How Stem Cells Effected Multiple Sclerosis In A Recent Trial

New clinical trials show evidence an immunosuppressive therapy combined with the transplant of a persons own stem cells can help trigger remission in multiple sclerosis. This autoimmune disease attacks the bodies central nervous system. In a trial 69 percent of the patients had no progression of the disability, new brain lesions or a relapse. The participants did not use any MS medications after the trial since some studies have shown the current MS drugs have a lower rate of success. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases sponsored the trial which was called HALT-MS.

The symptoms of MS vary and can include difficulties with speech and motor capabilities, fatigue, weakness and chronic pain. Relapse remitting MS is the most common type and characterized with periods where the symptoms are mild or nonexistent. These periods are interspersed with relapses and reoccurrences of the symptoms. Over time the disease can become worse and shift into progressive MS.

During HALT-MS the researchers conducted tests regarding the efficacy, safety and durability of the treatment. There were 24 volunteers who were experiencing severe relapses, neurological disabilities and inflammation despite the MS drugs they were taking. The treatment removes cells that cause disease and resets the bodies immune system. Chemotherapy is used to deplete the patients immune system then it is rebuilt using their stem cells. There are some risks and possible side effects to this treatment.

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