A Long Battle To Ban Junk Food

Conservatives have shown that they are willing to ban certain types of junk food under certain circumstances. They have stated that they would like to ban certain types of junk food from reaching the check out line for those who are recipients of food stamps.

According to thinkprogress.org, this has long been a battle for the conservatives. People have noted that this trend first began in 2003 when then Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota declared that he wanted to strike a balance with the food stamp program. He wanted to create the “next generation” of welfare reform in his own state.

Trying to ban certain foods has proven problematic. There are broad categories that one can put down as junk food, and it is not clear exactly which foods count as junk and which do not. It requires grocery stores and other places that sell food to change the way in which they do business. They either have to change scanning technology to deny those who have food stamps from buying certain types of food, or they have to train employees to deny those foods to food stamp recipients.

Other states have used Pawlenty’s ideas and made them their own. Despite the difficulty of such laws, there are still plenty of efforts made to put these laws into place. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital believes it will be interesting to see how this continues to develop in other states.