Purina PetCare Loves Your Pet As Much As You Do

Have you seen or heard all of the things Purina PetCare is doing? On the Purina News site there is so much going on, we are not really sure where to start. First we should tell you that this company has a genuine care and compassion for your pets.

Some of the things this company has done includes starting a take your dog to work day. They have used this program to show that there is a direct benefit when it comes to having your dog with you at work. Purina PetCare is no stranger when it comes to pets, they have been making healthy pet food for years. Their vision has helped to do so much to further pet ownership and relationships between pets and their owners.

The company is owned by Nestle and has a full service pet line which includes food, treats and even it’s own brand of pet litter. It is no shock that the company takes its line of pet related items so seriously, as you know, their parent company makes people food. This company has even made an award winning commercial that went viral. They have made some huge accomplishments such as marketing, creation of apps for mobile devices and contributions to charity. In late 2007 when there was a scare of contamination from China the company recalled many of the pet food items just to be safe and protect pets. Even though they were sure they offered a safe product, the recalled it voluntarily just to be safe. That speaks volumes about the care this company has for pets worldwide. Purina continues to make valuable strides in the pet food and pet care industry.

Purina has sponsored a dog challenge event and has been featured in several newspaper, television and media write ups. They have gifted food to shelters in need and so much more. Perhaps these are some of the reasons their company has grown so much over the years. Purina has become a name that every pet owner has grown to know, love and trust. The heart warming commercials they put out are enough to melt the hearts of pet lovers everywhere. The company and the masterminds behind their brilliant marketing know that it takes more than just a nice commercial to win the true, loyalty of pet owners. This is why they make sure that the goods they offer live up to the claims they make. Try their pet care line for yourself and you will see.