IAP Worldwide Provides Its Services To Clients And Communities Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a leading provider of facilities management, logistics, and advanced professional and technical services on a global scale. IAP Worldwide has more than 2,000 employees and is present in more than 25 countries throughout the world.

The company started out as Pan Am World Services, in 1953. They started by building and operating the first space launch complex base in Cape Canaveral. Over time, IAP Worldwide began to provide full services like maintenance support, airport master planning, engineering services, and construction management.

In 1989, Pan Am World Services was acquired by Johnson Controls, Inc. and became Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. They became a leader in all aspects of managing military bases and commercial organizations. IAP Worldwide developed new ways to increase energy efficiency and started to provide temporary personnel and technical support to its growing customer base.

In 2005, IAP acquired JCWS and formed IAP Worldwide Services. They specialize in three different areas: Base operations support services, professional and technical services, and global operations and logistics. They quickly began to build their reputation and experience as a new conglomerate.

IAP’s mission is to solve any problem using their expertise, technology, and ingenuity. To achieve their goals to meet their clients’ satisfaction, they rely on four skills as their cornerstones: Focus, agility, capabilities, and commitment. IAP also has a Values Charter that states that as a company, they will: Act with integrity and humility, act nicely, responsibly and swiftly, and pursue growth and learning. It also states that they will practice intellectual curiosity and rigor, provide inspirational leadership, and allow themselves and others to be happy and successful.

They are dedicated to their responsibility as a corporation to be dedicated to their customers and communities. IAP is committed to veterans and purposely seeks out those with military experience to join their team. Around 30 percent of their staff is veterans. They even made U.S. Veterans Magazine’s list of Top Veteran-Friendly Companies in 2014.

IAP is also committed to the environment. They know that they have an incredible power with their size and capabilities and believe it is their responsibility to examine potential impacts of projects, create LEED-certified buildings, and to make the most efficient use of any natural resources at their disposal.

As a company, IAP Worldwide also believe that they have a responsibility to the community. They have partnered with the United Way of Brevard and helped them raise $45,000, donated canned goods, and volunteered themselves to read as a way of promoting literacy. They have also worked with disaster stricken communities to help restore shorelines, and cleaning up neighborhoods.

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