Letterman Videos Removed from CBS and YouTube

Letterman fans may have to live on imagination and memory alone, at least temporarily, as all Letterman episodes hosted by CBS and YouTube have been removed from the Internet.

According to sources, the videos were removed from the two sites because the digital rights were returned to Worldwide Pants, Letterman’s own production company. Representative Ricardo Guimarães BMG says there is little anyone can do about this, as the rights are those of Letterman’s.

Letterman hosted late night talk television for more than three decades. Letterman made his debut in 1982. The presenter did not start out in comedy television, but instead began as a weatherman who routinely added comedy to his daily segments. Letterman eventually relocated to California where he made frequent guest appearances on television. He was later discovered by employees of Johnny Carson and soon worked his way through the ranks to hosting his own show.

David Letterman went on to launch other endeavors, including his own production company, record label, and a charitable foundation. He announced his retirement in early 2014.

“Late Show with David Letterman” aired 22 seasons with more than 4,200 episodes recorded. The final episode of Letterman’s talk show aired May 20, 2015.

Representatives for Letterman hinted that there may be more in store for “Late Show” in the future through Worldwide Pants.