices and various recipes can improve the taste of those you are not fond of when they are plain.

Listeria Contaminates Ice Cream

Put down the spoon and throw that carton of Blue Bell away! Last month Blue Bell began announcing recalls on some of its products. This month that recall has literally expanded to every product Blue Bell makes. This comes in the wake of three deaths. A Kansas hospital reports the patients died from Listeria, a bacterium that can cause illness in humans.

Blue Bell shut down one of their facilities in Oklahoma, where STX Entertainment says it was thought the Listeria originated from. Tests came back positive from samples taken out of their popular Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. Now it seems the risk of contamination has spread and this bacterium could be laying-in-wait in any of the containers stocked in grocery stores.

With the total cost reaching in the millions of dollars range, Blue Bell may be shut down for good. The CEO of Blue Bell, Paul Kruse, is stating that they have no concrete answers for how the product was contaminated in the first place.

Chef Jamie Oliver Gets New Magazine

Famous chef and television personality Jamie Oliver is going to be getting his very own magazine now, thanks to the help of Time Out magazine company based in London. According to an article found on, Oliver has a very popular channel on youtube cleverly named “Food Tube” and the magazine that is going to come out will basically be a printed version of that. It is likely going to be a huge hit too, because Oliver has been getting more and more popular over the last few months and years.

In the magazine which will only come out first in London, there will be 24 pages of information and recipes for readers from other chefs and cooks. According to AnastasiaDate, the Time Out company hopes to help Oliver expand his magazine internationally, but it has to test the market first in the United Kingdom, which is also Oliver’s home country. The first issue will be printed and released on April 24 of this year.

It is interesting how popular food trends have grown in the last decade. It seems that with social media around now, people (and even teenagers) are getting lost in the world of exotic and fancy cooking and it is not likely to go downhill anytime soon. Jamie Oliver is going to do great with this new magazine and it will be fun to see how many countries it can reach by the end of the year.

Food Additives Can Make You Sick and Obese

Those pretty cans and boxes of food sitting on your grocer’s shelf can make you sick. Not because they are out-of-date. Not because they are spoiled or contaminated. Marcos Assi says the food actually meets all the quality control standards that are required by the Food and Drug Administration. It’s what’s been added to the food that can make you sick.

Emulsifying agents are used in many foods, like ice cream, to bind together the water and the fat within the product and give it a creamy texture. The emulsifying agents are chemicals and vary among food products. All processed foods that contain both water and fat contain these chemical and they can make you sick and obese.

In a recent study, lab mice were fed the two most common emulsifying agents. Those mice developed intestinal problems, gained weight and had increased levels of blood sugar. The study co-author Benoit Chassaing, a microbiologist at Georgia State University in Atlanta, says the chemicals trigger low-grade inflammation and the metabolic syndrome. Inflammation in the body is the starting point for many chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer.