Andy Wirth – Olympic Valley Incorporation Withdraws Efforts

It hasn’t been easy for Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities in the past four years. The Squaw Valley Resort’s CEO, Andy Wirth has definitely been faced with some challenges in the past that have proven to take it’s toll on the community. The weather has not entirely cooperated, creating a drought for the famous Olympic Valley. It has made business slow and winter extremists few and far between. The picturesque views that are exhibited by the ski resorts located in the Olympic Valley are enough of a trip just to view, but in order to take part in the winter activities provided, there has to be some snow. Luckily they have experienced some relief recently as a snow storm has swept through the valley leaving a lot of snow and cold temperatures. This has allowed Squaw Valley Resort to open it’s doors early and allow the activities to begin.

Andy Wirth has been involved in the resort business for many, many years. He started his career in Steamboat, Colorado. After graduating from Colorado State University, he moved to Steamboat where he worked at the resort. He decided to take over the Squaw Valley Resort in Olympic Valley, California, and has worked very hard to make the resort one of the top ski destinations in the world. His most current project is underway, and it involves building a gondola connection the two resorts together. This will allow skier’s to be able to get from one resort to the other, quite easily.

Wirth has been a huge activist when it comes to the environment and community organizations. He has always worked hard to make the environment a place that everybody can enjoy, no matter what age. He focuses to improve certain aspects of the environment and hopes that it continues to stay that way. He was involved in a very serious sky diving accident where he almost lost his life. Since then, it has changed his life completely. He founded the Wounded Warrior Support to honor Navy SEALS. It is a foundation that helps support families after they return home from active duty.

Wirth has worked hard to opposed the efforts proposed by the political incorporation, as he felt it would be a disastrous move all together. Although there has been some diversity among groups, he hopes that in the future they can all work together for the common good of the communities.

Many people visit the Squaw Valley Resort to enjoy the beautiful views and take part in the winter activities. With the recent turn in weather and the political incorporation efforts being withdrawn, things are starting to look up for the north shore communities. Finally Wirth has been able to find some relief.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal

Bernie Sanders Takes in $1.5 Million in His First Day of Campaign

Thus far, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is off to a good start. Within 24 hours of announcing his campaign, 35,000 people stepped up to make hard money donations. In all, Sen. Sanders hauled in $1.5 million. While that figure may not appear to be a substantial sum of money in an era of large donations to Super PACs, it was actually very good compared to other presidential candidates.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul raised nearly $1 million on his first campaign day. Texas Senator Ted Cruz took in half-a-million dollars. Only Florida Senator Marco Rubio came close to Senator Sanders by taking in $1.25 million. It will be telling to see how much the Sen. Sanders takes in after his first week. Both Senators Rubio and Cruz took in tens of millions, but each of them relied on well-organized Super PACs which tactic Sen. Sanders has officially eschewed.

For his part, Sen. Sanders is very pleased with the first day tally, and Brian Torchin can see why. He views the number of donations coming forward as proof that voters are responding to his billionaire-free campaign. Still, the sagely senator is circumspect about the nature of modern day political campaigns. In fact, he acknowledged that the billionaires he has uninvited to his campaign are the ones fully capable of buying elections. Not coincidentally, the senator took umbrage with the Supreme Court for wiping away 100 years of free speech abridgments in the “Citizens United” decision. The political left believe the decision has led to a flood of money into politics.

Florida Looking to regulate the use of liquid nitrogen in food and drink

After a series of incidents related to the unregulated use of liquid nitrogen, Commissioner Rebeca Sosa has taken steps officially endorsing state legislation that would impose regulations on the use of the substance in the preparation and presentation of food and alcoholic beverages.

A growing number of restaurants and bars are using liquid nitrogen to create a visual effect of fog on food and drinks served to consumers. Currently, Florida Statutes do not regulate the use of liquid nitrogen in the preparation or presentation of food and beverages.

“The use of liquid nitrogen as a novelty in food and beverages has already resulted in several preventable injuries,” said Commissioner Sosa. “The safety of our residents and consumers should always be our top priority as legislators and that’s why I support the regulation of the use of liquid nitrogen.”

In 2012, doctors had to remove the stomach of a British 18 year old after consuming a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen. People at Imaging Advantage have learned that, more recently, in 2014, a woman in Miami Beach suffered breaks in her esophagus, stomach, and intestines after drinking a cocktail made with liquid nitrogen.

Proposed legislation in the House of Representatives from Florida (HB 1029) and Senate (SB 1124) proposes to require public schools to warn customers about the dangers of using liquid nitrogen, establish minimum training standards for employees, and require that employees must be trained in the use of liquid nitrogen.

The House proposal also would require the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and its Division of Hotels and Restaurants Florida adopt rules on the use of liquid nitrogen.

BRL Trust in Brazil

When you think of centers for investments, you think of New York, London and Tokyo. There is another alternative and that is Brazil. Brazil has the image of a sleepy Latin American giant. That image has changed significantly. There are world class investment services in Brazil, specifically BRL Trust. BRL Trust has a full range of fund administration services. Their services include fiduciary services, fund administration, controlling and custody of funds, asset management, and asset underwriting. BRL Trust services are similar to the major world financial institutions and they are a leading world class trust investment services.

If you are an institutional investor, BRL has a range of services and well trained experienced executives to meet your needs. They provide full service and can relieve you of the need for daily scrutiny and trading your funds. They are a young firm but they have high confidence in their ability to manage large funds on an institutional level.

One of BRL’s strengths is fund administration. They administer 99 funds and are authorized by the SEC. A particular strength is the breadth and depth of their investment in Brazilian companies. With Brazils rapidly expanding economy, the BRL knowledge and expertise lowers the risk in Brazilian investments and increases the return on investment.

BRL is also a world class company in controlling and custodial services. This has gone all the way to their LinkedIn page. If you have a business that needs substantial controlling and custodial services to arrange financing and long term management strategies, BRL has specialized departments to meet your company’s needs and keep your company on a solid financial basis. Instead of your investing in your own financial controlling and custodial services, you can hire BLR. For a hypothetical entrepreneurial example, suppose you have a great project to identify and market new pharmaceuticals in the Amazonian rainforests. Unfortunately, you lack the expertise in Brazilian finance and laws. BLR can organize the controlling and custody services for you while you address your passion for saving humanity using indigenous medicinal plants.

When you are considering institutional investments, why not think outside the box and the usual high cost investment firms in your neighborhood. It is a global world and BRL Trust provides the best financial services. You get the security of an SEC regulated company and the access to an innovative and profitable Brazilian financial company. As the investor or manager in control of the assets, you can obtain the best of Western fiduciary controls, methods and protections while participating in the rapid growth of a new economy. BRL takes the risk out of your investment and maximizes the gain for you, your company or your institution.

Rod J. Rohrich: Innovator and Educator in the Field of Plastic Surgery

You have to wonder if, growing up on a rural ranch in North Dakota, whether the young Dr Rod Rohrich looked out across the flat plains of his surroundings and saw a canvas. Did his mind, inspired by what wasn’t there, begin to envision constructs of its own making, shaping the landscape into a different place, thus setting the stage for a career that hinges on seeing what others cannot?

Regardless of the truth, one thing is certain: At 61, Dr Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S., has staked his claim as one of the most renowned and trusted plastic surgeons in the world. Dr Rod Rohrich’s career has been the culmination of long road of achievements in surgical innovation and education, leading to international recognition. Doctor Rohrich is regularly featured in the media, having garnered positive attention through such outlets as Newsweek, CNN, the Today Show, and the New York Times. More importantly, Dr Rod Rohrich consistently tops peer-reviewed listings of the best doctors in his field, including rankings by the U.S. News & World Report, Castle Connolly’s Top Doctor’s Program, and D Magazine. Throughout his illustrious career he has held multiple chairs and led many prestigious surgical organizations, including having been president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the largest organization of of board certified plastic surgeons in the world.

What makes Dr Rod Rohrich a preeminent figure in cosmetic surgery, however, aren’t the awards and positions he has held, but the trait that earned him all of those accolades in the first place: Namely, a drive to innovate and be a positive force in his field. During his time as Distinguished Teaching Professor and Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery at UT Southwestern, Dr Rod Rohrich has elevated that institute to the forefront of reconstructive surgery innovation and education. Dr Rod Rohrich has made such advancements with his field all while maintaining a presence as one of the leading advocates of safety in cosmetic surgery, routinely touring the world give lectures on the subject.

In fact, his dedication to education has had earned him what might be one of his greatest accomplishments: Dr Rod Rohrich is a two-time winner of the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation’s Distinguished Service Award, considered the highest recognition a cosmetic surgeon can earn.