Lacrosse Players, What Makes A Great Camp?

When your kids join a local Lacrosse camp, it’s hard to know which one is going to benefit your child the most. With all the different types of camps available, you’ll find that it can be tough sometimes to know what it is that will be best for your kid and their specific level.

What to look for in a camp

– Quality In Coaching

The company should be immensely experienced and knowledgeable with a variety of aspects regarding the sport. The coaches should be top of the line and actually have been part of a team in the past. They should have sufficient amounts of experience in the past, and you will find that it can be tough at times to know what to look for. Just be sure the coaches have some good credentials from the past and have achieved some kind of growth before being a part of the coaching team.

– A Disciplined and Encouraging Approach

Sometimes, certain coaches and camps may be a bit too strict with kids and really discipline them in the sense that they aren’t exactly respected any longer. It’s vital the company you are sending your child to is properly prepared for the job and know what they are capable of doing. They should treat your children with dignity and respect while still being disciplined but in a more encouraging way.

Our pick, Next Level Lacrosse Camp takes some of the most professional and most experienced people and takes them into one place to help educate kids as much as possible. At their camp, they bring the best technology (including a Facebook page) and the most resourceful of information to help young kids achieve their growth as lacrosse players. Everything from information to amazingly powerful drills and skills that are going to help improve any child’s game in the sport. Jon Urbana is the co-founder of this program, and he has made it his goal not only to help create a great camp but a place for young kids to develop their skills the right way.


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With a good deal of press showcasing the camp’s strength, it’s easy to see the reasons that hundreds of campers travel from all over the Rocky Mountain region to attend this annual program.

Jon Urbana is a successful athlete who has achieved numerous lacrosse awards and accolades for his success. He earned an honorable mention back in 2004 for the Colonial athletic Association.

Urbana has taken up a career as part-time aviator, and teamed up with multiple teams back in the day for CAA and other organizations and associations throughout his lacrosse career. As a very successful athlete in his time, this little program is his way of giving back to the world in his own way.

Jon also supports a number of charities, using vehicles like a Gofundme drive to help Earth Force hit its annual fundraising goal. Make a contribution and all proceeds will go straight to Earth Force.

It’s wonderful to witness people like Jon helping the youth and the next generation with their skills. He knows what he can help everybody with, so he does what he can and provides people with the best coaching.

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All About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a professional business man who wants to show the world you do not need to have some crazy education or be the child of a wealthy, prominent business associate in order to succeed in business. He current works as a venture capitalist, entrepreneur and business man inside of Dallas, Texas, and during this time, Marc Sparks has become an extremely successful individual. He has done this not through the pulling of a parent or another powerful individual, but on his own accord. It is this reason he believes it is possible to become successful in the world of business and why he wishes to share this story with the rest of the world. 

Marc Sparks has owned several different businesses over his professional career. He started out in that telecommunication industry and has since owned several different companies of varying size. This started out with Splash Media based in the Dallas area. H moved on from there to own Blue Jay Wireless and also Cardinal Telecom. As an avid bird watcher and lover of nature, Marc Sparks would often name many of his companies after animals in order to reflect his love for the different animals. This is why many of his early telecommunication companies in Dallas took on names after these birds. 

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To go along with all of the other options and services Marc Sparks provides, he also is writing a book about how anyone can become successful in the world of business. The book is called “They Can’t Eat You” and it covers his personal life.