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A good reputation is essential for staying in business, nevertheless, there are firms that sit back and watch their standing tank, without putting up a fight. Every business receives a bad review at some point; however, smart businesses respond and learn from unfavorable reviews. When customers post on Yelp and other review websites, they often offer constructive criticism, which let businesses know where they need to make improvements. Acknowledging negative comments and reviews goes a long way in minimizing their impact. Apologizing for poor service or a defective product is better than ignoring the review. Responding to poor reviews in anger never works; it always backfires.

Consumers are influenced by detrimental reviews they read online. If a company cannot take control of what is being said about them online, they hire a online reputation management firm such as The Search Fixers to repair their good name. Maintaining a stellar reputation is better than having to fix bad reviews, but it is possible for a business to bounce back from scathing reviews, with help from a reputation management company. Reputation management consultants don’t remove bad reviews, their reputation management service creates neutral, factual content that pushes the harmful content off the fist page of search results. The Search Fixers use U.S.-based SEO specialists, so the new articles and blog posts are considered high quality content by search engines and fix bad search results.

People can post their opinions online, however, few do unless they are upset. Happy customers infrequently post glowing reviews, but consumers who feel that they got ripped off take their complaints online. Encouraging good reviews isn’t easy, but it’s necessary when a company finds that the Internet is flooded with bad reviews about their products. Companies need to reach out to existing customers on social media, asking them to post an honest review. If a business finds that the majority of honest customer reviews are negative, it’s time to step back and fix the problem before hiring a reputation management firm. Once the problems that the damaging reviews mention are addressed, The Search Fixers can work on rebuilding the company’s good name.

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Darius Fisher Leading the Way

Status Labs is exactly what it says on the label: a company all about the science of reputation. But how do you bring such an abstract concept into reality?

It all starts with Status Labs’ President, Darius Fisher. Darius Fisher is the ultimate social media crisis guru: whether you are in the public eye with a high stakes business or campaign, and can’t afford the negative attention a social media scandal would bring, or some personal information leaked to the public has you cringing from the consequences, Fisher can clean up the mess–and teach you how to keep it from happening again.

Fisher and Status Labs prioritize Google search results when cleaning up a client’s reputation (or first impression) online. By creating positive content and a marketing strategy that boosts the “good side of the story” to top results, Status Labs can clear away the detritus that’s mucking up your public image in no time. Curious how to take steps like this within your own company? As President of Status Labs, Mr. Fisher speaks at conferences regularly to share some of his best words to the wise.

With their President at the helm, Status Labs has made several major steps in solidifying their business over the past year. The physical growth of the company is obvious, as their original team of 25 has ballooned into 35 online reputation experts, including public relations specialists, online marketing specialists, creative writers, and many other necessary and top-notch talents. Adding wisdom to the companies forward motion, Status Labs has established a board of professionals in the industry as well.

More than physical growth, the past year has brought with it a strengthening of the company’s ethical center. Their ethical policies are now stronger and clearer than ever before, and their focus and involvement in volunteer and community initiatives has become a priority.

Like any quality reputation management firm, Status Labs has not spent the last year managing their own reputation crises, but ensuring that their reputation is solidly true to their values, not just caring about public image, but also caring for the public.