Visualize The Future Of Online Search

Virtual reality and video games are transforming the way we consume information. Your phone is like an extension of your body. Everyone has a cell phone. Nearly every phone has a camera. A company like Slyce is reinventing the search engine with image recognition. Utilizing the camera feature in your cell phone gives you a seamless way to search for anything you want. As reported on TechCrunch, visual tech is everywhere. There are summits or conferences where digital companies share their new products all things visual. The cell phone has tools that we never would have imagined even a decade ago. We can transmit a photo across the world in a mere flash of the moment.

A group like Slyce is revolutionizing how we utilize this feature on our phone into a brand new way of online search. The market is wide open. How does a platform recognize a photograph or real world image and translate that into an accurate result? TechCrunch spoke to this when learning that companies from Facebook to Google are all on their way to learning how to create an engine that can recognize the picture you take.

As startups and larger brands begin this transformation into a new realm, Slyce has their boots firmly in the ground. They have technology to translate a picture from one dimension, two dimension or even a real world 3D image into a search result. What does this mean to the consumer? This means an ease in researching a product before you buy, finding out a type of bird or even price comparing.

The business world will be affected in an even greater scope. Businesses will boost sales through a customer who can purchase items directly on their phone when comparison shopping. Finding that perfect item at your business at a lower price gives the option for better sales and traffic to your brand. The future of visual online search will transform how we shop and sell as a society.