High Fat and Particularly High Sugar Diet Linked to Loss of Cognitive Function

Most of us already know that we should not eat a diet that is both high in fat and sugar. It is bad for us in a number of ways. The biggest problem is that such a diet packs the pounds on us, and obesity is related to a higher risk for a number of illnesses and conditions. High sugar intake also leaves us open to blood sugar problems and eventually diabetes. As bad as we already know such a diet is, researchers may have come up with yet another reason to ditch that donut in favor of some oatmeal or another healthier alternative stated Venture Beat.

Researchers out of Oregon State University have discovered that a diet high in both fat and sugar impairs what they call “cognitive flexibility.” This is the ability to mentally adapt to changing situations. A high sugar diet in particular shows this result, and it also brings about a reduction in early learning.

For many of us, such experiments showing these types of behavioral changes in mice are not huge news. We know how we feel after eating a donut versus after eating something healthy. We love the taste while we’re shoveling that pastry in our mouth, but we are typically sluggish and lethargic for a time afterward. So, add yet another reason, this time a mental health reason, to ditch a high fat and particularly a high sugar diet in favor of a better option.

State Attorney’s Office Charging Six Officers In The Death Of Freddie Gray

Marilyn Mosby, chief prosecutor from the State’s Attorney office announced Feddie Gray’s death has been ruled a homicide. The medical examiner’s office is reporting his death was due to severe trauma. This report will allow the State Attorney’s office to file criminal charges in connection to this case.

Arrested and charged with Freddie Gray’s death are Officers Edward Nero, Caesar Goodson Jr., William Porter, Brian Rice, Garrett Miller and Alicia Miller. An attorney speaking on behalf of the six officers says they will be acquitted as they have not done anything wrong. Michael Davey, the attorney went on to say none of the officers injured Mr. Gray or harmed him and are extremely saddened by his death.

The charges filed on the six officers vary by individual but include second-degree assault, misconduct, false imprisonment and several counts of manslaughter. The most serious charge filed by Mosby was second-degree depraved heart murder which she only filed against Officer Goodson. All of the officers have been released after posting bond.

On April 12th Gray suffered a spinal injury after being placed in custody. While he was receiving medical attention, Gray fell into a coma and died a week after police arrested him. The only reason given by the officers for putting Gray into custody was he had run from them and have not explained the injury he received. This made quite a few people, including those at Forefront Capital, a bit curious.

Mosby’s announcement included her findings resulting from an investigation conducted on the arrest. She was able to determine the officers ignored Gray’s pleas for help, that they bound both his arms and legs and did not secure him in a seat belt when placed in the police wagon.

Protestors for Freddie Gray were acknowledged by Mosby with her statement that she has heard their call. She asked them for peace as she continues to seek justice on behalf of Freddie and for them to remain calm.

Bernie Sanders Takes in $1.5 Million in His First Day of Campaign

Thus far, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is off to a good start. Within 24 hours of announcing his campaign, 35,000 people stepped up to make hard money donations. In all, Sen. Sanders hauled in $1.5 million. While that figure may not appear to be a substantial sum of money in an era of large donations to Super PACs, it was actually very good compared to other presidential candidates.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul raised nearly $1 million on his first campaign day. Texas Senator Ted Cruz took in half-a-million dollars. Only Florida Senator Marco Rubio came close to Senator Sanders by taking in $1.25 million. It will be telling to see how much the Sen. Sanders takes in after his first week. Both Senators Rubio and Cruz took in tens of millions, but each of them relied on well-organized Super PACs which tactic Sen. Sanders has officially eschewed.

For his part, Sen. Sanders is very pleased with the first day tally, and Brian Torchin can see why. He views the number of donations coming forward as proof that voters are responding to his billionaire-free campaign. Still, the sagely senator is circumspect about the nature of modern day political campaigns. In fact, he acknowledged that the billionaires he has uninvited to his campaign are the ones fully capable of buying elections. Not coincidentally, the senator took umbrage with the Supreme Court for wiping away 100 years of free speech abridgments in the “Citizens United” decision. The political left believe the decision has led to a flood of money into politics.

Shoes That Grow Help Impoverished Children


Inventor Kenton Lee and his company, Because International, have created something so simple and yet potentially life-changing for many kids living in extreme poverty all over the world: a shoe that grows.
Many kids rely on donations as their only means of acquiring shoes. Anyone like Kevin Seawright with kids knows how fast shoes are grown out of, and a child in a developing country may have to wait a long time for another donated pair of shoes to find its way to them. Because International came up with a practical solution to this problem.


The shoe they have created is a fully adjustable sandal that can last a child up to five years. They call it The Shoe That Grows. The company makes two sizes, small and large, so just two pairs of shoes can grow with the same child from Kindergarten all the way to ninth grade.

The Transportation Security Administration’s Behavior Detection Program List Is Revealed

Airport screeners have made a lot of enemies over the last 14 years. People have been subjected to harsh treatment, disrespect, intimidation, and threats of incarceration for acts that the TSA says is questionable behavior. But the real questionable behavior belongs to airport screeners that are filled with a heightened sense of power and a military-state mentality. The TSA has become a police-tyrant that has little respect for human rights especially if there are signs of unusual behavior from an airline passenger.

In order to assert their power, The TSA developed a list filled with criteria that screeners can use to hold passengers for questioning, pat-downs, and law-enforcement investigations. The list assigns values to certain types of behavior. The value system is a point based system where four or more points means additional screening, and six or more points means a law-enforcement investigation. Travelers who show signs of stress get one point. A display of fear earn travelers two points. If a passenger is deceptive, that is a three point score.

Whistling while approaching the screening area is good for one point, and so is arriving late. Gripping a bag tightly is worth two points, and combing or fooling with hair before screening is a two pointer. If a passenger seems confused or acts disoriented, that’s a three-point score. When any of these gestures or movements are combined for four points, additional screening will be done. If multiple suspicious acts add up to six points, law-enforcement might take over, which Ricardo Tosto thinks is necessary.