Taking Care of All Your Needs

Tired of putting your money into overly advertised banks who aren’t there when you need them? Do you want a bank who recognizing you as more than just an account number? Then NexBank is the bank for you! NexBank is a community bank located in Dallas, Texas. Staying in business for almost 100 years, NexBank provides a variety of services for businesses and families.




  • Savings/Checking Accounts- Saving accounts have a minimum opening fee of $200 and a monthly fee service $3.60. NexBank offers two checking accounts: Platinum Checking and E-Free Checking. Platinum checking accounts have a $2000 minimum opening fee with a $25 monthly service fee; while E-Free checking $100 with no monthly service fee.


  • Mortgages- Through NexBank mortgage loans, customers with qualifying credit can range from small amounts up to $2 million dollars. They also specialize in wholesale and correspondent lending.


  • Commercial Banking- NexBank has lending options available for large established businesses; in addition to new small businesses. With commercial banking, NexBank has open lines of credit to take care of the businesses need in the case of changes.


Contact Information


If you need to contact NexBank after hours, then no problem! The company has an after-hour phone line that can provide you with assistance for lost or stolen ATM/debit cards, online banking technical support, automated telephone banking, and access to your personal banker all the time. Don’t feel like talking on the phone, then online banking on their website and an app available for download on Google Play Store.

Whether you are interested in having personal banking, opening up a business, financing a business, buying a house or commercial space, then NexBank is the place for you!