DNA Reveals No Rat In A KFC Dinner

DNA testing has led to the solving of a great mystery. KFC performed the test on the notorious “deep fried rat” a man claimed to have been served. The DNA test revealed that was really chicken after all. Looks like a threatened lawsuit is now out the window. At least 15 minutes of fame was achieved. Hopefully, KFC won’t suffer too much damage to its reputation.

The whole “rat in the box of chicken” thing has played out before. Years ago, the fast food chain Gino’s Hamburgers, an original distributor of KFC, closed down and was renamed Roy Roger’s Restaurants when Marriot bought the company out. A weird rumor circulated in the early 1980’s that Gino’s shut down after a rat fell into the deep fryer and was served in a bucket of chicken. Reuters reported that urban legend is still believed by many people.

The recent “rat in the chicken box” spread after a man claimed his dinner was, well, fried rat. Truth be told, his dinner did look like a rat that had been deep fried KFC-style. The tail really was rat-like in many ways. Of course, looking like a rat and being an actual rat are two completely different things. In the end, the rat turned out to be old-fashioned chicken. Oh sure there will be conspiracy theorists who claim otherwise. Maybe the KFC rat urban legend will be around as for as many years as the Gino’s one.