Blue Bell Knew About Listeria Contamination For Years Prior to the Recall

There is a growing concern among Americans about our food supply. There have been far too many recalls recently due to contamination, some of them involving big name brands such as Blue Bell Ice Cream. Now, an even more disturbing fact has come to light. Blue Bell Creameries knew about the listeria contaminating there food supply for two whole years before informing consumers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reported collecting samples from Blue Bell which tested positive for listeria throughout their factories. In fact, there were multiple test conducted over a nearly two year time span where the company was informed about an unacceptable amount of listeria being present within their food supply.

It wasn’t until three people in Kansas lost their lives after eating Blue Bell products that were contaminated that the company announced findings of listeria found in their food supply. A month later, Blue Bell finally recalled all of their products.

The FDA has released official statements explaining the frozen dairy company had testes positive for listeria 16 different times, starting in 2013. Clearly, Americans are right to be worried about whats in the food they are bringing home from the store. The team at Skout feel that it is a tragedy people lost their lives over contamination that could and should have been prevented. Even more reason to start your own garden and eat nutritious foods that are harvested from the earth.