QNET’s RYTHM Foundation Promotes Clean Water Initiative


One of the many things that sets QNET apart from other corporations in the direct selling business is its focus on charity. In the past QNET has worked to promote women’s empowerment, community development and now it is turning its attention to tackling other causes: offering clean water to people in developing nations. The corporation will tackle this issue through its RYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind) Foundation. 

The RYTHM Foundation seeks to put QNET’s corporate value system that is based on principles that Mahatma Gandhi taught into action. The foundation’s mission is to create opportunities to enable people who live in poverty to have a better quality of life. The foundation also focuses on providing resources to improve the welfare of marginalized children. The foundation’s work focuses on three core areas: serving children with special needs and contributing to the development and wellbeing of communities around the world. 

The RYTHM Foundation believes that clean water is vital to the wellbeing of communities and to the welfare of children. Given this, it is launching a month-long initiative to provide clean water to communities that it already has a presence in. According to QBuzz, the foundation is launching the ‘Positive Thoughts’ Project. The project will allow QNET’s online community to help QNET to create positive social change by leaving “positive thoughts” on a QNET Facebook post. If Facebook users leave 500 positive thoughts on the post the foundation will donate a Homepure water filtration system to a school for children with special needs called Taarana. If Facebook users leave an additional 500 positive thoughts on the post QNET will donate another Homepure water filtration system to a facility that serves disabled individuals in the United Arab Emirates known as the Rashid Centre. 

The Homepure water filtration system that will be donated to Taarana and the Rashid Centre uses a seven-stage process to provide clean water to the consumers that use it. The system filters out contaminants and odors while retaining the kinds of minerals that can contribute to overall health. The water filtration system creates what is known as Pi water or water that is similar to the water that can be found in a living body. What sets Pi water apart from standard tap water is that it has Ferric Ferrous salt which is the same element that enables life-promoting processes in organisms like plants. 

One of the QNET products that can help improve the performance of the Homepure water filtration system is the Homepure pre-filter. The pre-filter can extend the life of the filter cartridge in a water filtration system, remove 95% of sediment from water and improve water clarity. The installation process of the product is also very easy. The pre-filter can also be used with both the Homepure water filtration system and Homepure Eaze.