The Expansion of Lime Crime

Doe Deere is a unique individual and businesswoman who is proud of what she has accomplished even at a young age. Doe Deere is a businesswoman who is not only in business for herself, but is also in business in order to promote the well being for her customers that are located all over the world. Doe Deere is the proud owner of a makeup company that is internet-based that has changed the way that both men and women wear makeup. Doe Deere’s company is known as Lime Crime which is a company that was created in 2008 and has continued to expand at an exponential rate. With no plans for stopping or for slowing down, Doe Deere has become an influential individual within the makeup industry and will continue to be known for her accomplishments. In recent news, Doe Deere sat down with Galore magazine to not only discuss her inspiration behind the company, but to also discuss her future plans for the company.

Doe Deere, during this interview, talked about her motivations towards starting her company. Doe Deere stated during the interview that she has always been a creative individual and that her favorite part of growing up were the many sleepovers that she and her friends had that consisted of trying on bright clothes and pairing the clothes with her mother’s makeup. Though Doe Deere admits that she was not a professional at applying makeup to her friends, Doe Deere admits that the memories that she has are what inspired to start her own business.


Doe Deere, in her recent interview with Galore magazine, stated that she has many plans for Lime Crime in the future. Doe Deere not only wants to expand her business, but also wants to do so with the help of her customers. Doe Deere has kept her internet-based company Lime Crime in order to make sure that the products that she sells online are the exact products that her customers wanted. This method of business has kept her customers happy and has kept Doe Deere humble through the reliance of the input that is provided by her favorite individuals.