Lawyers and Law in Brazil

According to research done by the National Council of Justice in 2010, Brazil has the 3rd largest number of lawyers with eight thousand registered lawyers. This is after The United States and India with each having around one million registered lawyers. This is attributed to a significant number of law schools in Brazil. The country has more law schools than all the number of the countries in the world. By 2014, there were o1240 law courses in Brazil. However, most of these courses were under inspection by the ministry of education for not meeting certain education standards.

Some of the most prominent law schools in Brazil include:

  • The Federal University of Minas Gerais
  • University of Brasília
  • Law School of São Paulo

For one to start practicing law in the country, one has to be registered by the Brazilian Bar Association. Until then, one can not represent clients in a court or offer legal consultation. It is said that in Brazil there are more than 2 million unregistered lawyers.

Among the very many prominent law firms in the country are:

  • Barbosa, Müssnich and Aragão Advocates
  • Lefosse Advocates
  • Demarest Advocates

One of the most famous people in the legal practice in Brazil is known as Ricardo Tosto. He is one of the founders of the law firm named Milk, Tosto and Barros advocates which is headquartered in San Paulo. Mr. Tosto started his legal journey in the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie. He also acquired a post graduate degree in Business Administration at FAAP.

Presently, he has 22 years of experience e in the legal field and is one of the most influential lawyers not only in his law firm but also in the whole country. Over time he has handled high-profile cases ranging from big corporations, prominent politicians the government amongst others. He is a currently serving as a member of the Brazilian Bar Association.