South American Sensation , Sergio Cortes, Brings His Michael Jackson Impersonation To The States

It’s no wonder, after watching his YouTube videos that United States fans are demanding that this pop impersonation sensation bring his act overseas. Born and raised

in Barcelona, Sergio Cortes may very well be Michael Jackson’s lost long twin. Cortes, who was a soccer celebrity, says that people will stop dead in their tracks when

they see him and stare for hours. This Michael Jackson clone has been blowing up South American stages for over ten years. His agent has confirmed the rumors that he

is not necessarily leaving South America, however, he wants to tour the world. “We have always anticipated this would happen. Sergio sounds and looks just like Michael

and this country cannot hide him from the world any longer.”
Sergio is not only hitting Michael’s high notes, he has all of his moves down solid. His videos have over 1 billion views and that number is sure to keep rising. “You

watch his videos over and over because you think you are actually watching Michael Jackson.” On stage he performs Thriller with many of the moves seen in the original

video, however he has taken the routine to a whole other level. Cortes has been rumored to train for 3-4 hours a day and he rarely takes a day off. His level of

dedication can be easily detected, especially if you watch a Michael Jackson video and then watch one of Cortes’, the resemblance is uncanny.
Cortes is quick to point out that his remarkable resemblance is 100% genetics. “I have looked like Michael since I was a kid. Once I began dressing like him and

styling my hair like him, I realized that I could get away with saying that I was him.” Cortes’ family has said that he would spend hours in his room dancing and

singing. It was his cousin, who made a video of Cortes doing his Smooth Criminal routine that helped jumped start his illustrious career. “I thought we were just

goofing around and when I got a call from a man who said that he wanted to represent me, we just started jumping around and were very excited.”
Check out Sergio Cortes’ many amazing YouTube videos and see if you can tell the difference. He and his manager are betting that you can’t and fortunately for Sergio

and his team, that bet is paying off.